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  1. Awesome I love Saab and on my second 93 convertible. It's and old ish one and W plate, Your 900 looks awesome! Cracking deal too!
  2. My son bought it from aylesbury, not sure where it was originally though
  3. Yes the control is totally adjustable Will give draining the fluid a go and the belt was slipping big style, but did tighten it up BUT have not put a new belt on it just does not squeal anymore. Will try to get some pics tomorrow all going well Cheers Biff
  4. Ignition re wired, petrol in, fan belt tightened, STARTS and RUNS! Fan cuts in and sits at halfway when warm. Won't settle at idle so will give it a service and carb clean also has a slight blow in exhaust. Power steering notchy have topped up fluid but little difference. Electrics all work apart from interior lights and horn . . Not checked fuse yet may just need a clean up. That's it for today lol cheers biff
  5. And drink sounds like a plan lol
  6. Ah that may explain it . . Still giving them a ring to be on safe side though,
  7. Wtf . . . Direct debit came out 3rd feb! Ringing them tomorrow!
  8. Ebay berlingo . . Car runs and drives perfectly? Can you see the issue?
  9. Don't go for a 3.0 diesel trooper as they are a right pain when injectors fail. injectors are oil fired and when seals go diesel fills up the sump leading to overun. You can't replace the internal seals. BUT the 3.1 trooper is older cheaper and with no injector issues.
  10. Not much work done today due to shift working however ignition barrel wired in and got some heat into cabin to get rid of a little damp due to badly fitting windscreen surround.
  11. Well it's an aspirational image!
  12. Not as good as liggle's but work in progress lol
  13. Now what's the best way to dry out carpet without removing it! Maybe a tiny bit connected to jet wash but was wet before and fixed windscreen seal before jet washing. So residual damp and a few tiny new drops
  14. Now jet washed, green stuff on rubbers and chrome now gone!
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