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  1. Not my thing the bling i like factory standard 🙂
  2. Was shitting myself for first half hour, towing with my 2000 saab 93 vert lol but was brilliant !
  3. It's a 998 Mayfair, not been messed with too much just a bit of bling, small areas of bodywork rusty, but underneath is sound. Breaks need sorting and running like a bag of spanners, it's my fourth mini so know a little about what to fettle lol
  4. Will do, probably post a few bits in next couple of days, it's third on list, k10 micra first only just polishing and headlight change, then nissan prairie and my hiace super custom ltd in between, could do with another lockdown!
  5. Tape was to stop the chains from dragging lol
  6. Well picked this up today, yes my light board cable was too short but improvise, 200 mile round trip and first time using my towing A frame.
  7. Ah I was just scrolling and never realised the date! I'm over in market deeping, Cheers Biff
  8. Oh and the paint reaction was caused by me trying to be too clever and thinned 300 ml of already mixed dip too much, the extra thinner messed up the filler primer and it went wrong!
  9. I use a small compressor with an hvlp gun running at 40psi thinned 50 50. Not had a single run and it was my first go spraying. They reckon it's better to use one of those Earlex sprayers but already had my compressor. Settles really well and there are loads of stuff and colours etc. Check out matt pack. I bought the clearance product. I did fuck up with paint reaction on the drivers side but I have managed to lightly sand it back using 800 grit wet so reckon any runs could easily be rubbed out. Coverage is excellent, five light coats have covered a multi coloured panel, gold and exposed filler, and the front was a a deep metallic kind of brown I'm no expert but I'm really happy with front and back.
  10. Weird photo! Windscreen is NOT that big! Oh and boot lid . .
  11. Decided to have a go, it's matt beige, Buggered up drivers side as thinned it too much and it reacted with the exposed primer, my fault totally as zero reaction on boot lid using correct proportions.
  12. Little shites took another one! Honda one off the civic last night! Tonight I'm out hunting. Not happy not at all.
  13. No worries but appreciate offer mate. How easy is it to replace the plastic wood facia around the dash! Need one as mine cracked my fault though not the little shites
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