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  1. There is a bit of orange peel where it's rollered but where i brushed it on especially the bumper it's really smooth with minimal brush marks. Will be flattening the back panel then giving it a g3 then polish as a test but I'm very happy with results as it was very shabby The gold is a rattle can . . Deep copper metallic the centre cap cam out amazing however lack of prep on my part as in not removing flakes makes it look rather shite. Also the gloss grey has a better coverage and was also going to dn the door steps and the very bottom two inches that were stone garded. Now you
  2. Hi i found the combi colour need thining a fair bit . . Coverage very good very good gloss . . Reckon thinned three to one part thinner but it was massively hot. If not thinned it dries with bubbles but thinned you can work them out
  3. Oh and ignore the wheels they are getting stripped and done in gloss grey but that's a next weekend job
  4. This is one coat of Rustoleum Combicolor applied to the front bumper using a Harris gloss brush, paint thinned with normal white spirit Rollered one side but will have to take a better picture as it's a bit tight to my fence. Just wanted to tidy up the bottom bits and i think it looks okay ish was going to pop another coat on today but reckoned it was too hot and paint would drag
  5. Okay little update . . . . The brakes need attention turned out to no pads or shoes fitted! So replaced shoes on the rear and changed front calipers . . Added pads for added stopping power lol Also replaced rear shocks Have just sprayed the alloys up in silver The door that dropped slightly has had the hinge welded where it split the door seam, hinge had seized but with a little heat from blow torch it freed up That's it for this week , . . . Next week is service and touch up on the body work . . Only if cliff my 80yr old neighbour and friend is coming over to
  6. Not my thing the bling i like factory standard ?
  7. Was shitting myself for first half hour, towing with my 2000 saab 93 vert lol but was brilliant !
  8. It's a 998 Mayfair, not been messed with too much just a bit of bling, small areas of bodywork rusty, but underneath is sound. Breaks need sorting and running like a bag of spanners, it's my fourth mini so know a little about what to fettle lol
  9. Will do, probably post a few bits in next couple of days, it's third on list, k10 micra first only just polishing and headlight change, then nissan prairie and my hiace super custom ltd in between, could do with another lockdown!
  10. Tape was to stop the chains from dragging lol
  11. Well picked this up today, yes my light board cable was too short but improvise, 200 mile round trip and first time using my towing A frame.
  12. Ah I was just scrolling and never realised the date! I'm over in market deeping, Cheers Biff
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