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eBay tat volume 3.


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Blackboard paint bonnet 


Lumberjack shirt









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Come on. That's shit.

This is, is it not, the ebay "TAT" thread?  I rest my case.


I was going to say this looks like it was stored down that salt mine full of Mavericks but it's a Cortina so this was probably the result of it being stored in a dry heated garage for the last 10 years. I imagine the 2.0 pinto and that slush box is a pretty woeful combination.





I had a 2.0 auto mk5 from 1991 to 93 and it remains one of my favourite cars of EVAH.  So much so that were I to buy another Cortina now (unlikely, given how they've run away ahead of my budget...) I wouldn't consider a DIY gearbox.


I have a terrible foreboding about tins of Dulux when I consider the future of this beauty...


One of my dream cars. 100,000 SEK -just over 8000 quid in proper money






Tested to 2017. Everything works and it drives fine...just a bit scruffy looking. Buy and drive!

Mine too, oh boy I would!  But I can't, so I won't.  :(

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I'd love to have a go fixing that Cortina auto.

It's the exact spec I want, mk4, 2.0 and automatic. Colours good too.


I've driven a mk2 Capri 2.0 auto and it was fine. Obviously not as quick as the manual but much nicer to drive, like all autos are. I really don't see all the hype about manual gearboxes they're shit!

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Did they update the auto box for the mk5 as what I'm hearing does not compute to my experience, which was fucking dreadful .

All Fords of that era had the same auto box, Ford C3. My Granada 2.8 has one and I think it's a great box, lovely and smoothe even with nearly 200k miles on it.

I think there's a few minor differences early - late but still the same box. I'd have an auto any day over the manual, and even then I'd go for the old 4 speed manual over the 5 speed. But I'm a twat!

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Seems cheap at 600 quid, issue seems to be hose related




Same things just happened to mine due to the ham fisted apprentice. I've performed bodge surgery as they are pretty much all fucked like that or aren't far off going and is up to £70 to replace.

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