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Clayts' Rover 620Si - 27/1 400 miles two days, it's a good un

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As njgleeds notes, it's wet, it's cold, it's January, ergo perfect collection weather.


Whereas he's going cross country to goodness knows where, mine involves a lot of walking and a short hop on the tram, so nowhere near as exciting. And I even get to stay in Notts, so no jabs necessary.


Hopefully I can share some snaps of rammel with you as I walk through the Hucknall heartland.


As I've been up hours, no breakfast shot for your criticism, but it was nary a bowl of flakes of corn, encrusted with nuts and honey, and splashed with cow juice - not aesthetically pleasing to the eye at all.


Right, essential equipment loaded up, I'm off in five minutes....

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So, chores done, Sunday dinner eaten, what does £230 of yer poundmonies get yer ?


A car for someone like this, clearly, as it angers up the blood:





So it's a Ronda, 2.0 lumpage with giffermatic. [adenoids]Did you know the base spec 620i only had a mere 115 horsage, whereas the Si, Sli and GSi had the slighty beefier 135 pony version[/adenoids]. Luckily the extra S on the rear means I get the meaty* lump




I didn't realise just how low and swoopy the 600 series is - barely got the car in frame and was being attacked by my hedge whilst taking this shot:




The paintwork is impeccable, hardly surprising as it had a £2,500 respray just over a year ago. £2,500 = eight chodwagons at least. Nothing sinister with the respray at all - the deceased giffer's missus simply caught one tiny panel with her handbag and giffer went loco, apparently, and spent huge cash as a result. The car truly was his P&J and never wanted for anything. The benefit of this means, (a) no rusty wheel arches and ( 2) all the windows have been sorted (well known fault of windows falling off sliders etc)




Right let's get inside....

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Beige velour - not a hint of wood as this is not an SLi. Shame. I might upspec it if possible, like wood me:




I win car mat of the year, hands down - this luxury* is repeated rearwards too:




Even comes with an cushion too for added luxury*




Giffermatic. Wow that looks dull. Hang on a minute what's that lurking under the main knob - only a bleedin' Sports button innit for TLGP take off. Yessir




Mileage - read it and weep. In its latter years this was a supermarket trolley to 'ucknall Tesco and back, no more. Came with half a tank of petrol as well for added bonus points




Old skool and thus proper ICE. Where did I leave those NOW That's what I call Chartshite tapes ? I'm hoping this may be one of the units which masquerades silently as a CD head unit as well, more enquiries to follow



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So, £230 what's the catch ?


Well, it has a MOT friendly* battery clamp




And it left me a little present on the road which'll need looking at




But the main issue is the lack of power steering due to a leak - luckily I have arms like Popeye (no I don't) so whilst it is driveable I need to investigate further - here's hoping it's nothing more than a dodgy hose/bottle, but knowing my luck it'll be a fucked pump




And there is some minor interior damage too. True story, giffer used to glue a tin of well known sweets to the dashboard, so it has left its mark. Bit of nail polish remover will have that away. The sweets. Werthers. Of course.





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Sadly a lot of the service history had gone for a burton (widow has Alzheimer's sadly) so is an element of cambelt roulette here, but it does come with the original bookpack in a proper Rover leather wallet, plus amazingly two keys and the IR alarm plipper. And even the radio code. It appears the work needed from the last MoT (advisories) was actually all done in March 2018 which is a bonus. Giffer RIP-ed in October.


£230 ? Awesome.


I am a thrusting middle manager AICMFP

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is the engine in this Rover's T16, or is it a Honda engine?


well bought either way, it look lush.


and i love them floor mats.......


Honda - my first Ronda. Ghosty approved


Yes, ideally I would have preferred the 197bhp monster, the 620ti, but this'll do for now

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We had a 620i which was identical to yours - ours did'nt have the ben hur wheel trims yours has.


I think by this age the rust trap on the rear arch / quarter panel had been cured.


Ours was L reg (Jan 94) so a very early one. They are a good car hampered by poor parts availability now.

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