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Jim Bell


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Last collection thread.............for a while, hopefully.




Im getting out of the roulette game, hanging up my spurs and packing in the horse trading. Im settling down with a nice middle aged European with a big arse.


Today, our mystery prize in the middle ish of the country and will be attended by train and bus and train and another train.


Prace bets naow!


Your hints are MUNDANE and PRE MILLENIUM (JUST).

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Hmmmm tough one this.

Just or millennium suggests 1999 and a big arse could be almost anything.

Gonna throw a wild card here and suggest a SEAT Toledo, a steed you've had previously with little issues.

Otherwise God only knows.


But as usual, chodspeed.

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I'm mad for "plain"or salt flavour crisps lately. Still can't beat a good pack of tescozzzzz bacon rashers though but must be own brand. Have at least 1 litre of water handy afterwards though, V.Salty.

.... Good thing, travelling by train, we have only this 'thread derailment'!

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I'm mad for "plain"or salt flavour crisps lately. Still can't beat a good pack of tescozzzzz bacon rashers though but must be own brand. Have at least 1 litre of water handy afterwards though, V.Salty.

i try to east at least 1 bag aday... have i got a problem



oh and u collecting a skoda superb estate?

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Lets see what Honest John thinks:


What's good:


Trim lasts well (much better than in earlier models).


Properly looked after, these cars can stay looking new for years.


Excellent economy from TDI 90 and 110 - many owners will better 50 mpg.


Comparatively good performance in NCAP crash tests.


Fourth most reliable car in 2001 Fleet News Survey of 620,000 fleet cars mostly under 3 years old.

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Whats not so good:


Went back to overhanging engine design.


Steering a bit too light, especially on motorways. Vague feeling can be partially cured by fitting aftermarket Bilstein dampers.


Imprecise gearshift.


Hasn't lived up to its quality promise. Since 1997, Ford Mondeos have been far more reliable. Yet perceived quality still leads to high residuals making them expensive used buys until they hit high mileages.



Poor AM radio reception.


Came lower than Mondeo and Freelander in 'R' reg J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey. 1998-2000 petrol and diesels average for breakdowns and faults, poor for problems. Very poor individual model score in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 198 v/s lowest 31.93).

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And more:


Alarming number of build-quality faults and problems, such as leaks from screen area, leaves block plenum chamber drains, under-dash rattles, seatbelts failing to free-reel, rear shock absorbers failing.

Front door lock barrels of 1997 - 1998 Passats can be prised out with a screwdriver and the doors opened without activating the microwave alarm.



Plenum chamber drains block (especially the hard to clear one one under the battery) and seals fail allowing water ingress which can lead to electrical and electronic failures and eventually collects in rear footwell. Check very carefully for signs of water leaks (feel footwell carpets for damp). May be a structural leak, may be a blocked ventilation plenum chamber drain, or may be because the a/c condenser drain pipe is blocked leading to water being dumped into the footwell. Very important to clear plenum chamber drains of leaves as water damage to the ECU can wreck the engine. Apparently this water can be drawn into the brake servo and causes corrosion to the servo housing and brake master cylinder that can result in reduced brake force or failure altogether.

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  • Similar Content

    • By egg
      It's a bit of an internal debate in my head as to whether to start a car specific thread on AS. My Mazda thread has become a reflection of costs of running a 25 year old car as a daily but doesn't get much traffic, my Mondeo thread has become a general MK1/2 Mondeo thread (happy about that) and my Invacar thread has become mainly about DVLA admin...but let's give it a go, see what happens.
      As documented in the news and elsewhere, here it is. Joey spud noticed straight away that it needs to be called Yummy with that number plate. But I expect the original owner was the proverbial little old lady rather than a yummy Princess-Di (had to been done) mummy.  In those days little old ladies had been Land Army girls in the war and could deal with the lack of PAS!

      It was just 7 miles up the road from me on the edge of isle of Thanet (which is where the Mazda came from too) and the current owners kindly brought it over from their marshland home in the sticks.
      Paperwork was minimal @BeEP has kindly posted me an excellent set of owner manuals, which is great, and makes a car seem more loved straight away,

      In consultation with @RobT who is a man of taste in such matters an appropriate keyring was sourced from eBay, priorities eh?

      In it's first week with me, I've had the tracking done at a cost of £40 that has sorted out the lopsided steering wheel and generally improved the driving experience.
      Soon, I'll do a list of prioritised jobs. It has an MOT until October. 
      In true AS fashion it has no role on the fleet, or no actual need. But after I failed to secure a second 323 coupé, I just had to have it! I hope it can make an appearance at a future Kent shiters meet, and maybe a very buzzy and bouncy journey to shitefest in May? We'll see.
    • By garbaldy
      Not sure what the market for these are now as the seem to be priced all over the place,
      Anyone care to put a value on this pile of old shite
      I bought it with good intentions but decided to buy the hippo instead so this is now just sitting doing nothing
      it drives really well with a nice tight gear change, engine starts first time and runs really nice,
      it has chassis rust (don't they all) mainly back cross member, front driverside outrigger, and rear shock mount area,

    • By Jazoli
      Yesterday I was in hospital having surgery on my ankle so rather than rest like the surgeon said I have arranged to go and collect my new car.
      I have been awake all night in pain so what could possibly go wrong! Luckily it's only a couple of hours round trip so I reckon I can do it, if I get really tired on the way back the accommodation in my new car is positively palatial and I can rest up on the heated rear seats.
      Can't wait!
    • By Cheezey
      A strange day yesterday where both me and Mrs Cheeze both bought cars. She is getting a 65 plate Civic which she says she will keep for 10 years - hopefully.
      I got a Jaguar XJ6 4.0 Sovereign for significantly less than the cost of her Civic. I'd been keeping an eye on it on Gumtree the last month and the price had been creeping down and I managed to get it a bit cheaper still. With a bit of googling it appears it went through the Morris Leslie classic auction in August. I paid a bit less than it went through there at.
      Surprisingly Mrs Cheeze likes it and my Dad loves it. There is some rust on the roof and a giffer repair on one of the arches but it seems solid. Scabby bits here and there but nothing terminal. It has done 59,000 miles and only seems to have done a couple of thousand in the last few years.
      It drives nicely but doesn't change up as soon as it should I feel. It isn't going into third until 30mph and fourth isn't until about 75mph. You can induce it to change up by booting it and backing off but thats not ideal. I need to check the fluid level. If it is still doing it after that I'll get a gearbox service done on it.
      It is surprisingly small inside. I went to pick up my big mate last night in it and even with the passenger seat right back he was struggling. He managed once I had reclined it a bit.
      Some pictures. The pictures flatter it.

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