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Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.

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Stole a bit of shed time this afternoon - the nearside spring plate now resides in the pile of jettisoned junk by the door. 


Once all the rotten metal was cut out, a piece was fashioned to repair the inner section of the leg.


And that's as far as I got today. :( New spring plates should be here by next weekend, so theres plenty of time to ensure there is some decent metal to weld them to. :)

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Been fishing + done a bit of gardening instead of toiling away in the shed this week. The arrival of these


Y tho?

convinced me that it was time to get back on it. The piece made at the weekend was tacked in


Then fully welded, and zinc primed.


Got half way through making the outer chassis leg piece before I had to vacate. I'm making this out of 2mm sheet, and its obviously a lot more difficult to form into shape 


but should have it ready to mount the new spring plate at the weekend.  :)

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Not really my day today - first up, my big "working under cars" lighting rig has stopped working. Not the worst thing that could have occurred, but still a PITA (It's been on its last legs for a couple of weeks now). The outer chassis leg repair piece was finished, then welded in.


I was just about to reach for one of the new spring plates, when I noticed that further up the chassis leg, near where it is spot welded to the floor, the metal looked a little dodgy. After hitting it with the knotted wire wheel, a couple of tiny holes appeared about an inch below the joint with the floor. I had to cut it out, and it was pretty awkward to do that due to its position being partially obscured by the inboard wheel tub. 

No big light means no decent pictures, (I'll hopefully get it sorted tomorrow) but the rest of the day was spent cutting out the poxy section of chassis leg, then making up this piece to replace that which has been removed.


Hopefully I'll get that welded in tomorrow, then the spring plate can go on - completing this side of the car.  :)

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8 hours ago, Dick Longbridge said:

This resto thread gets better and better. Great to see the car generally seems to have an underside as well. 

Cheers! Whilst most of the underside is all there, I'm gonna need to use a lot of Hydrate 80 before it sees any paint!

Chassis leg repair piece now in, and then zinc primed.


Spring plate drilled for plug welding, bare metalled, then zinc primed.


Boshed on with the positioning jig.


Started to cut out the poxy bits on the driver's side - it's a bit worse than the passenger side was - I'll need to cut this back a bit further!


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On 6/9/2019 at 8:11 PM, Dick Longbridge said:

Looks like a standard mk3! I can only assume that part of the rear legs are an internal moisture trap? Certainly looks like it's rotted from the inside out. 

I think you're right chief - these cars seem to rot in many random places, but the chassis legs are a common rot spot.

Not had a lot of time for this recently, but have managed to get a bit done this week. The chassis leg pox was cut out, and a piece was knocked up and stuck in to replace the inner section.


A template was made for the outer section, then copied into 2mm sheet and trimmed to fit nicely into the gap that requires filling.


The outer piece is ready to weld in now, and should be going in on Saturday (closely followed by the spring plate!)  :)

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Finished early today, so got stuck in! Outer chassis leg became complete again.


Spring plate added using the piece of scrap fashioned into a makeshift jig.


Measuring from the centre of the spring plate to the inboard hole of the rear beam mounting points on both sides revealed that one side is within a millimetre of the other. Similar results were measured when the outboard holes were used - I'm chalking that up as a win! :)

Next up, attention was turned to removing the tailgate. Locking stuff was removed, as was the wiper mech + washer jet. The washer hose was withdrawn from the tailgate, followed by the wiring on the other side.


Just need to remove the struts and hinge pin clips and it can come off. (a second pair of hands will then be required)

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I managed to find someone to help me lift off the tail gate - theres usually plenty of people around, but not when you need there to be.!


I can't keep putting off cleaning back the underside to the metal - I let myself in gently by finishing off the cleaning of the nearside rear tub.


Grim times ahead. :(

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