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Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.

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Not had any time for this until this afternoon. The core plug that sits behind the starter motor looked a little suspect after I took the wire brush drill attachment to it. It was rust pitted much worse than the others, so it was ousted. 


A full set was procured from ebay 


And the dodgy one was replaced. 


Hopefully I'll get this painted at the weekend. 

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Replacement thermostat housing arrived today thanks to a top bloke called John off mk2cav.com. I gave it a quick bath in petrol, then a cheeky bead blast to leave me with a ready to fit part. :)



Not sure when the engine will be back together again, but shouldn't be long. 

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I was hoping to get the motor built back up this afternoon, but thanks to good old ebay, the cam belt and water pump were wrong. The ebay fitment check is clearly not to be relied on.  :(



Although its tempting to clean and refit the old one, I'm gonna have to play water pump roulette again. 

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Playing with scooter parts, job hunting, and numerous other endeavours have all but stopped play on this. I did get a little bit of time for it today though, so made a start on the crusty fuel pump/filter arrangement. 


One of the rubber mountings required a bit of grinding to get it off, but other than that it all came apart nicely. I have a new fuel filter to go on, and the pump cleaned up well, the crusty bits will be blasted clean and painted up at some point. 


Its kind of satisfying to have made a start on this assembly - I've been threatening to do it for months! 

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Fuel pump related gubbins now painted and back together. 


It's shield is also ready to be refitted. 


Tank straps were painted too. 


Attention then turned to the fuel tank, stuff needed for the new tank was removed from the old one. 


Internal bits to be cleaned up ready to go into tne new tank. 


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