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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes


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Today's car mission was a little less glamorous as I have driven our C15 van 260 miles to collect a tailgate for the Xantia that has a broken tailgate glass.

Did that come from Somerset by any chance? If it did, I think the brake light is on mine...


Also, just got to the end of the thread. Shit, sorry.

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What an arse of a thing to happen!

Soon have it running again, heater box not required for mot or vital for summer only use.


Anyway, I think the LNA looks great without the front bumper.

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I can't like this. Extremely Bad Lick Sir . Was it fuel or electrical ? I'm upset tooooooo as some clown has keyed the bonnet of my new ZX while it was parked at work! And I thought it was safe parking at my work security gates & cameras, apparently the Big Brother cameras are not working.


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News from the fighting Front!


Yesterday I visited the Oltcit and it looks worse than I remember. The only bright bit of news for it is I have made contact with someone who might have some spares.


Today it has been fun in the field dodging the rain. In spite of the heavy rain showers we made progress on the Visa GT as we removed the fuel tank as a step closer to getting it welded.


The Spitfire 6 received attention from quicksilver and dad refitting the cleaned and painted fuel tank. New clutch master cylinder fitted and bled. The engine was restarted and brakes freed up. In my time with the Spitfire 6 it got its first run under its own power this afternoon.


The MG ZR has now spent 4 days in the field with no electricity, the equivalent of the naughty step for a car and has learnt its lesson and the immobilizer behaved perfectly today.


Todays fettling was only given the green light this morning because of the poor weather forecast, I will try and give more notice of the next open field day in case anybody wants to come along and witness the events taking place.






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Ah, a Herald Coupé. My first ever car, mine was a 948cc twin carb "Clubman" model. Sebring Green over Arctic White or something like that. Apparently it was quite rare even then as most were 1250cc I think.


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Most were 1147cc like this one.

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Ah ok, I knew it was bigger than the engine in mine. Also the triangular side panels to the rear of the door windows had a sort of corrugated finish to them. I didn't keep it long, it was painfully slow even by 1970's standards and traded in against a trendy Ford Anglia. :-)


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Ps as well as hairnets Xantia spot, I'm calling the bond equipe convertible in the corner.

Yes I had a Xantia Sinker 1.8i LX, it was a new company car that I had for about 3 months from the end of 1994.


The Bond Equipe was a project that I put back together and drove, I had it for 5 years 1991-1996 but I preferred my Vitesse I also had at that time.



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