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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.


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4 minutes ago, LightBulbFun said:

thats funky! I presume they are not actually meant to be driven like that, but just bolted together for rolling on and off lorries/ships etc?  (I mean for starters theres no fuel tank in that setup, tho you could wedge something in the gap between em LOL)

I think the fuel tank on these is under the cab floor. So if that's true, these are probably drivable.

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10 hours ago, myglaren said:

I was completely unaware of this/these until ah hour ago.


Not that I would ever want to see another.  They just get bigger and uglier all the time.

Bring back the Triumph Herald.

Change the H to an W and add an R at the end and you have...

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On 28/04/2024 at 10:19, MiniMinorMk3 said:

They also did the Ital, but kept the Marina name




Also the Mini Estates built in Portugal had a single rear lift up door.


Held up by one of those BMC  ratchet supports or a junt a single gas strut... just waiting to come slamming down on the kid.

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On 03/05/2024 at 09:13, puddlethumper said:

Anyone seen an Ora Funky Cat? Saw one on the M25 yesterday. Had to look it up. Chinese, of course, a Great Wall Motor and supposed to be a luxury* electric car. Couldn't get a pic. Driving and stuff. 


On 03/05/2024 at 09:33, Tayne said:

I saw one in Germany a month or so back but if you dare to look in the modem section you might find that someone has bought one…

That'll be me,  picking it up next Tuesday.

Funky Cat is so last year, they're called '03' now. Mine should look like this -


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On 15/05/2024 at 20:35, martc said:

Never knew that they marketed the IZH 2715 van as a Lada Furgon (van) and Cargo (pick-up) (in Chile, or anywhere else for that matter). 




Cruella DeVil once described the Lada Furgon as her 'least favourite' small van.  

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Following on from the Fiat Brava and the Renault Alliance recently mentioned in this thread, here's another US-market oddity.  The BMW Bavaria.

It looks like a normal BMW E3 saloon, so what makes it special?  Well, Max Hoffman, BMW's US importer at the time, was able to convince Zee Germans he could sell the more basic 2500-spec saloon with the bigger and more powerful engine from the 2800.  The Bavaria went on sale in 1971 and shoving a big engine into a more affordable package proved to be a hit with American buyers.  So much so that BMW increased the engine size to 3.0 litres the following year.  The Bavaria remained available through 1974, by which time the car gained enormous battering-ram bumpers to satisfy draconian Federal safety legislation that had been recently enacted.  To date, this is the only BMW saloon not to have a numeric model designation.


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4 hours ago, sutty2006 said:

JIMP (stop sniggering at the back there!) kit car based on a …… metro? Series Landrover mash? 



t'interweb throws up this:

"PK Jimp (1981-84) Engine 850 cc, production around 150. Built on Reliant Kitten underpinnings and running gear and an aluminium shell the Jimps were built by Peter Kukla of Sandbach. Designed by John Crosswaite (as well as the Salamander) as a mini Land Rover. The company folded due to a lack of finances."

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Troll Plastik & Bilindustri was founded in 1956 in Lunde, Norway. Their first car, the the Troll, was a failure, due to government intervention. The Norwegian government had a trade deal with the Soviet Union, trading Norwegian fish for Soviet cars. Only 5 of the original Troll was made.


The Troll was a fiberglass-bodied sports-coupe with a 663cc two-stroke inline 2 producing 30hp, powering the front wheels.


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