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Should we move forums?


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Nothing much lasts forever. Autoshite will one day die. Like others, I don't have time for more than one forum, and I like this one, so I stay here. Several revered members of olde migrated to Moto-Scat a while ago; fair play - maybe in time we all will. In the meantime, this:

Definitely do NOT need another forum.
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The 999 forum is there if you need it, I wouldn't be doing a lot of moderating and would be happy to let others do it too. daveb47 offered to host the forum but the offer fell on deaf ears. This one is on Host Gator. As long as a forum gets logged into, it should stay live. Good point about the hosting fees though. I think the problem is with the admins getting access


This is the last message I got from Electric Leyland a few weeks ago, I've not heard anything since though.


Hi Trig, hit a brick wall because there's some corruption going on behind the scenes with the forum meaning we are having loads of trouble logging on as Administrators. We need to be able to do this in order to make the changes. Blakey (the clever techie one) is on the case in Spain but we haven't heard from him for a few days, can't push him too much as he's a busy guy and only fixes things for us as favours as and when he can. I'll chase him up again now, sorry for this delay....
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I have been in talks with the management and things are in hand, as I posted the other day there's problems getting into the main board's program and as neither of the management are techie guys their mate, Blakey in Spain, has to deal with it and he's a busy man.


Personally speaking I'm not a fan of the Moto-Scat forum, I just can't get on with it and the chat box keeps crashing on my computer and I'm not a fan of the 999 forum either, as for mods, well myself and Billy have been told that we should be getting control of the forum so we can delete any dodgy threads and spammers but nothing can happen until the administrator login program thingy is fixed on here.


I'll message one of the guys and see if they can just pop on and explain things better.

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Good stuff trig, that sounds quite positive.


Don't want to move though. M/S has some interesting stuff but is generally too quiet and the chat box annoys me. Besides that I spend too long on the computer anyway so don't need anything else to be looking at.

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My vote for sorting out the problems on this one and handing over to new management if the old mods have lost interest.


If you need any techie help PM me. While I may not have the shite welding skills of Mr B0ll0x my day job is in IT and I can drive keyboards and databases.

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I'd far rather see this forum saved than move elsewhere, there's feck all wrong with it other than the door's locked so nobody can get in and we're all too fat to get out the windows. :P


As for the tech issue.....As I understand it on a phpbb forum like this, if you can log on at all you should be able to get into the admin section assuming you've got the right password. It's an easy enough system to manage in my experience, or is this forum different somehow?

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Trigger good stuff!!!! If you and Billy get hold of the reins, good on you. However until you get TEH POWAR can I suggest you both smell of cat pee and fray bentos pies :lol::lol::lol:


Once TEH POWAR is yours I will edit* this post :wink:


Don't forget the reason this forum is GR177 is that it is at odds with the modern Internet and its 5 second thought sound bites.

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The forum will need new members in order to survive, that's only natural, it can't go on forever the way it is now. That said, there's enough people on here to keep things interesting, people are generally getting along nicely and there's still meetups being organised so it can't be too bad! Long may it live, fingers crossed for the reins to be handed over once the admin problems are fixed.


Oh, and probably didn't say so at the time but Fred needs a big thankyou for running the 999 forum, it's a good prop for this one in the event of any more problems. What could be more appropriate than Autoshite being hosted on a forum where it's run on a shoestring, no-one knows how to get under the bonnet and it sometimes has a funny five minutes for no real reason but it's OK because there's a spare one to use while this one's being fixed.

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I'd be gutted without Autoshite in my life, what I like is that pretty much everyone on here is respectful to others in that if someone is into a certain type of car others who may not be into that still show interest and encouragement and don't tell people they are idiots for liking a car like that. I love the spotted threads the fact that if you have a question people always do their best to answer it or point you in the direction of the answer and this has to be one of the few sites where members offer free stuff to other members.


I feel that Autoshite members speak my language and we appear to have no chavs or idiots who buy cars and then completely ruin them. I am a member of Moto's Cat and I like it (I think of it as Autoshites little sister). Another car forum that I love and can fully recommend is Buy Sell Cortina, i've been a member there since 2004 and the people on there are nice, genuine and always willing to offer advice and help (I'll let you into a secret, out of all the Ford people the Cortina ones are the nicest, shhhhh).


Long live Autoshite.

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Well if all that's wrong is that some clumsy twat's broke the bonnet catch, get the grill off and use a coathanger or something.


They'll probably start dismantling the front end to try and get the bonnet open at which point KruJoe will wonder over and nonchalantly show that the bonnet opens the other way.

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It certainly seems an odd situation that the Admins have gone AWOL, but I like the way this forum is just so different to other ones, it just adds to the quirkiness of it all.


Absoultely - thats why I like it too... but theres a real chance we're going to click on this one day soon to find its just not there anymore. Its not a case of "this forums shit lets move" - its trying to avoid that happening which is looking more and more likely unless we get at least passing interest from da management


100% the best solution would be to sort out whatever the problem is here - but as the months roll on its looking less and less like theyre arsed and/or they can fix whatever is stopping new member approvals etc - so do we just roll on and hope it doesnt go pear shaped?


Autoshite will be here forever, there won't be a day where it will disappear forever. Rest assured.


At the moment blakey (who lives in Spain now) like me is a working parent, which admittedly makes finding time to fix complicated technical issues a little tricky. THat's why they aren't given top priority induring a working week, but we aren't ignoring it. The reason why the mods arent installed and the new members cant get in is not becuase we can't be arsed. The back end of the board is broken and needs fixing. One of the tables has obviously become corrupted somehow. At the moment we can only log in as moderators not as administrators, hence the problem. Blakeyv (the technical one) is hoping to spend some time on this once he gets a chance, and we are patiently awaiting the opportunity. The problem looks pretty complex. If anyone is a coder, then we may need to get your input on this, so please get in touch.


I'm in Australia at the moment (tat heaven!) but Trigger kindly contacted me on Facebook about this thread this evening. Anyone wanting to get instant responses to issues can find me on there (Richard Lawson).


Who are the management here?


For reference, you can always get to us quicker on FB on the Autoshite page on there:


Electric Leyland = Richard Lawson

Mr H Sceptre = Nick O'Neill

Blakey = Robin Stamford


And the Ebay Tat thread, I'm a permanent lurker on there as it happens, once every few days when I get a moment to myself. 8)


Like with all the technical problems we've had over the past 8 years on so on here, they will get resolved, so please ''bear with us' (I hate that phrase!).




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I'm with Des. Moving away isn't in the Autoshite spirit. So what if one of the doors doesn't unlock? Someone will be along with a screwdriver that fits/you'll find a key in the shed/your mate'll get you a spare/you'll just live with it. Surely?


Appreciate the place, thanks for even trying to fix it rather than weighing it in... ;)



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I will try to have a look at this problem, today if I can, more likely on sunday.


It seems that there are some table indexes corrupted in the phpbb database, presumably around admin board logins and permissions, so probably need some time to fix.


I work 60 hours a week, and have a toddler that doesn't sleep on top of lifes other hassles so I have almost no spare time or energy, but have supported and fixed Autoshite for the last 8 years, despite the fact that I never use it, and have no real interest in old cars, because me, Nick and Rich started Autoshite together, and made a commitment to keeping it going.


Stuff may take a while to get done, but its not going anywhere.


Blakey (Rob)

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I did offer to run the whole forum on my own fast personal servers free of charge when it all went tits up a while back,also offered to donate a Vbulletin or IPB licence and move content on to one of those.

I even registered autoshite.info as a temporary domains so i could start sorting it out but then board came back up.

Been building and running boards for 8 years now so know what i am doing.but unwell & disabled now so it would be something to do as i am on pc most of the time

Not after mod or admin position,altho would if needed,would just like to not see Autoshite disappear again.

Offer is still open id admin/owners whoever is interested.

Messaged all the staff but didnt get response although i did speak to fredtransit about it.


I could certainly sort your Database problems etc

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Sorry I didn't see your message. As I said, unless theres a problem that wants sorting and Nick or Rich alerts me to it, I don't use or look at Autoshite. Your offer is much appreciated though, you should speak to ElectricLeyland (Rich) or Mr H Sceptre (Nick) about it.


Do you (or anyone else) have any experience with sorting out SQL errors, as this is the error message we are getting when attempting to log into the administration board...


SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]


Incorrect key file for table '/var/mysqltmp/#sql_ee6_0.MYI'; try to repair it [126]




SELECT l.*, u.username, u.username_clean, u.user_colour FROM phpbb_log l, phpbb_users u WHERE l.log_type = 0 AND u.user_id = l.user_id ORDER BY l.log_time DESC LIMIT 5




FILE: includes/db/mysqli.php

LINE: 163

CALL: dbal->sql_error()


FILE: includes/db/mysqli.php

LINE: 205

CALL: dbal_mysqli->sql_query()


FILE: includes/db/dbal.php

LINE: 170

CALL: dbal_mysqli->_sql_query_limit()


FILE: includes/functions_admin.php

LINE: 2597

CALL: dbal->sql_query_limit()


FILE: includes/acp/acp_main.php

LINE: 536

CALL: view_log()


FILE: includes/functions_module.php

LINE: 507

CALL: acp_main->main()


FILE: adm/index.php

LINE: 74

CALL: p_master->load_active()


This kind of thing used to be my bread and butter when I was a developer, but I've changed career, got rusty, and this looks like a ton of hassle.

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