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Lazy spotters thread

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Wait for it...






Spotted this earlier diving locally, I can't remember the last time I saw one and it looked clean, excitement levels were high so I gave chase. After a 16 mile detour the driver finally turned into a drive, I asked him for a pic and fairly predictably he started telling me all about the car.

It's a 1970 S.A. car, imported in '76, hence the plate. It looks in good condition and has a raft of gen-u-wine giffer mods, including electric power steering controlled with a program knob from a washing machine and a length of thick old school flex under the bonnet with the three cores twisted together, one end is attached to an earth and the other is attached to a crocodile clip, 'just in case he needs to jump start it'.

It's column change, which keeps the floor in the front flat, the seats were like armchairs and the cooling fan housing was a lovely one piece casting.

Defo worth the massive detour!

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Scientific conference takes me to Lipari. Besides the gorgeous natural beauty there is the opportunity for some prime chod spotting. The bread and butter of the island seems to be  delightfully shonky Fiat Pandas, but more interestingly I have spotted like 5 Citroen Meharis already.





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On 6/22/2019 at 8:53 AM, jumpingjehovahs said:


Zel, I think your Xantia would look AMAZING in this colour! I can’t wait to see it! (Even if it’s waiting a decade) I love cars that are in entirely inappropriate colours, they always look 100x better than the standard brochure colours.

I’d have loved too to have seen those 3 parked together, there’s not enough colour in cars anymore.

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I wish I'd taken more photos back then. 

I'd also love to get the Activa resprayed.  The clearcoat peel at the moment really is downright embarrassing at shows just now.

Sadly I know to get the sort of finish I'd really be after that I'd be lucky to get much change out of three grand...which is hard to justify given current priorities (fixing the roof for one...), but especially given it's on a car that's probably worth a grand on a really really good day.


...Which still feels almost criminal given what good cars Xantias are.


Edit: Remembered what I had flanked that chromatically diverse trio with.

Was a bright yellow Vitara Convertible on the right by the office and a metallic purple Suzuki X-90 by the wash bay.  Bright red Cherokee by the gate too to catch the eye and draw folks in.

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53 minutes ago, jonny69 said:

The end of Egham where I live is a bit of a shitty area. My road alone could fill an entire shite thread by itself. However, quite often see a few motors that are worth as much as the houses. Example. 


Might have something to do with Maranello Concessionaires being nearby?

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Found a BX diesel in the garage next to the body shop the carlton is in. It’s force hail at 750. Says it starts and drives fairly well, but does need a few fettling jobs doing. Had a quick scan, leccy windows and about 107k. Then I left before I did something I’d regret. If anyone’s interested I can pass details on. 




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