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Shite in Miniature II


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On 06/07/2024 at 10:00, bunglebus said:

This also popped out


Yep, a dog driving a Superman car, because reasons.

Krypto!  Seen on Cartoon Network


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7 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Typical. I find two toy shops in the same town, both closed on Mondays


Don't know what the Yarmouth branch is like, but the Kerrison shop in Norwich was where I got a load of HWs recently when he kindly got a new box from out the back for me.

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In same charity shop as the Dinky Chieftain tank

'Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Oversized' range Dodge R/T

Picked it up because ~1:32 scale diecast body.  Although it is sold as a 1:24, it looks nearer 1:32 to my eye - will measure.  But it was £1.  And I'm a bit daft.


For some reason it has an engine in the front ...and an engine in the rear and underneath, mounted in the frame


As you can see it's modelled on a '68 front...


... yet wears a '69 tail.  Oh my.


It's proper Dodgy.

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I thought I knew the models well. but clearly not.  The '68-that-isn't grille threw me then.

I rang George and he also put me in my place regarding grilles


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As it appears I won't be getting much done outside for the next few days, I'm up in the loft sorting out cars to sell - I'll aim to update my sales fred at 7pm today

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Things you didn't know about Corgi Juniors no.27:


The base on the Porsche Carrera can be either way around

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20 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Typical. I find two toy shops in the same town, both closed on Mondays




And one of those misplaced apostrophe's, but game's was spared for some reason. You'd think one of those two would seize the opportunity to open on Monday and poach trade from the other.

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15 hours ago, flat4alfa said:

Did you keep this or sell it on?

Only I saw this in charity shop and nabbed it quick as I thought it ought to go with it


I didn't know this, but you rise and lower the gun by turning the Commander's Hatch


The firing pin works too.  Replacement tracks are available



This is the set as produced


Weirdly there’s one of those tanks behind the smoking shelter at work!

The gardener made a (very) little pond type thing and put some toys around it that he’d found in a skip. Think there was action figures too. 

This was a couple of years ago but I’ll check if it’s still there the next time I’m passing out of curiosity.

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4 hours ago, junkyarddog said:

A recent find is this 1:18 scale Mk4 Mondeo.

Shame it's plastic,but it's a nice representation of the real thing.





Just like mine!! 

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Arrivals! Bought these two off eBay


Everyone's favourite Granny


These Matchbox all came from AliExpress, they have a weird pricing system so the more desirable castings are higher priced. I managed to find a few that were quite fair, I'm just fed up of there being no new releases here


Now if you'd like to switch over to BBC2, I've got a few toy cars up for grabs

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I got wo long standing projects finished today.

First up the 50p Pilen Volvo 480 with missing door, it was really fiddly to put back together as all the front lights are separate and one or othe fell out every time I hooked the base on at the back and lowered it


I painted the top coat with the doors shut so as not to find they wouldn't


I touched in over the white very thinly by hand afterwards


The home made door doesn't open and shut as smoothly as the original, but hey at least it does open and close!


It does stick out a tiny bit, but strangely the same one on my original 480 does the same


i have to sdmit it did turn out much better than I expected


The other one that got finished was a Corgi Whizzwheels Rover 2000TC I bought in Brighton for £2 quite a while ago


It was missing front grill, bumper and rear bumper while the glazing was all very scratched so I took it from a scrap Golden Jacks version


The colour was chosen to be similar to original as I liked it and I kept the jewelled headlamps as I felt Corgi designers would have done if they hadn't had to economize. Also I like them. The grill looks much better IRL than in the pics. I printed the shape of the bars out the right size on paper, covered in sellotape and used a biro to press the shape through from the back. It came out pretty well,but as I said doesn't show that well in the photos


Genuine Whizzwheels!


Nice looking cars...


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Top job on the door. Normally I consider it game over if something like that's missing. Took me long enough to make a shonky plastic tailgate for my Corgi Transit

Corgi Ford Transit Caravan resto


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Some new stock in The Entertainer today...


No new mainlines, sadly, but I was pleased to see more Moving Parts back on the pegs - alongside a small selection of '70th Anniversary' special edition models, also with opening parts.

Now to be honest I'm finding the anniversary stuff all a bit tedious these days, and think Mattel rather tore the arse out of the whole thing last year by making nearly everything in the range silver and orange... it all started to get a little too close to collectables cynicism for my liking. £7 seems a little steep too, as they don't seem to have any more detail than the standard range, but hey - maybe I'm not the target market here.

More recent Hot Wheels mainlines were in evidence, but none that I'm currently looking out for.


Those Car Culture Volvo 142s are pretty sweet though.

The Moving Parts did move me to open my wallet, though:


These look really good. I'll post some proper pics of them tomorrow.

I also swung past B&M in the off-chance they might have some of those stripped-down Fast & Furious Chevy Fleetmasters, but no, sadly not.


I was tempted by these two gassers though, and somehow couldn't quite manage to talk myself out of them...

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See £4.30 is pretty reasonable on those moving parts but it’s finding anywhere that’s stocks them? The one in Sheffield just has the same crap from January. If I win the lottery I’ll go in, buy all the 70th anniversary shit and lob it straight in the fucking bin outside so they can restock. 🤣

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Who did it best: BMW E32 7 series.

I received a CogBox today and inside was this no-name 7 series from the 1980s pictured twixt the Superkings and Gama offerings. I was sure it was a copy of one of them.


First the S-K





No, definitely not. Quality wise,  all things considered, the no-name is on par with the S-K.

But the Matchbox is my favourite, I just love the packaging:



Weirdly it says 1990 on the box but I clearly remember my friend Euan having his example (I had the Jaguar) before this. It says '1988' on the base of the car.


Extra V12 engine detail


This one has clearly never been shop-bought as it would have been sent back by the customer on opening:


Next the 1/43 Gama:





Last but not least is the rare 1/24 GAMA version.






No, not that either.

So it's not a copy after all and in its own right it's actually very nice with separate lenses and opening features.  Another that's never been opened, such was the stiffness of the cardboard flaps on the box when opening them.



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Bloody post!

Two models arrived this morning. 
One was just put into a post bag thing and taped up with no extra packaging, bubble wrap, polystyrene bits etc etc. and somehow arrived completely undamaged. Great, but I’m surprised!

The other was in its original packaging, with additional bubble wrap inside, then wrapped in bubble wrap and polystyrene beads around the original packaging, then put into a strong cardboard outer box. Well done and probably not much else the seller could have done tbh. 
And yet…




Poor Renner 4 van!!🤬

Luckily it was pretty cheap and I wanted it for repainting anyway but it seems I’ll also have to fix the smashed base and interior too now. 
God only knows what these parcels go through to end up like this sometimes. They must be getting drop kicked from depot to depot I think.

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50 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

@danthecapriman sometimes those partworks get brittle, I posted an F1 car packed similarly and it also disintegrated en route

I’ve just put it back together, nothing a bit of superglue couldn’t handle. The base has gone very brittle though, so that must be why. 
The metal body is pretty heavy so maybe while it’s been rattling around in the mail system it’s just snapped the mounts off the chassis.

Since it needed fixing anyway it’s jumped the queue for ‘anglicising’!


Dashboard is very simple so I’ll cut n shut it to right hand drive. Chassis and interior unit are sat drying overnight before I start messing around with them after the repairs.

I got this some while back too, Fiat Tipo. (With what look like Lancia wheels!!)


Not a car you see modelled very often, so I’m going to do this one as one my mate bought off a customer when we were working in the garage. 
It was a diesel version towed in with a broken timing belt (I think!? It was a long time ago!) customer didn’t want to pay to repair it so my mate bought it cheap instead of it going for scrap. It needed a replacement belt to run again but also needed brakes and a few other things too so he just did the lot, then gave it to his girlfriend who used it for years after that. Seemed to be a good car after the belt.

Nothing fancy here, the car it’s going to be based on was a very plain mundane basic spec diesel in white!

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Sierra estate nearly done. I want to fit the wheels form another Sierra model though thats got those early hub caps with the little vent slots in. Can’t remember where they are though. 
It’s going to need a wash off this one. It’s been sat in the shed ages gathering dust!



Ages back I started this Matchbox Kingsize Mercury Commuter wagon so I’ve started finishing it off.

This one had really saggy suspension on the back which was because the spring plate inside had worn loose on the rivet that holds it down. Easy to fix by twatting it with a blunt chisel squashing it down again.


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I got engrossed in fixing a real car today so got into town later than I wanted. Bumped into another collector in Smyths who informed me Entertainer had four new boxes on their delivery (i.e. he'd nabbed all the good ones already)

Still picked up a few though






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Some of the Matchbox Moving Parts from yesterday, then:


The Bizzarrini 5300 Corsa has already been profiled upthread, but it truly is lovely.


It just looks so right, and that dark metallic red is sublime. Detailing is great all over.


I'm not normally all that into GT racers, but this really is something else.


I don't know much about the real thing, so I'm not sure what the engine's trying to depict with the rusty smudges - but at least the bonnet's easy to open, and actually does go wide, unlike some others.


It's a glorious little toy - and those racing wheels with the knock-offs look spot-on for stance and purpose. I love this one.

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