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Shite in Miniature II


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That Dinkyshite taxishite I bought today - I just did some research on it.


Straight to the point, it has 1.6mm diameter axles, smooth hubs, open rear window, narrow sump, hole in the middle of the baseplate, small script.

Hence it is without a trace of a doubt a genuine pre war example!

If the black tyres are original, it was made anywhen between late 1939 and 1941, since the white tyres were discontinued in September 1939,

to make a comeback only after the war.
In any case, it's at least 76 years old and thus the oldest toy car I have ever owned.


The first ones were cast from lead. No surviving examples are known to exist.

They then switched to a lead / pewter / zinc alloy and many of them suffered from zinc pest.

Mine doesn't even have a trace of it, it's an intact example with unbroken wing tips (a very common fault), but sadly suffers from major paint loss.


Still, I'm prouder than a crate full of monkeys.

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Good purchasing there from everyone above.


I'm finding Corgi of that era to be pretty reasonably priced, I've picked up a few over the last year or so for no more than a fiver each. Also have a few from when I was young, they've survived being played with by me and more recently my son pretty well.


Was having a bit of a sort-out in the shed last night, with the aim of getting another display cabinet into the house. Will upload the results in due course....


Thank you!


I paid twice that for the Rancho and still find it reasonable. I guess it's a now or never thing. You can still find them mint / boxed for prices bordering sanity.

This won't go on forever. Once they appear on the radar of the mainstream collectors, which can happen any time now, it's over.


I never had any of them when I was a kid, because I spent all my money on pre 1/36 scale rubber tyred shelf warmers.

Yet the 1/36es are part of my childhood, because they were omnipresent. However, despite that, they were a bit elusive at the same time.

Those old enough to remember will recall that they were rather expensive.


Looking forward to pics of your new display cabinet.

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Speaking of rubber tyred diecast chod, I still managed to buy a new Corgi '59 Impala in powder blue as late as the mid Seventies in a toy shop in Vienna.

There was a toy shop in Trieste, which still had crates full of old Corgis and Dinkys, as well as all the Italian diecast stuff, like Mercury, Politoys and Polistil,

Rio, Brumm, etc. We passed it en route to our annual holiday in Yugoslavia. I used to pester my parents all the way to have a stop there so I can blow all

the cash I got from relatives for Easter. It only occurred to me later in life how benefic my parents were in some respects.

They would drop my sister and me at the shop after having changed our money for Liras at a nearby bank (and topping up our funds a little),

then wait in a cafe across the street until we were finished shopping.

From one year to the next, all the old stuff had gone. The shopkeeper told me some guy from Germany came and bought everything.

I bet he then flogged it all with a hefty scene tax levied on it in the then just emerging toy fair scene.

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Random Nissan promotional stuff:



Datsun Type 11/12 and Nissan President models by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr



Datsun Type 11/12 and Nissan President models by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr


Had them for years, can't remember where they came from. Stumbled across them when sorting stuff out for the additional cabinet, both are about 1:20-1:24 scale. The gold one would originally have been a musical cigarette holder, but sadly the music box on mine has gone. Ratdat has more info on them here: http://www.datsun-france.com/Ratdat/ratdatblog/?p=172


And a couple of recent listings for others in the range:






Feeling flush? Here's a later model President currently on eBay in the USA: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-President-Music-Box-Gold-Ultra-Rare-Original-Box-VTG-Heavy-Collectors-/322446484795

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It's one of those things that invokes massive wantage the moment you realise such things exist..... 


Bit like Johnny Speed cars and those little Japanese jewellery boxes that look like miniature stereograms and "play" a tiny record.  


I bought one of those for Mrs Rocker but she still hasn't got me a Johnny Speed.

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Those music box/cigarette holders are something to watch out for at the toyfairs/charity shops/boot sales eh? Chances are most sellers wouldn't have a clue what they've got.


This eBay seller has some interesting items up for grabs, never seen one of these Victors before:






Nice Heller R16, two plus a bitsa here for £60 starting bid:





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Today's purchases. Siku Ford Cargo was a whopping 50p, in typical German tradition, it has a control to lock the fifth wheel and another to drop down the trailer legs. The Leyland Ergocab was 10p but the chassis is bent, however it's got perfect screens so I can use these to restore an earlier Superkings example I have.



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