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Shite You CAN'T STAND!


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This is SHITE SHITE SHITE! Can't stand it, I speed up every time I'm stuck behind one on the road!!!... And then I give an evil eye to the driver in it! :evil:

Pooof... I've been wanting to post this for such a long time... I feel so much better now! :roll:


(Oh!... And nobody posts Rootes Arrow cars here, ok? Consider this a WARNING!) :lol:



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OP's example looks like a piss-poor update of that Aztek effort.






I couldn't remember what these were called, so googled "ugly daewoo". They look even worse in the flesh than on screen.




Some might nominate the 1998 Multipla, but I wouldn't say no to one of them.

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What the feckin hell is it? 2 words..Huuuuurrrruppp CLANG!


And by the way, the Skoda Yeti makes me want to blow chunks, and they seem to be driven by OAP's with sacks of spuds on their shoulder

It is the Bloody Buick Rendezvous!!!...




Excuse me while I vomit up my tea! How can people buy these things? Do they let the guide dog drive?


Oh and while we are on about shite SUV's, I nominate the Datsun Joke! (Nissan Juke)

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THESE...Hong Kong is fuggin riddled with em, awful things.

I think it's called a Nissan Fucknut....or something.







The pics make it look bigger than it is.........it's tiny.


I've seen a red one. Clearly styled on Postman Pat's van. A Datsun Microbe underneath, and most have that awful CVT gearbox, and the wonky rear end styling. Too much sake (or however the fuck you spell it) in the Datsun drawing office.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so tempting! But I'm sure my choices would alienate a few people, so maybe I won't.... or, it's only the internet, maybe I will... oh dear, what to do....

Come on I want hear/see all about them! Well... as long as they don't involve Paykans! :lol:

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These fucking horrendous piles of ugly useless lumps of ugly fucking shit make me barf

Agree!... And the scary thing is that this looks like to be a new trend, hide the actual "Headlamps" as "Fog-Lamps" on the bumper, there is going to be more of this so-called-clever design in the future from other companies! :twisted:




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