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  1. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/citroen-bx-van/31898101 RHD BX van in Ireland for €900
  2. https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/toyota-starlet-1982/31732446 Toyota Starlet estate!
  3. Initially I wanted to go Naked! I had tried to arrange to see this 660cc Daihatsu Naked: However after getting the runaround from the seller for close to a week, I gave up and decided to just go topless instead, with this: It's a puny little 1.6, but its only done 55k with 1 owner. Needs a little fettling but nothing major. The interior swung me, I think its great. I do like beige & wood. Not much to say now, its due to arrive during the week and I will update in due course, but I'm looking forward to getting out in it
  4. Love the badging on that gold Sierra....nearly half the length of the boot lid!
  5. A Mk4 Escort still providing stellar service as a family car in 2022, whoda' thunk it:
  6. So my Punto is no more; seems there was more damage done than meets the eye. Here's its replacement: It's a 1400cc petrol with factory LPG so is predictably gutless, but a 6 speed box helps it at motorway speeds. I've done 700 km today alone and it has been fine otherwise. On to Innsbruck tomorrow!
  7. This just passed me near Brescia. What is it?
  8. By way of an overdue update to this thread; I've just picked up another one. Practically identical save for the colour. 1994 3 door 1.4 LX automatic, they even have the same mileage on the clock (60,000). This one isn't as nice as the last one but shouldn't need much to make it so: 1 owner from new, and its had hand controls on since day 1. A few bumps and scrapes on the 4 corners
  9. My niece spotted this today in Dublin: I have no idea what the story is with that tow bar!
  10. Fitzwilliam square in dublin:
  11. Shite update for a shite car: The broken backbox rubber seems (to my untrained eye) to be the worst of things. There is a bit of distortion around the lip of the boot but the floor itself seems in one piece still.
  12. Rear ended at a pedestrian crossing. Boot took a bit of persuasion first time to open but seems fine now. Whether the boot floor is still in one, un-crumpled piece is another question!
  13. Some character building in the form of a rear ending for my Italian stallion this morning:
  14. This must surely be a contender for the shoddiest road legal car posted here in a while. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/toyota-starlet-1992/31224315 And its a feckin' diesel!
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