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  1. I’d absolutely love a Riley RM, but again, a bit out of my couple-of-grand playing around budget. I like the look of this too, but already I have a feeling that I’d get a bit bored of it coming from the javelin:
  2. Brought this into Dublin City centre for the first time today (in my ownership). Taking a bit of a break here on a quiet back street, but there was no need, it was perfect:
  3. First time to brave Dublin City Centre traffic, predictably with no issues. Taking a little rest for lunch now:
  4. The Jowett has been a good and positive introduction to old cars of this generation so I would be confident to roll the dice with something else from the same era sometime down the line. My biggest fear with the Jowett was that it might be a bit of a handful, and it turned out to be such a pleasant and simple car to motor around in. I should hope an Atlantic would be even more pleasant! Anyhow, just a dream…for now
  5. I’ve been looking at this in the classifieds for about 18 months now. It’s expensive, quite a bit outside my usual couple-of-grand budget, but it’s been speaking to me a lot lately:
  6. Well, that’s the Wolseley gone. I could never get it right again after the initial gearbox trouble. Will update later with everything we tried; but it has absolutely defeated us. Engine and gearbox have been out countless times in the last month. A new gearbox didn’t solve it, nor did new cables, numerous fluid changes, a new tc from yet another new box, nothing. It was fun while it did work, but never again. As much as I love an old automatic, it’ll be a long time before I bother with another.
  7. Also, not sure if I prefer the badge-less grille look that I’ve been trying out:
  8. Added an auxiliary electric fan to the Javelin today; not particularly out of necessity, it sits perfectly fine in traffic and temp has always been bang on, but I figured it can’t do any harm on a 71 year old car. Forgot to take a pic but it fit snugly and out of sight behind the rad and wired to a discreet switch under the dash:
  9. That’s exactly the plan. For extra frugal points I was able to add it to my classic insurance policy for no charge, so it’s stands me a laughably small amount of money altogether.
  10. Fresh NCT (MOT) on the Micra, clean pass and tester full of compliments:
  11. As a little aside to the main protagonists of this thread, I also picked this up during the week: Only 58,000 miles on the clock with 1 nervous nun owner. I was never a huge fan of these facelift K11 cars but I could not turn this down when it was offered to me. It’s a nice and original example and drives so well. No idea what I’m going to do with it really but again, I just couldn’t say no!
  12. I suppose one would say it has “patina” Theres a few blemishes (bubbles and paint cracks) around it, but I like it all the more for that
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