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  1. Not pre production sorry, but this has reminded me how as a Peugeot mad kid I used to enjoy spotting the early 306s with no lip on the boot lid button, and no chrome around the lion at the front. They must have only made them like that for a couple of months.
  2. A pair of generic metal roof bars which clamp to roof rails. If anyone is interested I can get pictures and measure. Pick up from WR117RG.
  3. There are a few Y reg darts with LMS travel around me ( Pershore). They look quite smart really. When I was in school we had the very last dregs of the VRs, Atlanteans and Nationals which were getting seriously worn out. I suppose they were about 25 - 30 years old at the time.
  4. I was just thinking exactly this and came here to post. A few pages back I posted a Plaxton Supreme which is still doing a school contract past my house every day. It's old Y reg, I think! When I'm looking through classic bus magazines/books I'm always calculating how old the vehicles were when they were taken out of service. I love seeing the survivors..
  5. I just remembered having a test drive with my Dad in a green cabrio 306 when they first came out. It had some pretty fake looking wood on the dash and I seem to remember it was quite expensive at the time. We got a ride in it because my family had bought so many peugeots from the dealer. At the time we had a 1.9 xld (I think that was right. . . it was the boggo one) and my grandad had bought the next car in the numberplate round, a sedan SRDT with all kinds of luxury bits. We had that off him and he got a red Vivant special edition (a bit naff) and then a nice moonstone blue hdi meridian before he moved onto 307s. Hmmmm . . . 306's!
  6. I sold mine a couple of years ago but it was good fun.
  7. The only P38 I've driven had 430,000 miles on it, and it was the central locking that was causing the problems for the owner, with random lock-out issues.
  8. If only the car new how lucky it was to end up with you!
  9. I wouldn't have started so many of my stories with "There's some nutter on Autoshite who..." EDIT: Lightbulbfun, I see you have liked this. I must be honest, you have been the subject of a few of these accounts!
  10. I think I’d buy a barn and fill it with one of every model of 80s and early 90s Peugeot, with a couple of scruffy doubles for minging winter use.
  11. 406 or accord stripped out, lowered and in btcc style. Or a volvo of course.
  12. Norfolknweigh, what are the threered cars in your first post? They look ace!
  13. If anyone on autoshite wins the lottery but wants to remain part of the community, I’ve found the perfect car. I knew they were weird, but had forgotten quite how bad some of them looked. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1180468 Any other expensive ways to drive an autoshite car?
  14. I’d been in a similar situation with a series of cars a couple of years ago, culminating in a 306 gti and a 5 series which I spent a bit on before deciding they weren’t going to be as good or as well suited to me as I’d hoped. The best detox was to buy a cheap banger which I have no interest in apart from that it’s cheap. Safety things are done but nothing else. So it’s had good tyres, new brake pads and basic servicing. Apart from that I don’t bother. The doors don’t lock, the windows are wedged up, it leaks, I’ve used self tappers to hold trim on, I’ve done crappy filler jobs on the arches, but I’ve done 18 months and 13000 miles for pennies. Every extra month it carries on is a surprise and a bonus. In the two years I’ve been driving it I’ve built up my mojo and funds again and had time to think about what comes next. I’d recommend it to everyone once in a while. You could probably get quite a few years from your Citroen with this attitude.
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