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  1. Yes, thanks puddlethumper. Checking back all the time to see the updates.
  2. Cool pictures. It must be quite an experience. Are there lots of Americans working in the circus / does it have an American feel to work there or is it more a branding thing?
  3. Is your RV and pug combo in this convoy?
  4. Now this all looks pretty exciting!
  5. If it's like my 1996 transporter you can just buy a new indicator stalk on ebay and plug it in (and activate using a laptop).
  6. Two years ago I was in a similar situation to you, Kit Kat, and I sold my immaculate mx5 (the first proper car that I bought when I started working) after 10 years. I nearly backed out as I made a deal with the buyer and I did feel a bit of sadness as it drove away, but since then it's just good memories and relief that I'm not responsible for it and its storage. I've re-allocated the money multiple times on pushbikes which I go out and enjoy/commute on all the time, rather than feeling like I did with the car, that I had to use it for the sake of it, to justify keeping it.
  7. jon.k

    Bus Shite

    I think I saw NOB413M in Wythall a couple of weeks ago. I'd not been there before but it was a very good day out with a bonus ride in a fleetline and an excellent secondhand bookshop!
  8. 205 XS? They feel surprisingly nippy.
  9. jon.k

    Bus Shite

    I may have posted this a while back but this one is still on school runs near me; obviously a bit of a pet but great to see it in action (photo from flickr).
  10. When I'm driving, I find bad drivers irritating. When I'm on a bike they are genuinely terrifying.
  11. That sounds like a good way to test whether you like having a van as your car, without risking your BMW. I wouldn't be without my T4 now and I hope to replace it with a newer transporter some day, but there are plenty of times when I look longingly at fast, comfortable cruisers rolling past on the motorway or on nice A roads.
  12. jon.k

    Bus Shite

    Wow, thanks for that. I've tried loads of times to find out about the coaches but with no luck, that's amazing!
  13. jon.k

    Bus Shite

    The equivalent for me was when we got a very ropey LAG panoramic with blue mirrored windows instead of the usual paramounts or supreme iv. I've looked loads of times for a photo of it (or of any of the coaches I used to go on) but with no luck. The company was called martins, based around Bridgend in South Wales if anyone remembers them?
  14. Cool. I couldn't quite get my head around the criteria so I thought I'd send pictures just in case. The paramount was the first one I bought. When I realised that bus models and bus books were a thing it blew my young mind!
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