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  1. Thanks for the scans. I’m definitely going to get this book!
  2. I think the 1800 TU plate goes on Bentley press cars.
  3. Yes, I think the driver told me that it was one of the very last ones and that it was delivered late after having been finished off by plaxtons or willowbrook. It was in Evesham on an outing from Withall bus museum.
  4. The self levellers on the lights were what made me sell mine, too. What a pain in the arse for a tiny little part. Although someone did say on here the other day that this problem is solved by fitting non-xenons. I got 37 mpg from mine once!
  5. Mine was probably my favourite all round car ever. They can rot quite nicely around the rear arches behind the liners.
  6. That dash looks like something that could be used in the Winter Olympics.
  7. jon.k

    75 or 406?

    I don’t understand the comments about 406 seats! I had one straight after an e39 and an “OMG Saab best seats ever” and it was much more comfy. Armrest, mega mpg hdi, decent stereo.... lets get repping!
  8. I went through a similar patch of serial car ownership a couple of years ago. I’d like to share with the group that the answer for me was to get the cheapest, nastiest golf that I expected not to like, expected to break, fail an mot, snap its cambelt etc, and as a result everything has been a bonus. I’ve gelled with the feeling of freedom that comes from really not caring about it. (I do also have two keepers which belong in the “another bill to add to the folder” category. I gelled with one because it was my first car, and one because it was a low mile mega barg).
  9. Those are just fantastic. Is it a scrapyard or a mad collector?
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