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  1. jon.k

    106 garage ornament

    I bet that's quite fun. The S1 106 has aged really well. The only one I've been in was a 1.4? early diesel, so a little bit different to yours.
  2. Good history! I used to be a bit of an Evo lurker in the dark days before I discovered autoshite.
  3. jon.k

    Mk1 mx-5

    I reckon it took me about 45 minutes to get the sensor back in place with the new seal, but what a feeling when it finally clicked in! I can remember it vividly about ten years later.
  4. And probably various parts of the drivetrain! But that would be a really quite stealthy way to travel quickly. Please do it and let us know how long it lasts.
  5. Would these remap well? I would have thought a 406 with 160 bhp and diesel torque would be really wafty.
  6. Your 605 looks lovely. All the talk of luxury peugeots got me thinking, has no-one on here had a 607 yet?
  7. I really shouldn't have. No car has lived up to it since!
  8. This brought to a close the peak period of frequent fleet changing and caused the lack of updates on here. Earlier this year, after selling the Golf to Kiltox, I did crumble and buy my first newish car (VW Up GTI) which has been fun and hassle free, but by last month the urge for an old peugeot had returned. To be continued.... Thanks for reading.
  9. By now the 305 van had swallowed up a lot of money in hard-to-find parts and I was also beginning to feel guilty keeping it in the rain and generally using it as a workhorse. After paying for storage for a while I decided to sell it and it entered the capable hands of Garbaldy. I have never been so sorry to see a car go! There was also a new arrival. T4s were not my thing but this had been standing for a year on a friend's drive and they agreed to let me look at it before it was being "towed away to the garage" the next day. Needless to say I was there like a flash.
  10. I was looking for photos of what happened next but the van suffered a HG failure which meant that a new engine had to be fitted, which took ages. In the meantime I bought a 406 for £250 and was really beginning to feel like Mike Brewer. The 406 was hands down the most surprisingly good car I have had and I honestly thought it was more comfy than the E39, but I decided that with the van off the road it would be a good time to fulfil the ambition to own a peugeot GTI. With 205s out of price range it had to be a 306, and looking through old photos I remembered that this clearly became an important job to do over the Christmas break. The 306 was ok but as soon as the van came back I preferred that (again) and it really drank fuel. So, a few months later that was gone when a friend mentioned that he was scrapping his mk3 golf. "TDI with 90,000 miles" was enough to see me over there very quickly and the golf proved to be the cheapest to run, most reliable car I have ever had until it was sold to Kiltox for his youtube challenge and then roffled. I hope whoever has it is still enjoying it.
  11. Foolishly I began to get a bit bored of the Saab and bought this e39 instead. It was lovely but the polar opposite of the saab in that I've never felt so uncomfortable being seen in any of my cars as this. Everyone had a smart remark to make about it, my wife hated it, it drank fuel, and I was terrified of a big bill... I've always loved peugeots and been brought up with strings of 205s and 306s in the family as a kid, but by this time I hadn't actually managed to own one of my own. When I saw a nice 205 parked up in a local garage I tried my first "cold call" car buy. It worked and I was chuffed to be in a 205 at last. After a few months I began to feel a bit guilty about using a fairly nice XS as a van, and we were moving house and didn't need the mx5, a massive beemer and a 205 so I sold it. . . As everyone knows, though, such sensible considerations rarely last long and about 2 days later a chap parked on my neighbour's drive in a 305 van. Buoyed up by my success with the 205 buy I knocked on the door to find out about it. A couple of days later I was the proud owner of a 305 van and the 530i was sold soon after when I realised which I preferred driving.
  12. Time for an update here because I spend lots of time enjoying everyone else's threads and haven't contributed anything of my own for ages. To recap the previous pages and a bit before - Started shitin' with this Morris 1000 which was the cheapest MOTd Minor I had seen before or since. This was enough to tempt me to the dark side of running a dodgy old car. 6 months in I thought I'd had my fun and was beginning to tire of spending every weekend trying to make it work, so I sold it to buy something more sensible alongside my Mx5 (not sure if that belongs in this thread but I am enjoying the other MX5s on here at the moment so have a picture with the snazzy red wheels it came with). I bought a 170,000 mile mk4 golf which nearly bankrupted me with typical tdi big bills, and then after a couple of years replaced that with a 9-5 aero estate. This was just an amazing car and I wish I hadn't sold it.
  13. Did I see you with an agila or similar on the back just north of Cheltenham the other day?
  14. Nice write up! Since they are your grandparents and it's a car that you like, I think it's a good idea to help them out.
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