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  1. It’s a Kewet Buddy. https://www.buddyelectric.no I’d like to apologise on behalf of my country… although I think they’re originally Danish.
  2. I’d normally agree, but a few years ago I was parking my rental car on a field adjacent to a swap meet in Canada, when another visitor in a RAV4 decided to cut across the verge of the main road instead of using the normal entrance. It looked deceptively flat as it was grass all the way, but there was a good two and a half feet soft drop into the field. Solid THUNK as the suspension bottomed out, but it made it unscathed.
  3. Ohhhh no, it’s definitely a thing. You’ll get all of the offers of half what you’re asking and «last price?» But the upside is, that’s quite often the end of it. Introverted Norwegians hate haggling in person, so you get lowballed first and then they come looking at the car. From there they either buy it or leave it altogether.
  4. I’ve got one of those tiny Nilfisks. Hateful thing. Although it’s never stopped leaking from the inlet for long enough to develop internal leaks.
  5. Hello all! I’m Espen, from Bergen (the one in Norway). Current fleet is a BMW 325i Touring manuêl, a Renault Twizy for work commute/road toll avoidance, and as of today a Golf 3 cabriolet with very shy side windows (thread in Ask a shiter). Past offences include Peugeots 306 and 406, an Alfa 156 2,0 manual, and various BMWs, the most noteworthy one being a Z3 2,8 Coupe.
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