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  1. Ah. Monaghan town. It’s a bit of a pox hotspot at the moment.
  2. I was just thinking exactly the same. Seems like it was only about 15 years ago! Where did the time go?
  3. 108

    Bus Shite

    Most single door buses are out of service at the moment. Most Dublin Bus services are operating with Dual-door buses.
  4. Speaking as a former engraver, that’s nicely done. A fitting tribute.
  5. At least some bright spark* placed it on some bubblewrap to avoid it getting damaged?
  6. It’s a brilliantly witty dig at the West Clare Railway after young Percy was delayed on the way to a gig. Well worth reading the lyrics if you get the chance.
  7. It’s been a series of unfortunate events but things are on the up. Girlfriend got out of ICU today and is back to complaining. Things are looking up. And Autoshite is the best antidote to real life that I’ve found so far. Thanks again to everyone.
  8. This year I’ve lost my licence, girlfriend has had 2 close calls (ICU etc.), wages have been cut and various close friends haven’t made it to Christmas, but on the plus side, even in the darkest days I’ve looked on here and had a laugh. Sometimes out loud on the bus... And I’ve just found out that a mate took my car for a run to charge the battery but has had to be recovered from the motorway. Big red ENGINE FAILURE message. Happy days. Thank you ONE AND ALL for keeping me on the straightish and narrow. More beer required.
  9. Frank Kelly’s Christmas Countdown usually goes down well.
  10. Pictures. You can’t type something like that without attaching pictures. Enjoy the evening.
  11. Not liked for the deafness, but for the call answer. I must remember that the next time the bank ring, looking for a kidney.
  12. I’m of an age to remember the last horse floats in the 1970s in north Dublin. Our local milkman wasn’t impressed at having to walk back to where he left the new fangled electric float. His previous horse would dutifully follow him up the road as he worked.
  13. I headed up to Cooley for the day, and yes I bypassed the toll.
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