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  1. 108

    Rozzer Shite

    And that’s definitely the Pearse Street station building in the background. Very distinctive windows.
  2. 108

    Rozzer Shite

    Yes, that’s definitely a senior officer’s cap badge. I don’t know whether this car was specially assigned or just a random “what’s in stock” odd coloured fleet car. If my - fading - memory is correct there were a small few odd coloured cars in the Dublin fleet at the time.
  3. 108

    Rozzer Shite

    This one is remembered, parked outside Pearse St GS, among the various dark blue or white patrol cars.
  4. This seems a reasonable middle ground to me.
  5. 108

    More tax

    €200 here for a 1.6D MK 2 Focus. Smokiest car I’ve ever owned but I’m keeping quiet!
  6. 108

    Truck Shite

    Parked up nearby.
  7. It has been a crazy day at Dublin Airport. This flight left Copenhagen around 9am, did 2 go arounds before diverting to Manchester. Leaving Manchester on a second attempt to get to Dublin they got diverted to Belfast, but did another go around there and finally landed in Liverpool around 9pm!
  8. These stories are why I come to AS. Fair play, they really cheered me up. Apologies if I’ve woken you. I just realised it’s 8am! Meery Christmas.
  9. Had to do the same myself earlier this year. My thoughts are with you today.
  10. 108

    Bus Shite

    Yes, 100 double deckers and 34 single, with more on order.
  11. That’s a result! Enjoy the warmth.
  12. So sorry to hear this. Dreadful.
  13. It’s absolutely ridiculous that bikes have to pay for parking. You can usually find somewhere to leave it that inconveniences nobody. What next? Charges for bicycles and mobility scooters? (Which are usually parked/dumped in even worse places).
  14. I hate these types. I hope they get blacklisted but know that they won’t.
  15. Agreed 100%. I’m within a couple of miles of 3 beaches. It was a godsend during the early lockdowns.
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