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  1. Strangely enough, we were staying in Antwerp but spent a few days in Bruges. Both are on my return list. The Concentration Camp was a sombre place, but not to be missed.
  2. Bruges is definitely worth a visit. spent a long weekend there just before lockdown. I will be back.
  3. Or any modern Range Rover that involves even the slightest bit of off-roading.
  4. Yep. Swap Shop and LT Travel Info. and I’m only an occasional visitor to Lunnin. it’s mad what you remember from years ago, but can’t find something you put down 5 minutes ago.
  5. I can’t laugh. I managed to faint in a First Aid class and woke up surrounded by 50 student nurses raring to practice. Bonus: I didn’t need to buy a drink at the after class pub crawl.
  6. I had a 200CLK auto which was criminally bad on fuel (300 miles on a tank even on long runs) but lovely to drive. It had been fitted with wider tyres by a previous owner and put me off Mercs. I’ll reconsider based on your report. A supercharged C class manual estate would be ideal for day to day hauling and road trips as well.
  7. VRT plus VAT seem to be 35-45% of the purchase price of a new car depending on emissions.
  8. Ah thanks, I’m not well up on these modernz. Base Jogger looks like around €25k. Madness.
  9. Insurance and tax are both cheap for me but on the flip side I’m an old fart. Diesel is around €1.70/l at the moment.
  10. I’m not sure about the CVT thing. My current steed is a 300k mile Mk 2 Diseasel Focus.
  11. If that’s a Duster they start at around €22k but not many buy the base model new. There’s huge VRT and VAT on new cars here. Even imports have ridiculous taxes.
  12. it’s the same here. its ok* to block the entrance when almost half the pumps are free, because there are no left/right** hand pumps clear. * Not ok ** Delete as applicable. Muppets.
  13. 108

    Bus Shite

    I see 3 levels of windows. Would that make this a triple decker?
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