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  1. I’m watching Hatton Garden and the star of the show tonight is a neatly Barried Citroen Saxo. Smiling like Ike a child here and nobody knows why! Result.
  2. 108

    The grumpy thread

    Nice to see that you had a bottle of Hop House as an antidote to the anti-Irish bias. Like + eleventy.
  3. I can do them. Let me know what you need.
  4. Result. Carry on. Edit: delighted it was good news.
  5. 108

    The grumpy thread

    / do not like. ( no emoji comes even close )
  6. 108

    The grumpy thread

    Where’s me jumper?
  7. Thanks for dropping the calendar in. Excellent product and a service above and beyond the call of duty. Nice chatting to you. Hope you weren’t late to work. P
  8. Oops. How did I miss this. Details sent. Payment to follow tomorrow.
  9. I’ll have one too please, if I’ve not left it too late (again) /sad face
  10. I have no pictures but my SS has arrived. Professionals Capri model and a chrome/leather deer hip flask. Cheers SS.
  11. Agreed. They roared past our house. It was a big change from the half-cabs that they replaced just a few months earlier.
  12. I spend most of my time in North county Dublin but am in Monaghan most weekends. Will keep eyes peeled!
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