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  1. If you decide you don't want it please let me know, I'm in East Devon! Seriously.
  2. They always treated us really well! I think I know Garage Dubois too, if it's in the industrial estate by Tesco Colney Hatch, our neighbours have a unit nearby from which they make a very good living selling kilts to Americans!
  3. B.L. Autos, are that the Citroën specialist chaps in Welwyn Garden City? If it is we used to take our XM there back in the '90s - they were great to work with and I always really enjoyed the walk over the railway bridge by the Shredded Wheat factory, the smell was lush!
  4. Boards across the span, stand on those and spread your weight!
  5. That's my understanding (limited, admittedly).
  6. I think the accepted protocol is to prefix every caravan name with the word "anal". Anal Pioneer, Anal Ace, Anal Swift, Anal Sahara, oh...
  7. That looks ace but how come the rear quarterlights haven't delaminated? Had a 1985 16TRS in about 1992 and they were all crumbly then. Fabulous cars, I'm really rather envious.
  8. I hated the 1150GS I had, one of those bikes you ride away form purchase thinking uh oh.... (replaced it with an Africa Twin that was ace and that with a KTM 990 Adventure that was even more acerer). On a BikeSafe course all the PCs referred to the BMWs as tractors and sprinted for the Fazer that Yamaha had lent them! Of course I'm an way off the mark here, everyone - EVERYONE loves the BMW flat twin.
  9. Ha, my non turjo barbered does 31 emm pee gees on a long run giving 300 miles to a tank. I hate to think what this will do! Is the wind noise from around the A pillars deafening? I've given up on the radio over about 60 mph. Cracking cars, well done.
  10. Please don't undervalue yourself. I don't often post but my hourly rate has gone from £45 to £75 and I can count on the finger of no hands how many customers have said "sorry, too much" . You're doing them a favour... not the other way around.
  11. Great to read your shenanigans again, I've missed them, the dog's too. And you'm in Debbon! (D'you know the Chelston Manor?) -Simon
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