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  1. This made me smile... https://museumcrush.org/from-the-chopper-to-the-bond-bug-the-genius-of-inventor-tom-karen/?utm_source=Culture24+Company+Newsletter&utm_campaign=481708ac56-mc-digest-187&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_622aef899d-481708ac56-33999849 Yes, it mentions Princess Anne!
  2. Duh, that must be my age. Shame I only forget the useful stuff...
  3. Hang on, you're near Claverham? - I "grew" up in Congresbury. Your parents are in Sidmouth? - I'm in Sidbury! That's some coincidences there ­čś│
  4. Amazing work, you really should be very proud. And I'm nicking "shame plate" thankyouverymuch!
  5. Sorry to hear that, I came off my bike on Tuesday and wonder if I've cracked a rib. The pain is unreal and sleeping is unpossible. My unintended dismount was caused only by my own lack of concentration but the behaviours of some traffic really does scare me. Hope you get well soon and never have to deal with arseholes like that again.
  6. My Number one Daughter went to a tutor behind your boot, John Fowles wrote some of The French Lieutenant's Woman in the garden.
  7. Great video, it's sent me (a committed Cito├źnist) down a verly long rabbit hole!
  8. Has L Ron still got a shopfront on Tottenham Court Road offering free "Personality Tests"? Just by Goodge Street station.
  9. Freecycle has always worked for us. https://www.freecycle.org/
  10. I don't. But I can almost guarantee that my MIL will! ( My in-laws are Standens, the plumbers.)
  11. Well what a small world! I was just behind the Bell Inn on Kent Road, were you up towards the Wrington Road? Was that the new St Andrews or the Old School Rooms school? So many questions! @SiC what's your Dad's name, there's a band of slightly serious cyclists here who know or know of each other? I've got into the the habit of asking every Simon I meet when they were born, there seems to be a huge number of mid '60s Simons albeit with another significant number of outliers!
  12. Used to be, I grew up in Congresbury and my mother-in-law is still there opposite the Ship and Castle - or the Congresbury Arms as it might be now?
  13. Is that Toyota in Claverham or Cleeve, SiC, looks ever so familiar.
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