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  1. Please don't undervalue yourself. I don't often post but my hourly rate has gone from £45 to £75 and I can count on the finger of no hands how many customers have said "sorry, too much" . You're doing them a favour... not the other way around.
  2. Great to read your shenanigans again, I've missed them, the dog's too. And you'm in Debbon! (D'you know the Chelston Manor?) -Simon
  3. Ha, spent far far too long in Clown Town (stickiest floors in North London) and once shut the boot of our Ford Focus (containing my daughter, who was 2 at the time) locking the keys inside in the Tesco car park. Great* parenting.
  4. Is that up by Tesco on Colney Hatch Lane? Look's oddly familiar...
  5. Yep, this stuff is amazing . Plus it's Methylated Spirit for cleanup, relive your youth, Mamod and pyromania. Or is that just me?
  6. Ha! Half the dashboard lights in my Forester only work after a quick slap. In fact, I've currently got a sidelight out (that I replaced recently, for which you need to take the headlamp out!) so I'll go and give it some gentle persuasion in the morning. -Simon
  7. I don't often post here but I've got to say that was brilliant Mr Cav. Utterly, undeniably brilliant, thank you. -Simon
  8. I don't often comment here, but phwoaaar! Very very envious, have had a thing for these for ever.
  9. That's really is gorgeous but I've no where to keep it in the manor it should be kept in. Not sure why I've never seen you and/or the Safrane about, I'm in Sidbury but have spent a long time in Seaton shooting for the Town Guide and photo'ing loads of events there. Good luck with the sale! -Simon
  10. That makes sense, otherwise it really makes no sense at all!
  11. Just been passed passed by the most interesting mini cab I've seen, a fairly new white (yeah) Maserati Quattroporte. Exeter City council (I think) Taxi plate number P309. -Simon
  12. I've the self same bars for my 2003 Forester, they'm perfect for a double ladder. But, BUT, does anyone know where I put that tubular box spanner thing that tightens them to the roof rails? Missing, proper missing, and no socket I own will fit. For info: a set of Rothenberger kitchen tap spanners contains one that will do the job. -Simon
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