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AnnoyingPentium's New Motor: *An* Vectra


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4 minutes ago, gm said:

are you at the MazdaDudes ? obviously there are other places to buy a car in Darlington but that’s the one i go to most often 

Nope, need to make my way to Longfield Cars... 45 minutes from the station on foot and I'm too tight for a taxi 😂

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20 minutes ago, jmsguzzi said:

If it's the car I think it is and the mileage is correct then potential bargain.

I'm a bit annoyed I didn't know about it till now or I'd of snapped it up, very jealous!


I think you'll be right about which car it is... :)

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3 minutes ago, PicantoJon said:

Does it have a blanket over the back seats and Panama hat on the parcel shelf? 

Not yet! But it will!

It'll be getting giffered up, upon its return to the correct side of the border. ;)

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7 minutes ago, AnnoyingPentium said:


Ahhh, the non-commital Ayrshire "perhaps".......
I'm running a book on it but I'm not offering any odds on Mr @Noel Tidybeard's spotted motor as that's the one I'm keeping for myself.

Nice cars - you'll love it. Two randoms please ;-) 

Just spotted Landsails fitted - it's a keeper then?


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50 minutes ago, EyesWeldedShut said:

I do hope it is what you think it is otherwise you could be driving out with;

I quite like 500s in that they're like a go kart, but being long back/short legs means I fit about as well as John Candy in an original Mini.

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