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  1. pointless stick on tat arrived today but, it was missing it's original i mean, how are people supposed to know that Citroen prefers Total without this sticker?! plus i think it looks good
  2. is not the sort of car for rushing, mind you it certainly handles better than you'd expect
  3. 9k miles into this car now and to be honest it's great, and it's been great few little things to sort but really is dependable
  4. it does almost seem as if only 1 side seems to suffer most i'm relatively pleased with my results, will give it more work before no doubt replacing the headlight
  5. very much so! a wise spend of £100
  6. temporarily slowest might i add! i will fix it eventually
  7. i also really, really liked that insight!
  8. so when do we get to see everyones photos? i imagine there was some very good ones!
  9. agreed might get them professionally refurbed
  10. fantastic just nothing other than fantastic, i must admit i was a little sad when i heard the C5 was going but my god, this couldn't have been any better so awesome to see betty back!
  11. what a very excellent event! just got home, and i had a lovely time many thanks
  12. I'm at the front next to the cafe area
  13. well I've arrived, where are we all parking?
  14. i'm aiming for 10:30/11 barring a breakdown, cos french or getting lost.....my famous line is "shut up you stupid satnav i know better" then i get lost
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