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  1. I need to put some proper charge into that battery too
  2. just been planning my first journey on the day i collect it i feel a 100 or so mile proving run at rush hour is a great idea for a car i don't know and has been off the road for years oh and an XM
  3. ooooooo yellow headlights they'll be uttery terrible, likely so terrible i need to use the front fogs to be able to see anything but as you say cool
  4. i don't know i'm afraid they were shiny not many motor factors that are very good round here halford's are quite good really, certainly been quite impressed with them lately damn side better than euro car parts
  5. from what i felt it went very well, similar feeling to the C5.....bit more lag etc and ovbiously less refined yes i'm impressed with myself for actually buying it! trust me, this car is safe i did have a worry about it's future, certainly if i didn't buy it i was told he'd probably end up scrapping it which would be sad
  6. the man in halfords was showing me their posh bulbs they have they indeed look posh i'll buy some and try
  7. i can't wait to experience the proper headlights and see if they're as bad as people say
  8. i have no idea i must admit, i won't have them until i've got the car back as they're well.....still attached but i shall keep you informed regarding price etc i imagine they would have been quite good really, not for me sadly due to liking originality but i can't have seen why they would be poor the wiring is quite questionable however
  9. service is booked £130 for a full service, done by a friend of mine who's a mobile mechanic can't complain about that getting done on wednesday, certainly has earned it!
  10. they have quite a following for what they are, certainly a lot more than their competition i can see them being classics, certainly the early ones are almost there as i always say, quite simply, they are very good
  11. sounds like it's doing well..... you have to remember, it's 16 years old and it was a cheap car when it was new the way they seem to hold up is quite staggering really considering most are neglected, abused and run to the ground
  12. Oh I'm well aware they'll be absolutely crap, I dare say I'm actually looking forward to seeing just how bad they are! The HID units will be free of charge to whoever wants them
  13. just got back from my 170 mile round trip today we have, illumination! these are much, much better!
  14. could well be actually shall have to see when the car is ready and i can drive it
  15. i should clarify, it floats, rides well but not massively softer than the C5, which is no bad thing it seems to ride at the correct height, it looks correct at least
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