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  1. just for some fun, here's my total expenses in repairs and servicing over the past year.......... clutch £250 tyres £290 sills, 2 brake lines and ball joint £160 2 front springs (inc recovery) £200 4 oil changes £160 2 air filters £15 2 pollen filters £15 pair of front shocks £150 discs and pads £100 interior trim pieces (everything needed) £320 waxoyl underseal £7 speakers £55 undertray £30 engine cover mounts £15 drivers window switch £10 replacement HVAC vents £25 bottle of aircon gas £30 passenger side ball joint £40 egr cleaner (actually works now!) £10 2 sets of wiper blades £25 rear wiper arm £10 2 wheel trims £35 2 replacement chrome bumper trim pieces £40! 2 door straps £15 total cost since may 2019: £2,007 is the car worth it? absolutely not, but good ones are rare.......and they're dying out massively now oh and that doesn't include some upgrades i've done, the real cost is more like £2,700 spend a few hundred more on it in september to get it completely sorted it was in a real bad way when i picked it up
  2. Picasso got a bit of love today, outsourced it to my usual guy simply because i don't have the proper tools.........well i did but i lost them and i don't want to take chances with brakes but look how shiny my discs are! doesn't half stop well now, of course still bedding them in so nothing drastic and sorted out a binding caliper, the corrosion was insane.......i dread to think how old the discs were, of course i got almost no service history with it so i have no clue also got another oil change, super nice to see the oil is still almost spotlessly clean after 30 miles of driving which shows the love is paying off I will likely be spending around £1,000 on the car later in the year, i want every single little thing to be sorted as well as the bodywork tidied up in places
  3. my dad had a c4 picasso of that generation and it was horrific, but they're a really good looking and driving car however no temp guage.....i don't know if i could live with that
  4. This picasso is too reliable, it's a bit boring i need something badly made, quirky, unreliable but loveable and i feel a laguna will do that
  5. so many friends! was a good day comparing picassos sort of made me want a c4 picasso, so flimsy and badly made.....just perfect! i swear i have an unhealhy obsession with xsara picasso's......especially how i can tell the fuel type and engine from the exhaust
  6. update to yesterdays post, it seems absolutely silent now which is a nice thing weird how it just suddenly came on, not horrific but there and then just went sort of wondering if it maybe could have been a dry belt due to the hot weather. so today i changed the pollen filter as airflow seemed reduced and it felt like time to do it i'm aware this is a posh carbon activated one but it was absolutely manky and full of debris and here we have a nice shiny new one, just a basic one but i'm going to see how it compares.....if i get more smells and fumes in then when it's replacement time i'll get a posh carbon one surprisngly for a french car it's in a sensible place and actually easy to replace! much improved airflow, very very nice thing to have on a day like today especially when your air con is working well
  7. seems as though it's crank pulley time, just started today with a metallic grinding/rattling done pretty well really it's lasted 100k and 15 years
  8. as far as i know it's the same 140bhp lump, no dpf either which is nice i would quite like an accord with that engine, i feel it would be a good match for the car
  9. indeed, a 2.2 i-ctdi it has needed a repair.....a wheel bearing, i'm a bit envious tbh as of monday he will own a 68 plate 1.5 turbo prestige thingy mk10 civic i very much doubt it will do 256k with a high tech direct injection petrol engine
  10. it's my dads, had it for about 4 years now (last time i was in it was on 265k) and it's been typically japanese only reason for replacing it is due to age restrictions on his company car scheme thing he's in
  11. Rather sad in many ways that this will probably be the last picture i'll take of these two together, the spaceship civic is very sadly being traded in next week for the new MK10.......the picasso will have a new friend though doubt the mk10 will be anywhere near as good of a car as the mk8
  12. oh indeed well i'd hate myself if i just ignored it and it got much worse
  13. Quick go of protecting the worst of the underside today Bit crusty in areas but nothing insane yet.........looks as though i'll need a brake line soon though hit the worst of it with a wire brush to get the loose stuff off (oh yes almost professional) This is rather good stuff! i'm well aware it will need another coat in areas but it's far better than it was and at least theres some form of protection now THis area was just awkward to get at, doing the rest next week and making sure everything is well coated and protected Not much point putting a lot around this area due to me replacing the brake lines soon and didn't want to make it any more awkward I'd love to take it for a proper rust protection but in areas i feel it's a bit late, just keeping an eye on it now to stop it holeing
  14. quick nosy underneath tonight, mostly absolutely fine few areas do need a bit of preventative treatment but otherwise i'm just pleased how solid it is This is about the worst, slight concern but feels solid.........ATS jacked it up on that during a wheel balancing and crunched it so need to sort it before it gets worse but shouldn't be too hard inner sills pretty rock solid too, again a bit of underseal and a wire brush will sort it the floorplan is absolutely lovely and solid which is very nice indeed was also told today i'm wasting my money on the trusty picasso, of course i'll never see any of the money again but i don't care in the slightest it's worth it for the smile i get on my car everytime i drive it or when i see a reflection of myself in a shop window
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