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  1. Yes, i had a feeling it would be like that my own doing, as i am far too lazy to plug my phone into the PC i sent myself it through facebook and copied it from there
  2. oh no! the sun is wide!
  3. shhhhhh don't tell me what i should have done is brought it inside so i could work on it on a table but no i like to make life hard for myself, so i either squatted or laid down on the pavement scrubbing it
  4. Time to say goodbye to the chance of a siezed spare wheel carrier bolt! yes i am going to absolutely cover the bolt in this stuff might as well properly paint the carrier at the same time and wrap the spare wheel in something protective
  5. quick battery update still early days, but at the moment it seems to be cranking over like a petrol and starting both hot and cold instantly which is nice! this is interesting, as the old battery still did always start (occasional software bug though) so it must have just been weak i was surprised the old halfords one made it through the winter
  6. I'll be looking around june next year, that's when the insurance policy on the picasso expires and it seems more logical to get one then basically a 2.0 hdi 110 or a 2.2 hdi auto, it must be an auto ideally an exclusive too.....more likely to have been looked after i'm either very brave or very stupid
  7. i say hydraulic citroen i just have a huge want for a mk1 c5 estate, so i might as well buy one before the last of them vanish
  8. I want a hydraulic citroen before they either all disapear/go up in value or get stuck with a 2008 onwards C5 plus i'm starting to fancy a change
  9. Well this is quite exciting! just been sent this, my new (to me) bonnet to replace the one which got dented looks very shiny!
  10. Only real photo i have of the tyres on the picasso when i got it this was a "dextero" it did a 5 mile journey to a tyre place to be replaced straight away, being driven extremely carefully i just don't understand how people can let their tyres get this bad, my fronts are almost at 3mm and they will be getting replaced in the next 2 weeks
  11. month or so back i went on a date, i was acting like a normal person that was.......until i spotted a linglong! i got all excited might have to start looking for the daft names, i know for certain my neighbours 2010 nissan note has some interesting ones
  12. Yes i could do, and it's what i'll most likely end up doing however i want to see how decent i can get these ones first I've been toying with the thought of painting the "citroen" writing on the trims black so they stand out a bit, not sure what to do about that yet
  13. always do this, i like to experiment with different tyres and for the full experience i replace all 4 i'll be trying michelin crossclimate +'s next and i'm reluctant to mix all seasons and summers
  14. I've heard the new 208 GTi is very good but you can't beat the old 205 for brilliance
  15. I absolutely love the new panda, it's exactly how cars should be in fact both panda's old and new are utterly brilliant
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