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  1. Little job today change the air filter, lovely easy job......unlike a 1.6 HDi! old one was a bit dirty
  2. indeed! i must admit i am rather excited! will also make a video of my final thoughts on the picasso got a few little things to sort on it first
  3. 110 auto too!!!!!! plus, i have driven it before oh and it's a 53 plate so the teething issues of the very early ones were sorted by then 150k miles though
  4. awful lot of car for not much money........ I have esentially bought one though, beautiful red 2.0 HDi collection thread will occur in early march when lockdown eases enough to allow travel
  5. apart from the wiper pattern......they seemessentially the perfect all round car for what i want getting a 2.0 HDi, would prefer the 2.2 but i feel it can be a bit scary
  6. Just picked up the picasso from an oil and filter change at my trusted place (Martinet motors thornaby) sure i'm changing cars in a month, but i still need to maintain this one other than that nothing to report, it's been cracking!
  7. excellent! going to be very interesting to put them through their paces
  8. What are Nexen tyres like? going to pick up a C5 as soon as this lockdown eases and it's been fitted with a new set of Nexens
  9. ended up just buying from amazon i searched the whole store (unless i was being blind which is likely) but couldn't find them
  10. Been one of those days and i haven't even started work fucking dust caps went to check the tyre pressures.....yes! i actually do that! dropped a fucking dust cap through a gap in the wheel, put my hand behind (which got absolutely filthy with brake dust might i add) and couldn't find it not to worry, i'll pop over to halfords and get some, need some winter screen wash anyway nope they don't sell standard dust caps oh and i got stuck in traffic because someone had a very minor accident and decided the best place to stop was in the middle of 2 lanes home now th
  11. now technically speaking my xsara picasso has been questionable, but at least it's been a very good car for many months no, the record goes to my dad in 2012 he bought a 2008 C4 Picasso 1.6 HDi EGS...........yes you can see where this is going beautiful looking and riding car, and it was a good car for about 3 years really then it shit a turbo because 1.6 hdi then another then another then another 12 turbo's it had in the end then the egs box started playing up....because of course it did many thousands putting that right then it played up
  12. Tomorrow i am going to get that spare wheel down! and in the process no doubt injure myself i will be armed with tools!! well, i'll go to halfords in the morning, spend many minutes looking at overpriced tools.....forget what i came in for and buy some stupid air freshner then have to go back out and buy a tool which probably won't help in the slightest
  13. Well, seeing as almost all the surviving ones will be good ones.....then yes
  14. As a MK1 C5 is somewhat rare, i'm now taking a look for XM's too as they're the ultimate in reliable transport*
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