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  1. Sorry if i sound like a fool, but do you need to book beforhand to attend this event.....or is it just turn up? kinda feeling like a ridiculous road trip tomorrow......
  2. I think i saw this BX today, it looks absolutly superb! well done!
  3. Just got back from a 250 mile drive, no issues to report and averaged 65mpg the whole way which is very nice! I really don't think of it as being an old car but i guess most people would have scrapped it by now
  4. They are surprisingly nice to drive and incredibly handy and honestly pretty quirky and different. Going on a 250 mile round trip to cumbria in it tomorrow which i think it should do with ease
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I enjoy keeping it running, it's actually a lot of fun and so far i feel i've got quite lucky reliability wise. i know most people my age want brand new corsa's and other crap like that, I'd rather buy a 10-20 year old car for about £500 and restore it, way more fun than just driving a brand new souless car. Working on your own cars is a lot of fun, especially when you significantly improve it. It's a 2.0 HDi so actually has a reasonable amount of power and in the desire trim i have luxuries like air con and colour coded bumpers! almost rolls royce territory.
  6. Hi all, i'm new here and i thought i'd share my experience of 3 months with a free car. so back at the end of may my grandparents decided for some reason they couldn't stand their 2.0 hdi xsara picasso any longer and wanted to scrap it. As someone who loves average shite cars i leapt at the chance to take it from them. May 29th; i picked up the picasso from my grandparents house, of course because this is my first car i'm paying an insane amount of insurance. upon attempting to start it the battery was dead from sitting for 4 months......great start! once i got the car started i noticed a pretty strong clutch judder but other than that it seemed to run pretty well. First drive after extensive cleaning, horrific front tyres! and worn to hell wiper blades but other than that pretty good motoring really. June; so june was pretty trouble free, that was until i was driving home from hartlepool one day and i noticed a squealing noise......i suspected it was just a tensioner or something minor like that. Oh how i was very wrong! The source of the noise was the thrust bearing guide on the clutch, it had disintegrated and damaged the plates, which was fun. But i manged to get a whole new clutch and bearing kit fitted for £250 so it wasn't as big of a deal as it could have been and totally transformed the car. July; Completly trouble free, driving really well and covered 3,000 miles since i saved it from the scrapyard even the air con blows ice cold. decided to treat myself to some new pirelli tyres and wow the handling was transformed, no more abs kicking in everytime i thought about braking if a single raindrop hit the ground. So nice having grip. also fitted roof bars and wind deflectors and they have really transformed the look. August; Again not a single issue, averaging over 600 miles per tank now with 50/50 town and a road/motorway driving and running better than ever. I must admit, it's a fine looking car, the deflectors and roof bars just make it look right. not bad for a first car for free. hope you enjoyed my little story, will keep it updated
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