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  1. not complaining, certainly makes parking much much easier speed sensitive system is quite good i've noticed
  2. here's a question is it normal for the power steering to be absolutely insanely light? honestly, i quite like it tyre pressures are fine etc
  3. it's the steering wheel that does it for me, very very nice design
  4. a 2.0 HDi auto exclusive estate in this colour in X7 form would very much interest me I suppose the X7 is an important, and sad car last hydro citroen, last car that actually rides properly
  5. i know i say it a lot, but i am mightily impressed with this car they are an absolute fucking bargain, seems adjusted for inflation it was a 27k car brand new for pretty much nothing they are excellent apart from the wiper pattern there is literally nothing i don't like i would have gone for a xantia, but, crash protection sort of put me off as i drive around 20-25k per year plus how can you not love this goofy face this is exactly the sort of car that i had been searching years for looking forward to the warmer weather so i can really start doing work
  6. Did i mention the stereo is very good, and i mean absolutely excellent fantastic bass response, great mid tones and unlike the picasso zero rattle can cope with cascada on volume 25 no issues i also much prefer the radio preset menu in the C5 compared to no menu in the picasso don't think i'd get another picasso tbh
  7. it's still riding beautifully, even the power steering is very light and silent so i don't believe it's lost much/if any haven't seen any more pools and can't really see underneath but it feels alright i'll be keeping an eye on it for now
  8. could well be going to be keeping an eye on it for now
  9. i hunted high and low for a laguna IDE as i seriously wanted one with no luck but i think a HPi would be utterly terrible, seriously fantastic especially as no one can fix it
  10. well, I believe it's a feature self servicing hydraulics, cos I've put about 4 litres of LDS into it now honestly the level seems fine, all of the levels are fine so I have no idea what the rainbow water was unless it's all of the LDS on the arch liner and strut being cleaned off cos it was the first time it had rained properly Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. regarding my C5, i had a nice pool of rainbow water under it yesterday in the rain hmmmmmm probably absolutely pissing out LDS
  12. I am considering a second C5, i ideally want a mk1 HPi (you know, the direct injection one) for full excitement X7's seem extremely flawed, flimsy and a bit crap really so of course i'm interested but then again, if a C6 comes up for £500 i'll buy it
  13. Parked next to a 2014 X7 exclusive this morning in a lovely bronze colour not usually an X7 C5 fan but i must admit it looked absolutely fantastic cream interior and hydro suspension too perhaps in a couple of years i may consider an X7
  14. that went utterly wrong need to think of another idea
  15. regarding wipers one of my blades fell apart yesterday, just bought some new ones this is going to be good, they're pin wipers and no where had them so I'm modifying some standard ones will post the fun tale in a bit Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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