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  1. oh yeah it would be a project, see a theme developing in the cars i own haha!
  2. Sounds like the perfect use for them..... I will be honest i really fancy a 9-5 2.3t auto, an early one of course
  3. Mine is one of the few that's actually in my car, it's used for junk and carrier bag storage in the boot
  4. I have absolutely no need for 2 cars, therefore i will get something petrol and justify the purchase by saying i will use it for town driving They are indeed, what other car comes complete with a shopping trolley!
  5. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    good thinking! no doubt i will use something vastly unsuitable for the repair as long as it looks good that's all that matters
  6. true! however i want to keep le picarseo, it's my goal this year to own something swedish
  7. you see that's just character! just makes me want a saab, i want too many cars
  8. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    good question, i'm thinking of using some plastic mesh and filler and then sanding it all smooth at least i think that's gonna work
  9. That's one of the best colours for these saabs! Looks excellent and well it's a saab so of course it will be amazing
  10. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    That was the plan, i've been told not to make a mess with them (of course i will make a mess every job i do makes a mess) I have a feeling they will come out pretty good
  11. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    it's pissing down outside and it's probably not the best idea to use spray paints in a bedroom lol. Probably get started on them tomorrow, one of them seem to have sanded down okay
  12. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    I must say Evans halshaw citroen in stockton on tees are absolutely useless,... about a month ago i ordered the hooks for the rear blind and almost forgot about them until they called yesterday to let me know it's in stock, however i spent 30 minutes in the parts department today waiting to pick them up and not a soul to be seen.. yeah sod them i'm not gonna bother going for it
  13. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    Also picked up a bag full of 5 genuine wheel trims, sure they are wrecked but i will be restoring them
  14. maxxo

    Picasso restoration

    Getting very close to a milestone, i have done a fair few albeit not trouble free but enjoyable miles in pablo. 5k to go........ then the next challenge starts
  15. after a good think i am ready to give my quick reviews on each car i drove: the ovlov, what a superb vehicle! literally as close to automotive perfection as you can get and looks beautiful the panda, a very surprising little car..... really good at being a car and i imagine extremely economical the pug, very typical psa tbh, nice engine and a rather nice gearchange last but not least, the galant. What a surprisng car, fantastic to drive lovely steering and gear change and looks superb!
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