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  1. Obvioulsy after i'd refitted the cover i couldn't just leave it sitting there absolutely filthy so i got out the trusty Autoglym tyre dressing and gave the engine bay a quick clean, because french i won't chance using a pressure washer I think it's come out quite well actually
  2. Whoa! what's this? me actually getting round to doing a job?!?! yes!, yes it is! oh look at those tough looking engine cover mounts These look far better than the "proper" ones, enjoy the hilariously out of focus shot Now that does look far better, can't see the leaky rocker gasket anymore! Everyone will now know it's a HDi which is something i was losing sleep over (i don't have many friends!) ooooooh yes! very nice!! So glad this job has been done, got absolutely sick of the sight of it under the desk, and it does actually work to make the engine quieter next thing is to get an undertray
  3. Well, look what i'm going to order! walnut of course, people will then think i have an exclusive, or not care most likely not care
  4. oh i know! But i have them so might as well use them, of course they will break after a month
  5. We finally fixed some of the niggles!!! creaking suspension, sorted temporarily by spraying silicone grease on all the rubber i could i find. power steering feeling weird......well it was almost empty, so bad on my part but so beautiful to drive now fixed the coolant leak, simply a clip on the thermostat housing! next stuff to do: Fit parking sensors as i've had them in a box for the last 8 months replace drivers door seal as it's perished deep clean wiper blades, and correctly align them for maximum wipeage!
  6. Decided to take advantage of the quiet roads today to get some pictures of the car Don't do it, I was shouted at by an angry policeman well within his rights i must say! and it was a rather pleasant discussion without shouting or arguing. obviously didn't post that on facebook as i'm trying to wind someone up (posted how they picked me out blah blah) Pictures came out rather well, this picasso shall be actually getting some rest soon, going down to being used every other day due to shopping for elderly relatives and shopping for myself.
  7. WOW! a bonnet cover and headlight protectors would be fantastic!!! i missed a genuine citroen roof box on ebay a few months ago which i was sad about, it said citroen on it so it was cool!
  8. Just look at how my wheel trims glisten in the sun, looks so good! In my opinion some of the best wheen trims from the 21st century, although citroen have always made some hot trims!
  9. i've spent all aftenoon cleaning the picasso and the spaceship civic........my arms can't take anymore
  10. Oh noooooooooooo What am i meant to do during that time? i spend about 12 hours a day on here, it's the only "social" website i can stand at the moment
  11. So I need advice from fellow shiters, This is the car i'm going to be keeping for quite some time (no matter what not many people look after these and i need to preserve it) I'd like to do some more so "giffer mods" or slight period correct mods, must be mods from the period of 2003-2005 as this car has to be kept period correct I need suggestions on what to do, ideally subtle though Door edge protectors are something i'm certainly considering.
  12. I always stop at the second click, habit I suppose Yeah I don't 100% trust the fuel guage in these and I also fill around 500 miles in anyway.
  13. that is true! which is why they act up when you only put £10 in at a time i'd say mine was correct as i hadn't parked on any slopes recently pretty happy to do over 100 miles (just) without losing a bar
  14. Fog light wanker because RALLY CAR YOOOO!!!!!1111!11!!1 in reality it's because of crappy led street lights and i don't have the best eye sight at night and it really helps but that fuel economy is pretty damn good i must say! i reset the odometer when i filled up so it's done pretty well (unless it's lying to me because citroen) I find it so funny when i'm filling my almost 15 year old picasso, and theres people there in 19/69 plate cars putting £10 in also getting close to 100k
  15. bugger! tis a shame, was really looking forward to it, but i know it's the right thing to do Keep us updated for a date in the future
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