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  1. an update on the XM quite staggeringly....nothing fuel pump is still leaking a bit and no central locking but it's being reliable and a mode of transport
  2. Oh I’ve got quite used to the random fires now, they’ve stopped bothering me
  3. Oh without a doubt it’ll be a fantastic thread i can also tell people many more funny stories of automotive woes
  4. i still dream about having another Xsara Picasso i'm a lost cause at this point
  5. i sort of am! always dreamed of a green C5 with a beige interior!
  6. Well it could be my modern reliable daily but I don’t think it will
  7. Yes…… im going to save up and buy a C6 itll be the newest car I’ve ever owned whilst still being pure autoshite!
  8. i'll give you a hint almost certainly going to buy one orange blooded
  9. i've made a decision in the next month or so this will be properly for sale i've decided to replace it with a modern* reliable***** daily on something like an 07, 09 etc plate i know exactly what it will be, but it's so fantastic it's not going to be a thread in "modern shite" it's true autoshite can you guess what i've decided to replace it with?
  10. well i've had a splendid evening with a friend Julia (this C5) made an orange blooded friend too! now this is a problem it does seem i may be selling the XM in order to purchase a 6 found a period correct CD in storage today, of course had to play it in the C5 check out how lovely the illumination is too what a peach this car really is
  11. It’s soft, smooth with no sign of stickiness! dashboard is sticky though That’s a C5 thing!
  12. Oh yes, had this for 1 month now issues I’ve had: door locks can be a little sticky, got replacements thats the end of issues I’ve had not used to this!
  13. you know what, i'm just going to go and get the pump rebuilt rather than try to bodge it
  14. i tend to agree tbh, there doesn't seem any point seeing as it's absolutely identical
  15. C5s are a bugger for it, if you move the seat too quickly it loves to bring the airbag light on
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