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The Ford Fiesta - RIP


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2 hours ago, sierraman said:

Thread deviation here but fucking hell how cheap are used Mustangs at the moment? 

Seem to start around £30k for early V8 manual coupes. With a premium for autos. Convertibles seem less. Local Ford dealer has a 66reg V8 auto soft top with 54k miles for £27k.


6 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

Not sure if this has been posited earlier, but are fezzer values on the rise

Yes, even the old stuff. The 05 reg I bought in the summer, came up at £925 on WBAC. They message regularly, its now up to £1075.



Just now, High Jetter said:



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3 hours ago, sierraman said:

Thread deviation here but fucking hell how cheap are used Mustangs at the moment? 

Not that cheap for recent  V8s considering the price of petrol . Still people with money  out there. In any case, I’m in Scotland , it rains 4/5 days, I’d bin a V8 RWD car inside a month.

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I've had several Fiestas over the years. As a driving instructor I tend to get through a few cars. We had the 1.25 sad face, then, due to supply problems went over to the Focus. They early 1.25was no ball of fire but was well screwed together with air-con, that when you put on, you could feel the power loss! I later had the 1.4 and the Ecoboost models. The 125bhp Ecoboost is a fantastic engine. I now have a Puma mild hybred for teaching and love it. More space, more power and economy. The reason these are popular, particularly with the older motorist, is the ease on entry and exit. Less 'old man' noises getting in and out. Times move on. Electric is the golden child at the moment and diesel is the spawn of the devil. I have heard that VW and some oil companies are working on some kind of synthetic fuel, which apparently is much lower on emissions. Who knows, in ten years' time we might find that electric cars are the evil polluting monsters and diesels are the saviours of the world! 

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On 11/4/2022 at 8:50 PM, Metal Guru said:

Having said that, from 1974-2005, all of the Mustangs were cynical exploitation of the name.

How? They just followed model-after-model. I'd say that 2005 onwards are the exploitation of the name.

The majority of Mustangs in the 1960s weren't manual Cobra Jets - they were automatic six cylinder ones with 100hp. They have always been that way.

Each new model was the same formula, built to the fashions  and needs of cars of the time.


Then in 2005 the S197 came along which was the first retro one, designed to play on the original. While the Mustang had always been an evolutionary model, the S197 version of 2005 was the first that they tried to link to the first generation. Personally, I prefer the SN95 of 1994-2004 anyway (and I don't much like that)

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