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RIP Fiesta


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I wonder what this will do for used Fiesta values. It’s definitely still the default choice for anyone who needs a small car, and I can’t see that changing any time soon, so all that demand will still be there, plus there’s now all the people who would have bought a new one and aren’t interested in a Puma. Apparently since Ford announced they were discontinuing it last year, values crept up, but that may just be reflective of the used car market as a whole

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6 hours ago, Metal Guru said:

Is the Ka+ still made? I had one as a hire car about 3 years ago ( never knew  it existed before , was a “Fiesta or equivalent), and I’ve only seen one other since.

They discontinued it in about 2020. When you could still buy them, I test drove one, along with a Fiesta. From what I remember, the price difference wasn’t a lot, and because of the depreciation on them, that difference was made even smaller on PCP/leases.

I never see anyone actually driving them, only parked outside of retirement bungalows and garden centres, normally in that bright yellow.

I thought they were great though. They drove and felt a lot like a modernised version of the Mk5 Fiesta my mum owned at the time. New Fiestas seemed huge in comparison. A bit of shame they dropped it, as I think production continued for elsewhere…

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On 7/8/2023 at 8:32 AM, sierraman said:

I mean how many different segments do you need to compete in? They have the Puma, there will be an electric based thing replacing the Focus platform, there’s the Kuga and probably another SUV type thing coming plus the Mach E. It’s just straightforward business rationalisation. 

The next EV thing is another SUV lookalike named the Explorer: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/feu/en/news/2023/03/21/new-all-electric-explorer-engineered-and-built-in-europe.html

I suspect there will be a more normal looking thing based on the VW ID platform that this uses as well.

The Mustang thing is a different EV platform designed in the US and nothing to do with VW. 

Maybe if Ford hadn’t pissed billions up the wall chasing the driverless vehicle dream in the US they could have used the money on their own EV platform…

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On 7/7/2023 at 6:30 PM, willswitchengage said:

Also, what a great name for a car.

Implies fun etc, works in all languages. Doesn't requires the brand to be stated. See also Golf and Polo for great names which will seemingly last forever.

VW have indicated the current Golf is the last. Perhaps they meant the last ICE one, but all the press reporting on the announcement seemed to imply the Mk8 was the end of the strasse for the name as well.

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7 hours ago, loserone said:


True. It will be a coupe/suv thing. Obviously I’d have preferred a heavily polluting, six cylinder, rear wheel drive coupe with a massive bonnet bulge that would be for your erection that would result from piloting such a machine. However I understand that they’ve to follow current consensus, I’ve seen the supposed prototype and it looks ok actually. 

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