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Autovogue RIP


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Finding it hard to be sympathetic to any traders at the moment, least of all ones that borrow hard against dodgy assets then sell them on with outstanding finance still owing. 


I feel bad for the innocent customers suffering, and any staff that have lost their job.

But, to fail in today's market represents spectacular mismanagement. Stuart Brown can point the finger at JLR all he wants, in the end it's his choice to buy and sell their products.


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I like LR products, but with the exception of the FL2 most of their stuff in the past 20yrs has had a crap reputation for reliability and problems. Major stuff like broken cranks and stuffed Ingenium engines, and minor things like electrical glitches and air suspension naughtiness. FL2 aside, the Disco 1 is probably as late as I'd go.

Selling it used and giving any kind of warranty as a dealer would have to must be a nightmare. Why not specialise in something less likely to come back?

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