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Woop-woop! That's the sound of da police!

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A lot of the Met's SD1s had Minilites, not sure of the reason but deffo looked cool.

Pre-Vitesse SD1s had hopelessly fade-prone brakes once they got hot. IIRC the Met used to fit XJ-S vented front discs which meant that the 14" wheels wouldn't fit... hence the Minilites.

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The Brooklands emergency services day is brilliant fun, highly recommended to anyone who enjoyed this thread (the museum's good, too).


Some photos from the couple of times that I've been, in 2013 and 2014.



























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We went to Naples a few years ago. It seemed all the plod did was drive around in Alfa Romeo 159s, with the windows down wearing mirrored sunglasses and smoking.


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I love those little films, usually shown at the flicks before the man presentation.


Harold Baim was known for making loads of films like this, his film about SS France (narrated by Nicholas Bloody Parsons) is brilliant, as is Telly Savalas with "Birmingham, my kinda town"

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Inverness-reg'd Rangie is still around, currently taxed and MOTd somewhere. Which is good.

It's now recorded as being black and is a 3528cc diesel. (!)


Wonder if it's rusty at all.


Edit, it's DVLA MOT-history contains the word corrosion. And the "nearside front disc is red in colour".

Red. Not purple or orange or yellow.

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