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Woop-woop! That's the sound of da police!

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Cauty and Drummond fucked it up at that KLF thing in Liverpool last September. The owner was unpleased.



I could never fathom the hate the KLF got for a time..but yeah what a bunch of uncle knobheads the clothes and the fucking antics.. they'd look hardcore doing that if they weren't dressed like rupert murdoch hosting a garden party ffs.


I do like the music saying that (Chill out alum with the sheep is gold IMHO)..but then again i also like the smiths and we all know what a cretin moz is these days!


OT soz.

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I was in a queue due to an accident on the M62 somewhere near Manchester and the first responder turned up in one of these. I'm not sure I would want to depend upon an electric vehicle of fixed range and no easy means to 'fuel' up for emergency response work.

A colleague is ex-plod and has tales of the Triumph 2.5pi which drank fuel to the point that even though it was always filled up at the start of a shift they had to keep an eye on it to refuel part way through, if it had done any pursuit work, as it had been known to run out at embarrassing moments. He also has tales of the old Westminster kept for skid pan training (including how the instructor used to demonstrate with four of them in the car, for extra weight, then send them out solo).

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On the 1986 trip to Germany mentioned in the Nurburgring thread, I was on the Autobahn keeping out of the way of Ferraris and S classes and saw a Polizei patrol parked up in a lay by - a 911SC.


I remember thinking, "Imagine getting paid to drive a 911 8 hours a day."


Then I drove one and you couldn't pay me to drive a mid 80s 911 for more than an hour or two.

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