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320Touring - Back in the game with a Berlingo..ROBIN BASTARDS 02/04/22


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Took the Burd out in this today. She didn't mind it, so I am calling that a win!

Decided it could benefit from a bit of an internal clean, as it was showing its 207k miles..

First up, I marvelled at the headroom available with the tailgate up. This pic was taken with the phone on top of my head.


It makes a nice, dry shelter - most impressed.

I started cleaning at the back first.


The hoover was deployed, then some scrubbing wipes to clean the plastics and trim.

I also cleaned the inside of the windows.

Then my attention was turned to the roof storage space.


This got a scrub and was much improved - you can see the central storage doors are pretty mangled - I can hunt a set down at some point.


It also provides quite a lot of storage..


Next up was tackling the "map of Africa" on the passenger seat..

Before applying the skoosh and agitating 


After agitation and sponging off.


The other seats were then done

I'll likely get the wet vac onto the interior at some point soon, but that was enough to make a decent difference.

Last up was to do the door cards/dash/windows and steering wheel.


This was the first pass on the wheel. It feels much nicer now!

I also spotted a piece of design that annoys me. Why couldn't they just make the binnacle meet the centre of the dash?


For info the howf on the stalk above was cleaned out too - cotton buds are good for that!

When I bought it, I knew it leaking some oil /sweating power from the back of the engine - likely suspect is the oil return line from the turbo.

New gaskets are not expensive - bit I don't know how difficult the job is -has anyone tackled it and can advise?


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I have the Partner version in lower spec. I envy your "luxuries" like the cubby holes and central armrest. I too only bought it as a mate was selling it cheap and it seemed "a handy bit of old tackle" (as my grandad would say) to have around. I didn't think I was particularly going to enjoy driving it, but I've grown quite fond of it and it's certainly proved its usefulness more than once.

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3 hours ago, skoda_fan said:

I have the Partner version in lower spec. I envy your "luxuries" like the cubby holes and central armrest. I too only bought it as a mate was selling it cheap and it seemed "a handy bit of old tackle" (as my grandad would say) to have around. I didn't think I was particularly going to enjoy driving it, but I've grown quite fond of it and it's certainly proved its usefulness more than once.

I'm hoping it'll do a turn :)

the arm rests are a boon, makes you want to waft rather than hammer it

1 hour ago, paulplom said:

Decent sized ashtrays under the window. 

Aye, enough for a couple of cigars worth at least!

20 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

Clean as a baked bean. 

Wrang colour m9

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Nice purchase. I had a multi space but only a lowly forte trim which didn't have the roof storage. Yours is a desire trim so got more toys,mine only had leccy windows,passenger and central locking. Chaseracer has had one for many years now in same trim and engine as yours too. Mine was a 1.6 16v petrol. It wasnt too economical and you could tell it was van derived car. My wife had taken Ill and not long out of hospital and told me to sell it because she thought it was rather early and interior boomed a lot. I didnt mind it and it was certainly a decent sized load lugger. Sliding rear doors are great for kids not twatting folks cars in car parks by accident  

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mate of mine had a couple, 1.4 petrol and a diesel - I opted for something similar, a Kangoo - a van with seats, but the sliding doors and room in the back and its height make up for all its van-ly-ness -


1.2 petrol same as Clio engine, has as a hitch to bring stuff to the recycling centre - plus i picked it up for small coin.

Needs a few bits doing, but it will have to wait :-)

Your 'lingo cleaned up well!


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11 hours ago, barefoot said:

How softly does it ride?

And can you get a petrol version?

It's as nice compliant ride. Very like a XSARA or the Picasso I had. Haven't pushed the limits of the handling, but it copes well with bumps and uneven surfaces

10 hours ago, dollywobbler said:

Approval granted. Amazed I haven't owned one yet. Maybe the Triangle of Doom is why (see also Xantia).

Cheers:) it's got odd sized wipers (factory I think).To be honest, you only look through the bottom 3/4 of the screen

8 hours ago, dome said:

Nice car. 306 GTi6 engine and box should fit. Crack on with fitting one then ;)

Such a wrongun

8 hours ago, loserone said:


Personally I'd just be boosting up the hdi

That sounds more like it, although

7 hours ago, Lacquer Peel said:




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@320touring depending on pump the hdi 90 can be remapped to 115,119 or 128. Early picasso could be taken to 115,current pug can be taken to 119 and 54 played pic could have been upped to 128 according to Celtic tuning site. All are/were 90bhp diesel,1 pix was x plate,1 was 54 plate and current Peugeot 406 is an 02. Different tuners claim different outputs though. I'm curious to hear outcome of veg. I've always assumed the hdi would need twin tank but some say they are happy at 20 to 40%. Never tried myself though with my luck. 

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After the Burd had made generally positive noises (or at least no obvious distain expressed) I decided that this was to be the chariot for our impending trip to Skye.

With that in mind, it was time to prep it for the 600ish miles it will be doing.

First up was the wet Vac - starting with the passenger seat and carpet.

Seat before


Seat After


Carpet before


Carpet during


Carpet after


Arm rest before


Arm rest after


After that little lot, the tank of the wet vac was Minging!


I then carried on and did the other seats and carpet.

The worst bit was the veg that had been spilled into one of the floor cubbyholes


I have no idea what the big pin is for, but out it came.

I then soaked the cubbyhole with a strong washing up liquid and hot water mix and let it soak in.

It scrubbed up lovely, and is now nice and clean.

All in all, it was about 4hrs of cleaning over two days. Inside is much cleaner, and the car smells significantly better.


Next up was a level check - everything seems fine, bar an incontinent washer fluid bottle.

I did spot this fine piece of engineering though- how to make a cable throttle work with electramatricity..



Next was as run to the petrol station to fuel up and check the tyre pressures.

The left rear was at 13, so I'll need to keep an eye on that. All the others were close to the desired 34psi.

Time to feed it, it has a 60L tank, so I am hoping for more than 500 miles from a fill.


I also got it set up in my mpg app - a useful tool to track fuel use and vehicle costs.

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5 minutes ago, bub2006 said:

The good thing is regarding that throttle setup is if the potentiometer goes wrong they are the same on all hdis just in different locations.  What fuel app do you use?

Fair point well made re the potentiometer:)


I use MyCars.Simple to use and shows plenty of info




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Thanks for the app info,I'll try that for mine. I can say in my experience a lot of parts can be interchangeable electronically. I was told it's not possible but my 406 is BSI controlled and has a 54 plate picasso comms unit,fuse box and brake servo and master cylinder fitted. I've never had issues mechanically with any of my hdi 90s either. Injectors are not coded,no duel mass flywheel or dpf and all that jazz. I'm curious about the Germany beadle too!

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