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Ghostly Goings On - *shiny* red decker

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13 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

I've seen a lucky Marketplace find nearby that screams 'profit' at me. Popular, not known to go wrong, low miles, needs very little for an MOT (CV boot, driver's seat insecure, and a V62), and I reckon there's a good £3-400 in flipping it if I shine it up a bit. I messaged the seller who'd only just posted it, asked to view it tomorrow morning, and he marked the listing as 'pending' which takes it off Marketplace while keeping contact with the seller.
Going down with dad in the Volvo, Machine Mart is on the way there, which I'll be dropping into to buy a tow pole.

It's the smallest car I've ever bought.

Any guesses?


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14 minutes ago, Fumbler said:

Breadvan Polo?

No, they don't go cheap on Marketplace. 

Not a Toyota, though I missed out on a Starlet SR this morning :( 

Smarts and 2CVs have something in common with it. 

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5 minutes ago, twosmoke300 said:

If it has an actual boot floor 

I'll be checking - the one in my 205 was solid but felt thin, the underseal was falling off and the backbox had rotted through. It looks clean, no rust advisories on the MOTs ever. 

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Well things are off to a good start, having said to the seller that I'd go over at 11, I've messaged to say I'm setting off, his response is that he's not in due to an 'emergency'. Watch this space I guess. 

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  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On - bargain basement

So, it's home. It's as described, running well, and rust free.
The temperature warning light came on on the way home (towed in neutral with it idling for brake pressure and indicators), but it seems to be a stuck 'stat. 

The side rubbing strips are in a  terrible state, a wheeltrim is missing, and some inner city youths have kicked some dents into it, but otherwise it's in good nick. 
It needs a CV boot and the driver's seat looking at for the MOT - the seat doesn't latch in position and has a tendency to fly all the way back. 
It needs a cut and polish, the  interior needs a clean and it absolutely stinks of cigarette smoke.
It has a new battery on it too! 

Proper poverty spec - keep fit windows, no central locking, no PAS, no rev counter, all you get aside necessities is a pop up sunroof. There's a USB headunit though, and the keypad immobiliser works! 

Plan is to do it up, MOT it, and sell it on for decent money.

Dad and I looked at it and dad wasn't impressed, he could only see it was dirty and had the wings kicked in - and when it transpired the seller was open to offers, £155 was offered and accepted. I went to bank transfer him, and he told me 'just do 140'. If you insist, like...

It's a wonderfully honest little thing and it's going to be great fun to clean up. There's a bit of a to do list: 

-boot doesn't lock
-reaffix front numberplate
-make wing less dented (already done one - slapped the top of the passenger wing and the dent sprang out)
-CV boot 
-clean interior/neutralise cigarette smell
-reaffix driver's side rubbing strips 
-missing wheeltrim
-fix driver's seat ratchet mechanism
-replace cracked rear light
-replace missing trim
-add parcel shelf
-find boot badge 
and anything else I find... 

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these have been crawling out of the woodwork lots lately..think theres been 6 or 7 on FB in the last week


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  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On - *shiny* red decker

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