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Reims autojumble - mainly Citroen BXs


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I went to Reims autojumble the other day for the first time. It was a bit rubbish, and the weather was appalling. I took a few photographs of the 'old car' parking bit, but mostly these were Citroen BXs. I don't think I've ever seen a BX at 'a show' in the UK so I got a bit excited. Anyway, here are some photographs.


This one is a Citroen BX. It has horrid Morette headlamps. Meh.



This Mk1 TRS was nice enough though. Mk1 GT wheels set it off, eh?



Proper! Almost a spit of my car, but its an RS with the slightl plainer interior. Lovely, though



Some more. A Millesime on the left (note small lhm patch) and something like a TuRD on the right. Both nice enough. Yep.



Early, one-year-only Ami Huit with slidey front windows (and MUFF)



This looked really tidy, and was for sale at €2000. Quite TEMPT but I don't even have €200 to my name



This dans son jus R16 was absolutely fantastic. It's an early one with the waffley dashboard etc and it looked great. Much nicer than my one.




There lots of things like this for sale in the jumble itself. Also quite TEMPT but I keep forgetting I already have one shit old French moped with no hope of ever going back on the road so what is point?




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Worth a trip sometime or meh?


Funny how the base models in solid colours appear the more desirable. I was at a French show in late 2017 and whilst there was a field of 2CV and plenty of Tractions - not many of the later DS and subsequent LM based cars apparent. Maybe the (green) tide is turning and getting more cherished. Plenty of Xantias about on the roads still when I was in France last week.


Thanks for posting this.

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Hardly any 'old stuff' for sale, and very few cars at all, but one guy had a load of cyclecar type stuff for not outrageous prices. There were two tandem Quadrilettes, but I really liked the Fournier in the middle - €16,500



One of these. Meh.



I really liked this accessoried, Oily Rag 2cv driving school car inside



I spent more time in the car park bit on day two, and there was lots of interesting stuff (not just BXs) on show. This R5 looked great but had the inferior floor-change.



Nice to see the UK-reg'd FOU winning Alpine was there



A BX!!!!!!!



This one had the dash change etc and I would have loved to bring it home



Er, another BX. I fucking love BXs



A 'groin' almost identical to my old one. Whatever happened to that in the end, does somebody on here still have it?



This bike is called a 'Testi' and that made me laugh, so here it is



Finally, this flappy boot 104 was fs for €1200 on my way out. Probably should have had this tbh, it looked great



Right, that's it, cheers!


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Was the gypsy testicle moped for sale?  Not seen one like that before, interesting little thing - that exhaust is an odd setup for a 2-stroke.


The silencer looks similar to the flattened pan like affair fitted to my Puch MS50D. I think some scooters had ones like that too.



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It's a Caravelle. My boss, after test-driving one in the '60s, described it as 'the least desirable car ever made', which is pretty bang on I reckon. They look nice, but there's something about the combination of chi-chi styling, gutless engine and lethal handling that makes it deeply unappealing. Frankly, it's a hairdresser's car (which isn't a bad thing necessarily, I'm just not a hairdresser).


There was one actual Floride that I deeply, truly wanted to own last year - totally original, unrestored, lovely upholstery, yellow lamps etc etc. I'm very easily led.

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I had one in the 80's. I recall a beautifully smooth engine and very light steering. A bit like a little boat. No speed and no handling - just meant for short trips and posing on the Cote d'Azur not the Cote d'A1. Ok for pootling about. Never seen one in France though a few  8's about.

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IMHO the styling of the Floride/Caravelle is chic. Nothing like it on the road.

There are cars that are all show and no go, (The VW Karmann is just one example). That is not a bad thing.


Anyway your boss, unfortunately for him, turn out to be wrong. They are quite desirable now.

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