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eBay tat volume 3.


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£4,000 for a G(reg?) Harrington Cavalier. Seems to have been off the road since 1985.

Love the fact the brakes have been "reclined".


Setting up AEC brakes involved winding them up as far as they would go, beating the shit out of the end of the adjuster with a lump hammer and repeating until no further movement was possible. Then back off a quarter turn.


Then ask the first driver afterwards how they were .....

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I think we need a separate ebay thread for Cavcraft, I nearly have a prolapse when I read one of his ebay musings....

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By the shore of itchee fannee
By the shining big-sea-water
At the doorway of the Transit van

In the early summer morning





Hiawatha stood and waited
All the air was full of Stanlow
And the paint was fucking pointless
And before her in Ellesmere Port, sunshine




Westward toward the net curtain forest
Passed in golden showers, the lamin8

who wants to sleep where stretchers and pacemakers

or lie Burning, minging in chemical sunshine




Bright above him shone the red lamps
Mohican fish spread the lake before him;
From it's front bottom leaped Nichola Sturgeon
Horse riding & flashing in the sunshine




Cheech & Chong rode the great forest

taking pot shots at man with a spade
Every van will have it's day M8
Please make this fucker's come really soon





Yes, the will to live descending
Sinking down into the water
All the hob is stained with grease
All the water flushed with crimson!





Can it be the plug descending
O'er the scratchy fibreglass
Or Colin the seagull contemplating taking flight

and shitting on this from such great height






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You know what?


I think it's pretty well done


I personally would have stopped before adding the body kit. Because a standard Corsa is a nice thing.


But the engine and interior are smashing

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This car does not require much to make it look good again.



remove wheels, remove wheel spacers, sling spacers and wheels on scrap pile, fit original lattice alloys.



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That’s got me a little hot under the collar... still in MOT with no advisories at the last one (although a rich and varied history). Sadly my bollocks aren’t worth it, but this is lovely





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