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Kiltox’s 2007 Citroen C1!

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Guest Hooli

Get a parts car


I'd love to know how old that pic is! It's not snowed in Doncaster this winter.

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This morning’s starting point - hotel car park


Home time (about an hour ago, I’m at Gretna services now :D)


Poncing around the Hilton Gairden Inn I see...(which has nae gairden)


I haven't stayed there for a few years now. Was great when it was a City Inn. Usually end up staying in the Hotel behind me that hadn't been built at the time because they started charging for the resident's parking at the Mint.



OMGSNOKAOS! by E Honda, on Flickr

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Aye... it’s gone downhill a bit since I last stayed there a couple of years ago. Could do with a refurb.


Was cheap though so they’re maybe just undercutting the new Radisson across the road any way they can.


I used to park on the waste ground where the Radisson now is when I worked nearby. 


One morning I walked out and saw a lady standing starkers at a window in the Camponile hotel surveying the view. 

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Does this little shithouse have a timing belt or is it a chain?


Noticed what I assume is a mileage (54xxx) written in tippex on a plastic cover on the engine like people do when they change a belt

Yeah, it's a chain. Does the number correspond to any of the stamps in the book?

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If the clutch pedal is a little high on these (& the Peugeots & aygo's), the clutch cable can be adjusted a bit, I am sure it's done from under the bonnet (I can't 100% remember, but I had to do it on one of these once) just look it up on t interweb.

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WD40 Specialist Dry PTFE sorted the boot lock out a treat and made the pax door lock smoother.


Need to get the drivers door card off and investigate the non working lock there


@0ldCh0d that’s a good tip - the clutch pedal is quite high but I just assumed that’s because it’s not in its first flush of youth and clutches on these are firmly consumables.

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I looked at her car today and there is no air in any tyres.

My stepdad proclaiming that he put "24 in all of them last week"...


So I took it upon myself to add air in the tyres and have a Sunday blast. The road noise is ludicrous, it always seems like the boot and all the windows are open. Because it doesn't have the glove box flap, when you boot it all the shit goes into the passenger seat... Yet, somehow it's kinda fun.


I'd rather have a Panda obviously, but it's somewhat charming and with the most Tardis-like interior I've ever seen.

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It's an absolutely fantastic design, and everytime my work car would fail I'd promptly jump into one of these at my local enterprise and have the time of my life hooning it around.


There's an endurance race series setup for these permitting minimal modifications. They share the event with 2CV'S because with the value of them increasing they're no longer cheap motorsport and the C1 was the perfect choice.


Also have a picture of a racing engine which was a project for Japanese firm TOM'S. It has 120hp at 6500rpm and only weighs 60kg. Yum yum.post-24858-0-47911600-1548058731_thumb.jpg

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Bought some wheel trims on eBay for this because I can’t stand the black ones and the original Citroen ones are terribly scraped.


Strangely they were supplied with the logos on separate stickers I had to apply to each one. Guess it gets round copyright somehow. I’ll post some photos when it’s light but they look a lot better if not perfect. £24 a set.


This little beast is running and driving perfectly. It still makes a weird rubbing / droning noise from the rear when turning hard right though. Not sure what’s up with that.

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      What happens in the further-distance remains to be seen.
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