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Looks like a low-budget version of 'Blue Collar'...


Seems odd that they'd use unmodified Regatas, though through the wonders of IMDB, I discovered a late 50s film where a Fairthorpe Atom doubles as an 'new Italian sports car' so I suppose stranger plot devices have happened....

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QW video on the early pages of this thread

i watched it this morning

the clocker missed out on the oxford

i wonder if its still around?


Registration JSJ213



Description (FARINA)

Date of Liability 01 04 2011

Date of First Registration 01 08 1961

Year of Manufacture 1961

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1489CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Licence Not Due

Vehicle Colour BLUE

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OK, this is the first ever episode of 'Rainbow'. It's nothing like the Rainbow I remember with Geoffrey, George, Rod, Jane & Freddy etc.


BUT. There is some very good Autoshite in the 'shapes' section. Highlight for me is the BRS Parcels 'Noddy' Van at the Zebra Crossing 8)


Can I also draw your attention to some of the Youtube comments :lol:


Gems such as;


"That Bungle outfit looks like something a serial Killer would wear. Thank god they changed it."


"My goodness Bungle looks like he's been on smack!"


"1.54 - He didn't know what a square was, don't go confusing him with triangles"



Here's Part 2. No Shite, but Zippy makes his first appearance. Plus freaky dancing from the Bungle.


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I don't think I am going to be able to sleep tonight after watching that :shock:


Bungle and Zippy look like they have been doing crack and speedballing heroin everyday for the last 6 months - its what you would expect Rainbow to look like if you were off your face on LSD.......scary

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Confessions of an autoshiter



Italian-registered Citroen SM!! 8)


I noticed that too. Good work Autofive 8)


The Pug and the Fiat 124 at the beginning were certainly noticed. Also the BEA double decker with the trailer. I know you can get them in model form. Interesting to see a real live one filmed in it's natural environment :o:)

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as i was off-line last night i thought i'd edit a few autoshite related vids for utube


this is the first one;



from the film Stander - the story of ex-police chief Andre Stander and his gang robbing banks across South Africa, their getaway car for all these robberies was a triple-carbed essex engined Cortina XR6 Interceptor


more vids to follow,once ive had a nap

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7 series beemer driver gets a pull for speeding


warning: Talbot Horizon present



London riot from the film No Blade of Grass




Capri and Zodiac content



more 70s autoshite



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1992 Motor show


I went there that year with my dad when I was 15. My only real memories was getting a photo of the new Toyota Camry estate with it's twin rear wipers :oops:, MG RV8 on its rotating display and numerous Porsches, especially the 928 S4 which was my favourite car ever at that time. 8):D

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