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  1. Not been on here for a couple of years, won't bore you with all the details but I bought some shite as a second car and after talking to my mate Outlaw118 thought I'd pop back in Shite is a 1999 Volvo V40 Xi 2.0T, in giffer Pearl Red (metallic burgundy), grey leather, 70k, owned by some old giffer since 12 months old. Pretty good nick, but a few scratches as scrapes as said giffers parking technique seems to have been keep driving until you hit something (another car, car park barrier, shopping trolley, fellow pensioner, shop window etc) and then stop. Been round it with a fine brush and some touch up paint, looks presentable from a distance LOL Just need it to take me backwards and forwards to work each day in dusty/sandy/dirty locations, seems to be doing a fairly alright job so far apart from having the piss ripped out of me mercilessly by my nephews for owning a granddad car. Basically going to drive it until it dies and I hope that's a long way off with not much money spent between now and then
  2. Found a 2wd Cossie sump, engine mounts, manifold, Pistons and rods in my shed that were part of the spares package on a 3dr RS Cosworth I used to own Obviously worth a few quid on ebay, the question I'm asking is whats best to use to give it all a clean up, particularly carbon deposit, before I bung it on the site. Ithangyew in advance
  3. I'd just add, that advert is a bit fnarr fnarr isn't it !!!!
  4. Thanks NorfolkNWeigh Vauxhall Nova Sport 502 made Twin 40 carbs, uprated suspension etc and nice graphic set on 3/4's Homologation special A guy at the bottom of our avenue had one. Ran it into the ground, let it rust and just generally abused it. My brother repeatedly tried to buy it off him to save it. Wouldn't sell. Rotted away, why the twat ruined it i'll never know
  5. Apparently a Nova Swing is a science fiction novel Something to do with a disturbance in the space time continuum - otherwise known as Vauxhall's design department
  6. Didn't they do a Vauxhall Nova of some type which was a sport model or am I just making that up Oh yeah and hallo again after about a year away
  7. People who put 'WOW' in an ebay listing are just utter C****
  8. better off looking at earlier models Mr Pompington, sometime in the early 1990's the bean counters at DC bought a load of shite Russian Steel and consequently Mercs started dissolving. I've just fixed an injector leak issue on a mates 5 year old Merc - it has had: 2 wings, half the floor, the light surrounds, a boot, and a slam panel and a bulkhead ALL replaced under warranty - for SERIOUS rust - talking BL at there very Friday PM, middle of winter of discontent worse here only much much worse. Personally I would not consider any Mercedes built after 1992 - tell her to get an S70 or something -naughties Volvos are much better screwed together than the Mercs nonsense
  9. Rust and electrical problems can occur on pre-facelift W203's (2000-2003). The facelift cars 2004 are a return to what you would expect from Mercedes Benz. They let the bean counters take over in the late 90s to the early 2000's and cut too many corners, hence the W203 and the W210 (E Class) issues. For either the C or E class, buy a 2004 on car.2004 on cars are correctly seam welded. You would be best off with a C180 compressor,C200 or C200 Compressor rather than the base C180.
  10. This. If you are talking about any old Escort no they are not, but a Mk2 1300 Sport is. Pete personally I would fit a 1600 x-flow, you can still have fun and for all intents and purposes it would still be standard appearance wise. If it was a two door popular plus or something then that would be fair game to do whatever you wanted to do with it but you don't see many 1300 sports about now. Obviously its your car and you can do whatever the hell you want but just offering an opinion. 1300 sport stripe kit, 1600 x-flow & steel wheels. Lovely.
  11. HOY !!!! Get that dreadful car orf my driveway !!!! Jeeves - send for the gamekeeper and tell him to bring a loaded shotgun !
  12. Two spring to mind Audi A4 2.0 TDi Sport Avant Had a brand new one for a week as a hire car recently, went really well for a 2.0 (used to a larger engine) and was well set up suspension wise. Build quality was usual Audi, nice stereo and plastics. Negative points ? At 6'4" it was nigh on impossible for me to get into, having to fold my head into my chest to clear the ridiculously small door opening, the cabin was soooo cramped with no lateral legroom and minimal steering wheel adjustment, the suspension while set up well was bone hard and gave you backache in conjunction with the bone hard seats. Finally due to the low roofline the windscreen resembled the armoured drivers viewing slit on the front of a Panzer VI Panther tank - got too close to some traffic light and had to put the drivers window down to see the lights. It ended up sitting on the drive with me continuing to use the Merc while Renault sorted the Grand Scenic. Porsche Boxter 2.5 & then 2.7 Back when the Boxter first came out two management wankers where I used to work ordered the new Boxter which was launched with the 2.5 engine. One ordered silver one a crappy dark blue. I drove the silver one shortly after it arrived, and my god was it slow. From memory it was listed at around 7.0 seconds to the 60 but it felt like a whole lot longer. The other downside was it was a swine to get into with the roof up but you looked like a tit with the roof down. The owner of the silver one never drove his car in an urban area (he lived in London) with the roof down 'in case someone gets in and attacks me'. That says it all really doesn't it. In later years he bought the 2.7 (still unimpressed) then the 3.2s which drove great in its defence. To the guy who mentioned the Sapphy Cosworth, it must have been badly set up because they were/are still an absolutely riot to drive. I had a Sapphy and a RS Cosworth 3 door and while I vastly preferred the Whale Tail the sapphy was still a great car.
  13. When I was a kid in Sussex I remember seeing a Merc was a rare experience. I always wondered how they managed to seem such a large manuafacturer if nobody bought their cars. However a couple of years later I was in North London where the only car on the roads were Mercs and realised where their main client base was. They are everywhere now though. The Ford Mondeo/BMW 3 series esque Merceres C class is stuipdly common up here. There are 4 of them parked outside my office. From what I understand they are bought up mega cheep on fleet sales and still have a carry a greater air (heir/hair?) of class than the Mondeo even if they do spend half of their time in the garage with various electrical problems. They are better built, better quality and if serviced properly last a very long time, just like BMW's.
  14. Spanish build quality, not German apparently........
  15. Whoever is selling that barbecue wants to learn how to cook, jeez......
  16. I had a concours Mk2 RS Mexico a few years back and we spent 14 hours prepping it before its first show in my ownership, machine polished with some trade only Autoglym green compound they apparently dont make anymore and then 3M. The finish on the car was incredible after the 3M, made the paintwork on my then new Focus look distinctly second rate (and to be fair the Focus Metropolis Blue was a pretty good finish). As some of the guys have said don't dwell too long on an area and whatever you do don't push down into the paintwork
  17. How do Mercedes manage to make such crap vans ? I can never understand it to be honest, some companies you half expect it but Mercedes ?
  18. A car dealer who advertises in our local paper, you know the type 'finished in giffer beige metallic', ' contrasting tan suede trim', but the description that really annoys me every time I read his adverts (purely to annoy myself) is the description 'fitted automatic gearbox' or 'fitted manual gearbox'. What, as opposed to the cars you sell where you remove the gearbox and put it in the f-ing boot before selling the car to a customer ? Twat.
  19. I've been on an French Navy sub and after about 10 minutes I felt claustrophobic, uncomfortable and wanted to get off and it wasn't even submerged. Fair play to guys of whatever nationality who spend months at sea on those things
  20. Pic 2 would have the Health & Safety Nazis having a fit nowadays......
  21. Autoplas


    Well said that man.....
  22. My former boss has 3 Elises (2 special editions) and an Exige S All of them as cramped and uncomfortable as hell by his admission with minimal equipment and bone hard seats. Also while fun to drive once they start to go it is game over - no chance of correction, which is why one of his cars ended up decorating a tree and he has had 3 operations on his back. Silly twat.
  23. Studebaker Hawk - not sure the Mercedes handbrake (footbrake and mechanical or electronic lever to release) is a design blooper as such, but it does take some getting use to The boot of my W211 sedan is so gigantic that I, at 6'4", can barely reach the back of the boot at full stretch without falling in. There is no way a short person is getting anything out of the back of the boot without either climbing in or using some sort of mechanical grabber. On another note as a tall driver it never fails to amaze me how many manufacturers badly position interior door handles, centre consoles etc which severely restrict lateral legroom and leave you with all kinds of aches and pains at the end of a journey. Low streamlined roofs are another problem. I drove a new Audi A4 for a week a short while back and it was the most cramped, uncomfortable car I have driven in a long time. I actually ricked my neck twice in 3 days getting in an out of the thing. The BMW 5 series is another design 'winna' with interior door handles that protrude right into the cabin forcing your right knee across to the left. Finally I actually got wedged in the door opening of a Mercedes CLS when looking for a new car 18 months ago and physically could not get into it the roof was so low - hence the purchase of the E-Class.
  24. The story was right, she would disappear into the sea...........
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