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Eight Fifty, five tenners.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well - EVERYTHING - flight delayed....... connection also delayed so I didn't miss it, bonus* - Craig moved it to car park nearer ferry port for my RORO delectation and the fudging thing wouldn't start....... fuxxstixx


It'll be thrown at a local spanner-magician for proper diagnosis but it seems fuel pump carck'd it, perfect timing.


Foot passsenger to Malo instead, last train gone..... find a hotel...... 2*povo spec FTASW. Grab some cash, thinks I, not on your life - says machine. New bank card wouldn't bloody work. Luckily I'd kept hold of the 'temp' card and it still worked, so a night sleeping rough was avoided (although not sure it would've been any worse than the fleapit).


Not to be daunted........ in the words of the big girls blouse from Hitler's hometown - I'll be back!


Oh yeah - this was all on my birthday that I'd forgotten, so 2 days late back and gf not at all happy...... happy shiting everyone.......

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  • 1 year later...

18 months on... believe it or not I’ve still got this thing. While waiting for 2nd collection attempt, it’s been pressed into service for car boot sales, builders merchant runs, hauling crap down to the tip, and carrying the family plus bikes. 

currently a storeshed for all the junk filling our spare bedroom, while someone stays with us and actually uses the bed for once. 

It reached the stage where three of the tyres had stopped holding air. I didn’t know whether this was porous alloys, perishing rubber (although great tread) or simply malicious activity from a neighbour fed up of seeing the car parked long term. 

Picked up some replacements from a V70, thanks local Facebook forum. First time I’ve actually spent anything on this car other than chucking fuel in its tank, so it’s now owe me a grand total of £130. 









17 inchers baby!!  I then attempted to take it for a drive having reinsured it on selling the Micra, but the motherfucking battery has also gone flat so that’s another job to be tackled, need my charger back off my dad. 

Gunnu have to get this rehomed soon though. Need to get E_T_G chased again in t new year. 

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  • 1 month later...

Well. No response from the Tat Gatherer - I’m assuming he s just massively overwhelmed and picking this up from me keeps slipping down his pile of priorities. 

I think I’m gonna have to offer this back up, someone else did express interest by PM the last time round but I’ve forgotten who it was - we’ve had a forum rebuild since then and older messages seem to have disappeared. 

If I was to offer bringing this over to the mainland, would anybody be keen to take it on? Original rims (worth a bit now on their own) would be included too. I’ll chuck a mk1 Punto manual sunroof assembly into the boot if that helps sweeten the deal. 

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[adopts Irish businessman accent] Nahhh, it’ll be foine. 

Insure on the VIN and chuck in for an MoT which it’ll no doubt easily* pass* first* time. Alternatively, just trailer* it to track days, which I think was ETG’s plan for the car. 

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I brought a car back from Jersey by insuring it on the VIN and driving straight* to the MOT station 200 miles from Southampton.

I did have to pay import duty on it to register it in the UK, after NOVA blah blah … import duty wasn't much, just more paperwork.

Can I be last in line for this please. I want it, but need to be sensible, so if all else fails I'd like it … if that makes sense :D

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I should pull my finger out and get over to Shitefest, in the absence of a yellow triaxle Olympian this would be the next most perfect vehicle to use, if I still have it. 

I could even do an impromptu on-site £2 roffle and inadvertently leave myself without any transport home. 

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There’s a SF France? I’m woefully out of the loop these days :)

I’m not in a massive hurry to get rid, I think the insurance policy runs until June, so that’s the deadline really. If I keep it much longer I’ll be at risk of being tempted to start restoring it!

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If I didn't need the economy of the TDI I'd already be concocting some convoluted way of collecting this.

How do you find the 17s? I have a very scruffy set and they scrubbed in ways I didn't know was possible. Though that might have been down to the granulated nature of my front suspension at the time.

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They do rub on the front when making a tight turn. Not aware of any issues on the back, though I haven’t tried it with any heavy crap in the boot. 

Tyres on these V70 rims are the same size as on my wife’s Astra Twintop. I might be able to get my hands on a set of 850 steels and tyres locally, in which case I would have a think about whether to get my tyre fitter mate to do some changeovers. 

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The only issue I had at the rear was with the handbrake cables, which weren't sitting quite where they should have been. Cable ties fixed that though!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Noticed that the other headlamp bulb had blown, sakes man, this crate’s costing me a fortune man. 






Amazingly this only took me 2 minutes, unlike the passenger one which I spent ages fiddling away at trying to get the stupid retaining clip back over the bulb.  Wonder if that’s extinguished the warning lamp on the dash?







Continuing to do a grand job of devaluing the neighbourhood. In other news I have actually now heard back from the elusive Exiled Tat Gatherer, so this may yet be setting off on the boat to the Continent if we can work the logistics out. 

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  • 7 months later...




Much lacquer has departed from this thing and I made the mistake of driving it 120 miles twixt Peebo and Bicester Heritage for work with no power steering. 


Then I took it out around BH's track for a demo run. Nearly ripped my arms out of their sockets. 

I have most of the parts needed to sort it out and have a set of 205 50 16 tyres arriving next week so I can put the original rims back on. 

I like it more than I expected. 

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