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Land Rover resto - new project and Sandy p25


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On a much smaller scale I stopped buying in Dysons to refurb and sell a year or so back, they just weren't shifting. Took on much more refurb work, where people will willingly payme to refurb a DC07 for £80 but not buy one done for £60.

Hide the white RR and get cracking with customer jobs asap, get the cash in. As said, lob an ad on car and classic and other places and just forget about it for a while

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1 hour ago, richardthestag said:

yep did all that ages ago, they are not that interested in outright purchase, but would be happy to market it for me. sounds like stuff that I could do though ?

Bear in mind they might have access to customers that wouldn't necessarily see your RR elsewhere - it may cost a few quid as a commission sale, but equally you might just find the right buyer who is prepared to pay for a good useable 3dr. Also, have you thought about getting Land Rover Owners mag or similar to do a feature on it? Submit it as a restoration project gone well and maybe a nice 4-5 page article effectively advertising the car....

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ok folks 

to sum up on the white Range Rover project I did record a very boozy analysis on Friday which I reviewed yesterday and it still made sense and wasn't too offensive ?

So I stuck it up 

Moving forwards, I met with a new customer yesterday who has a 2 door late 80s spanish Range Rover that he wants work doing on. This will start end of this month

Looking forward to Project Southpaw - The left Hooker .... geddit

Series 109 work will continue around that project.

I currently have no need to sell either my stag nor Redshed into a depressed marketplace so that is good news

Today and this week I am building up a stag Engine which has continually fought every effort for me to get it finished. This one has been going for over a year now and needs to finish. Grace and Favour project too! Owner pays for the parts and we have bartered for the labour costs


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On 9/5/2019 at 1:41 PM, 83C said:

First time I’ve really caught up with this thread. That Series looks spot on, I’ve had a hankering for a Series for some time. Probably out of my price range but drop me a PM anyway if you do want to sell....

That series has it's own thread

This is going to be a quick turn around, new brakes and welded up bulkhead. may or may not paint it


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Richard, I watched your rant right to the end. I found it sad, funny, inspirational and disappointing, not in that order. I found myself sharing your disappointment that the car sold in the end for less than its true value but you are correct IMHO as to the reasons for that. This was something to a great extent outside of your control. You can be justly proud of the quality of the workmanship you poured into the Range Rover, the buyer has landed a real bargain.

But looking on the bright side, the project has raised your profile and demonstrated what you can do. I am sure that many on this board have been inspired by your "can do" spirit, I know it has infected me .I cant see you lacking work on Land and Range Rover restorations in the future now that you are better known. I think your £4 per hour days may soon be a distant memory.  It was a joy to watch you transform a complete wreck of a car into a real gem. Yes, you deserved a better end result but as a great man once said, we cant command success, we can only be deserving of it. Thank you for sharing your considerable knowledge with us, and may good fortune follow you from here on.

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I watched the rant, very good it was too. I am ya hardcore brexit person so I thought this could be interesting however you are spot on IMHO, the uncertainty is caused by the three years of can kicking and delaying tactics.

Another issue you address is these things being peoples play things and although it seems like everyone is flush in 2019 because they have a 67 reg modern aldi / bmw / merc  worth upto £30k, most of this stuff is on PCP and you can't by a classic RR on such schemes with little outlay.   Carrying out work on behalf of a customer is probably the way to go i.e. the 2 door Spanish RR, for the time being anyway.  Good luck Richard.

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Ok folks, time to introduce Project Southpaw, the left hooker! geddit?

Arrived at chez Churchhouseclassics Monday this week.

Brief from the owner is generous, convert to rhd, get it road legal, lower it from the comedy 2" lift, treat it as if it were mine....

here we are on day of arrival, one careful owner, one owner who cares and many who did not


dash top heater were extracted fairly easily 


as were pedal box and brake lines to the front callipers. I do tolerate a 200tdi ? though of course 8 pots is just ?

It would have been VM originally but at some point a previous owner installed a 200tdi.


next up, steering column and loom came out


Front axle off next, not necessarily needed but brakes out, comedy 2" lift off, dead dampers out and rubber bushes replaced by blue poly made it easier


Both front hubs had significant play!!! Disappointed especially as customer paid to have the swivel balls replaced recently.

In the tray is the remains of the right side outer bearing race.... seriously! The situation improved marginally with the remaining 3 wheel bearing races on the front axle


Alas new! front swivel bearing here had damage. ..... what can a chap say?


LHD steering box was dropped out, dead easy! 4 bolts and 2 nut and bolts. Gravity does the rest 


Parts shipment of stuff to get it fixed arrived on thursday which was a beaut


Refurbed rhd steering box ready to install


RHD swivel housings installed onto original axle


New 1" lowered spring from FamousFour standing next to 2" "comedy" ? lift springs


Axle was rebushed to blue poly and refitted with new lower springs and new monroe dampers. 


ongoing investigation on rhd loom is taking place. Yet to find an OE loom that has been removed from a 1990 GA suffix car that has not been massacred. Nor are Autosparks able to assist in the short term. BUT rest assured there will be an answer...


The only rust on the car after welding work instructed by the current owner, was around the LH front footwell / inner wing area. Cut all the shite and shonky bits out


Started welding is all back up again


Youtube video with lots of expletive* will follow when I relocate from North Devon where Broadband is criminally limited..


Thanks for reading


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1 hour ago, tapir said:

@richardthestag Found your youtube  channel, not sure how I missed the it and the thread before, anyhow really enjoying it and looking forward to seeing Southpaw take shape.

One important question after the tyre peril video:

Is the horse called Tiny or Tony (seems the horse is not too sure either...!)? 

thanks :D

black and white 'orse is called Tidy or Tidy 'orse. she is mother to the chestnut who is called Tammy

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heading home tomorrow so update for the last 4 days on project southpaw

New brake lines fitted up 


while underneath I found that the gearbox loom to be in a similar state splice as other sections of the loom. no wonder that all the smoke has leaked out.

Also a bit worried about that nyloc which isn't locked! will have a look tomorrow.


Swivel bearing preload was set as per the manual, new CV joints installed and then new stub axles fitted


then bearings and hubs fitted up, at this point I found that the spacer was missing that fits between the outer bearing and the hub lock nut


Nipped out to get a pair of them and spotted a pair of western power defenders. must be the last two in their fleet. doubt they will be investing in new defenders ?


anyway, spacers fitted, end float adjusted and hub sealed up. yay just one more side to do.


two front hubs done and steering track and drag arms fitted time to get it back on the ground. slinky low going from 2" lift to a 1" drop. Arse end is still 2" lift for now


today was getting to the bottom of 1990 lhd loom, I have a spare 92 onwards loom - well most of it anyway. but to fit this to the car even with the body looms is going to be a ballsache.

This car is a 1990 GA suffix - same as the CSK 2 door, didn't make many nor for very long. Looms are hard to come by, going to have a chat with Autosparks and see if they can help with a LHD pattern toa  RHD installation 


trial fitted the front wings and deck panel, may need a touch of paint. Chamonix white I think


Anyway, watch this space, loom is next week or maybe the week after

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  • 3 weeks later...

updatez, been busy over the last couple of weeks and not had much time for webshite.

Let's bring this up to date ?

every time I knock this car another kilo of Spain drops out from underneath


Bumper and towbar need to come off, Bumper was a bastard because of spinning or seized fixings. Cutting holes through the bent and generally fucked bumper was the only way


tow ball electrics were spiced in behind the rear light, love a bunch of rusted choc blocks


Reconfigured the tailgate lock so it uses the same key as doors and ignition


Removed rear calipers, both fucked, lots of hub and axle grease but also some brake fluid


removed a-frame after a disaster smashing the axle into the floor with my pointy finger inbetween.


drop axle down was the plan but had to jack the chassis up another 6" to release tension on rear 2" lift springs


spripped down discs and hubs, removed like arms and drained oil. one rear disc was 8mm thick, against a minimum of 12mm! the other was just under 12mm


Link arms with new "comfort" polybush blue


I am a silly arse, done RR rear axle dampers so many times but misjudged the extra height needed to release tension on 2" lift springs. Traditionally I would jack the axle up, support the chassis, lower the axle with a-frame attached and the springs would be loose. On this occasion I was distracted, chatting with Fatha thestag and properly not concentrating. Was undoing the o/s/r damper and when the last thread released the axle propelled downwards under the force of the spring and bounced off the concrete floor. I was convinced that the tip of my finger was off, the gash seems to go very deep, bone is not broken, the tip of the finger burst open. 9 days on, finger is healing, shall not show images unless you have a desire to see, nail is intact and nerves on the tip are working. Completely numb on the print area though, which is utterly destroyed. Finger is still twice the width of the right hand pointy finger.

Anyway we must continue

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I have been following via the tube, very interesting and nice work :) (especially the conversion from LHD to RHD)

sorry to hear about the finger, did you get it checked out at the hospital? sounds nasty enough to warrant a trip id say!

(if nothing else so they can dress it up properly so your glove does not turn into a "water" balloon you throw at someone on halloween! :mrgreen:

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Less self harm involved in next bits

Stripping down rear axle, both rear hubs totally worn out, age and sand I think finished them off


Diff is leaking at flange seal and gasket. Breather was completely blocked


However diff itself is a peach, engineer blue shows a perfect mesh


Inner wings are on the whole rust free and very good, except the top rail / box section, this had been creatively disguised with loads of wob


Both sides, inside and out gah


cutting open the box revealed reason, it was full of sand and mud, been wading mefinks, and this area doesnt get a breeze to dry it through


Welded up drivers side, need to finish this off this week


shiny bolt kit for the rear axle and a-frame


all "comfort poly bushed and ready to go


easy enough to get it back in place and on my own


next up is to build up hubs with new discs and wheel bearings


along with new calipers, just need to make up the rigid brake lines and refit the flexi. Before then I want to install the Boge levelling strut


In the meantime, replaced the n/s door top hinge which was fucked, and shimmed it so it goes ker-lunk


Also need to have a go at straightening that rear wing dent out, and fit the new rear bumper


next stage starts tomorrow

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I other news I had to remove the heater unit from my daily driver as the matrix was leaking. No piccies on this one, there would be fah-sands of em


For all this love and attention

I have been rewarded with a suspect head gasket failure tonight on the drive to Devonshite. More on that tomorrow

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Rest your sphincters it is coming up after this update on Southpaw ?

Finished patching up the top rail and side curtain of the drivers side front inner wing, kind of wish that I had just cut it all out and replaced with single chunks.  99% will never been seen with outer wing fitted and stuff under the bonnet will be further hidden by loom, battery etc



then got on with the passenger door, top hinge was royally fucked and the gaps were all over the place. Ended up removing the glass frame which was held in by 2 screws rather than the usual 7


then mindful of the inner wing issues on the drivers side I tested the steel using "hammer of testing and cut the whole sad thing out, good job too, was worse than the drivers side I just finished


along with a bog wedge of the bulkhead that was hidden behind the inner wing top rail. all rusty as fuck


remains of bulkhead and first of the repair panels


not beautiful but rust free, solid, and hidden from view


ordered parts to repair the inner wing which I will fit next week, then paint and rebuild yay

Loom is becoming a "bulls acre" Autosparks cannot help, bought a 1990s loom complete and will have to get that working most of this car is later loom anyway with exception of door looms and connectors to the rear loom.

watch this space

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And onto the daily, yep I jinxed it. 194500k on the clock and it is apart. fucksticks

Fucking hell, that's fucked the fucking fucker!

K-sealed it and headed from home for Devonshite where the workshop is, initially performed beautifully but then the occasional whiff of hot antifreeze kept wafting through the car. Get there with no drama except that the LPG packed up and grenaded the airflow inlet pipe to the plenum. Bastard!


Block test still passed but the engine was cold, I think this is a problem that manifests itself when warm. All plugs out and have minor carbon deposits but else no issues. 

Hats off to Bosch Super 4 plugs, done over 64k miles and still have life in them


Compressions on RH Bank excellent for a Rover v8, on LH back I couldn't get the tester to screw in, fucked plug thread, remainder were not great, #3 and #7 were more than 10% off the highest compression. Didn't bother with a wet test because I knew the head gasket had failed.


started big strip down, everythging is a bit grubby to be honest


as expected LH bank head gasket had failed on 3 of 4 cylinders. Sounds horrific but ....


It is this bit that confirmed it for me. On the left is the water jacket at the front of the block. Then you can see three light rings for the head gasket fire ring imprinted onto the block face. However where it goes past the water jacket you can clearly see it has breached


The front 3 cylinders all had these breaches on the inner edge (next to the inlet manifold) again head gasket had failed almost certainly due to the infamous 3rd row of head bolts and subsequent head tipping. I am pretty sure this engine had not been apart before I bought it at 46k miles and the head gaskets were Land Rover Branded so this is the first time apart ever!


Cleaneed up the block face and checked for low points, especially where the blow had occured, seems ok


 Head on the other hand are both distorted, mainly around the ends. but will definitely need a skim


But a damned good clean up first will make the job more pleasant


camshaft is showing signs of wear, but is not the catastrophe that many of the OLLI boys would have you believe on a 194k engine that is still running all it's original components (except timing chain and gears)


Did a check on the brushes on the alternator, which were fine. The contact rings however are almost worn out! Since the fuck when do contact rings wear faster than brushes?


Removed the cam which meant first removing the radiator and then shifting the Aircon rad out of the way also - without disturbing the pipe work


Now I have a smoll shopping list and a visit to thee machine shop with those heads. Hope to have it back up and running next week

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Just now, LightBulbFun said:

like for interesting engine/mechanical shots/info, not for HGF!

will there be a video on the whole thing? :) (that way at least ya get some youtube moneys out of the whole thing at least!)

thanks mon brave

Re yootoob money and I demonetised due to lack of followers and profanity. Couldn't care less about that anyway as the adverts just get in the way ;)

Yes I am pulling together a HGF video and currently uploading episode 5 of Project Southpaw which what you have read above is the spoiler.

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1 minute ago, richardthestag said:

thanks mon brave

Re yootoob money and I demonetised due to lack of followers and profanity. Couldn't care less about that anyway as the adverts just get in the way ;)

Yes I am pulling together a HGF video and currently uploading episode 5 of Project Southpaw which what you have read above is the spoiler.

haha yeah im not surprised :) 

ah cool I look forward to seeing it, I asked because I know a HGF on your daily can be one of those jobs that you may want to just get done and over with rather then faff around also trying to film it!

but I appreciate that you are filming it for us!

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