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Memoirs from the Hard Shoulder: bASeman's Spot of the Year award.


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It’s been a busy week in motoring pursuits. On Monday I started a new job which necessitates commuting to London. I decided that a scooter to the train station (plus as a back up for train strikes) would be a good idea - and did my CBT accordingly. It was a complete fucking farce start to finish, but enabled me to get the necessary paperwork at the end. Then, @Turbowomble advertised his wonderful Supercub and I bought it, had it shipped, and it arrived Monday. 


Since then, I’ve not ridden it 80 miles owing to a bizarre idiosyncrasy. Bikes in Northern Ireland have their first MOT at 4 years (who knew?!). England does not - so now the DVLA says no MOT records available and I can’t tax it. Shame, as it weirdly works anyway. 

I’m absolutely delighted with it - they’re very willing little things and good for 60 even with 19 stone of man onboard. 

MOT this week then, and I’ve got another car rocking up too. 


Sierra went to a little run out last week and behaved relatively well, albeit the battery is kippered. It then disgraced itself by boiling over when I was parking it up in the shed. Bit of a pisser! A few shots below of my faves. 




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