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  1. Personally, I wouldn't do a single thing cosmetically (apart from keeping on top of the tin-worm). It's not a show car and it's not a (dreadful) rat rod; it's Goldilocks' third bowl of porridge, just the right amount of shabby chic. Also, it oddly suits the BBS's - I would be in no hurry to swap the originals back! As long as it's mechanically and structurally sound, I say just go and enjoy it (whilst keeping to the current regulations on movement, of course...)
  2. Thoroughly enjoyable collection of voitures @Renault18, you seem like a dedicated and thorough custodian.
  3. My somewhat-knackered 5 Series has left me well and truly widened in an alarmingly short space of time, so an ageing Gallic luxobarge should be able to slip in without touching the sides at this point.
  4. FAO: @catsinthewelder; @flat4alfa Re: the V6 that seems to have been passed around the members of this forum like a spliff at a student house party - can the message be passed onto the next owner that whenever the time comes for a brisk liquidation of assets, that s/he has a guaranteed buyer for this prime piece of merde de luxe? Or, should this sale go inexplicably tits up, that my orifice office is always open for business.
  5. Have had these on my "rainy day" list for a while now, mainly because 80-Series LCs are reaching silly price thresholds and these seem to have all the same capability for 1/3 of the price and 1/4 of the size. This looks like a good 'un, hope that proves to be the case!
  6. If this is something that's attainable....I can go in for a ton. I only wish I had the pennies to do this outright, but if we're thinking group effort then I'll surely chip in. Any other takers?
  7. To have gone so far, put so much work in and in the end have it all be for nought; my heart breaks for you, commiserations. It's a real shame, as good ST220s are getting to be thin on the ground due to falling victim to either the Barry squad or to our old friend tin-worm, as you've unfortunately found out. At least there's plenty of time to seek out another project and prep it for when This Whole BusinessTM comes to an end.
  8. I’ve not had the privilege yet - I’ll have to add his details to my Rolodex and get in touch, once the situation smooths out like a C6 on ‘le autoroute’, of course.
  9. Already half-introduced myself in another thread, but will do it once more with feeling for the sake of formalities: Hello esteemed league of shedders, bargers and shitters. I’m a 28 year accountant from Northern Ireland - as far as Tinder bios go, this is one of the sexier ones I’ve come up with. I’ve been driving for 13 years (thanks for Florida for letting adolescents operate heavy machinery - as a 15 year old, I was licensed to drive any vehicle with a gross weight of 26,000lbs. Mind boggling). From there, I’ve driven all manner of shonky skips-on-wheels, ranging from a big-block ‘74 Ford Ranchero to a manual mid-90s Mustang Cobra via some old Lexus LS’ and E-Classes. When I passed my test over here, I set about committing my own automotive deviancies; I had a ‘90 Range Rover Vogue with the 3.9 and a non-functioning first gear (which, with an auto, is a right pain in the dick), which got booted and replaced with a ‘95 Mitsubishi FTO that kept seizing brake callipers. It was an auto too, a merit which won it the award of “Most God-Awful Engine-Gearbox Pairing In The History Of Engine-Gearbox Pairings, Maybe Ever”. It also got waved on its merry way and replaced with an E36 328i, with a rattle can paint job performed by one of its 18(!) previous owners in its 190k miles. It also bit the dust. Then I had a Ford Puma with the 1.7 Yamaha engine for the sum total of a week before the rozzers pulled me over to inform me that the reputable gentleman I had bought it off had himself procured it without the previous owner’s consent, so it was taken away to the great scrappy in the sky. Given that all of the above happened in the space of 10 months, when an elderly relative gifted me an ‘07 Focus 1.6 Titanium I decided that maybe risky picks weren’t my style, and that I should play it sensible. That’s exactly what I did, for 5 years and 72k miles. It was a fine slogger, giving no issues outside of routine maintenance. However, I decided that I was fed up of having a rainy day fund and so flogged the Focus to my sister-in-law and so have found myself back in a BMW, this time an ‘04 525i Touring with mileage the wrong side of 167,000. I’ve owned it 3 months, which it’s spent 40% off not working, owing to electrical gremlins that slowly but surely killed everything that it needed until finally the alternator said “Nah bruv, I’m done”. Got that replaced - had a bit of free time come up recently - and now she’s purring like an elderly asthmatic cat, as the cam sensor’s shot and an airbag light’s come on, and the blower doesn’t work, and the rear light cluster keeps blowing bulbs, and the TPW keeps thinking there’s a puncture, and, and, and.... It’s either great that I’ve found a society of similarly-afflicted individuals, or it’ll be a dreadful enabler. Either way, goes to show that fools seldom differ. Now, if anyone can point me in the direction of an automatic Safrane or XM then that’d be greatly appreciated.
  10. Evening chaps, Short-time lurker, first-time poster - although I’ve been on the hunt for a ‘92-‘96 Safrane for the longest time. My grandfather had a navy blue 2.0 RT, bought brand new in ‘95 (when I was out of nappies but not short trousers) and the desire to pick one up has been only growing stronger with time (only I’m after an auto, for maximum wafty bargeness). It’s been a regular search on Autotrader, Car & Classic, eBay, Gumtree and all the other usual suspects and I’ve actually stumbled across OP’s For Sale thread a couple of times in my travels; so you can imagine the eyebrow raise when I saw the car listed on Gumtree along with the gradual penny-drop when I recognised the reg. I’ve actually been in contact with the buyer; he’s sent me some pictures. Sad to say, but subsequent owners from OP have not been as sympathetic with their treatment or as diligent with their spannering - it’s in a sorry ol’ state. That said, he told me that £400 and no less would take it off his hands. Only for the fact that I work in an industry that I have my doubts will survive this crisis and that I may well become a modern day Yosser Hughes, and as such can’t really stomach forking out for insurance and tax on another car, let alone any inevitable mechanics bills. That, and the car’s in Scotland while I am across the Irish sea from it, albeit on the same latitude line. Hopefully this gets passed on to a generous benefactor, who can spare the time and love for a misunderstood French curio. (As an aside, there’s another Safrane on eBay, a ‘93 auto based in Leeds with over double the miles of this one, which while in great condition and an MOT history which suggests it’s done less than a mile per week for the last decade or so, is priced in a manner that makes me suspect the current owner is on industrial-grade hallucinogens. I won’t link it, in case it breaks forum rules, but it won’t be too hard to find as it’s currently the only Safrane on eBay UK)
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