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  1. Bonus content of what’s lying around the shop, for the yank-lickers amongst us: - up on the lift is a ‘51 Mercury lead sled with a chopped top and a 514ci big block, while on the ground is a Thunderbird of some description (I want to say ‘64? Possibly not): - two other family projects: the Mustang is a ‘65 which will some day have a 351ci Cleveland (as found in the hottest Aussie Falcons and the DeTomaso Pantera) with a 5-sp manual, while the GT6 is getting fitted with a 260ci and a 4-sp, the same combo what went in the Sunbeam Tiger: - a ‘69 Mercury Cougar which is undergoing a full resto, while under the covers is a ‘66 Galaxie with a special drivetrain combo… Viewers of Jay Leon’s Garage may have seen his restored Galaxie 7.0 Litre with a 4-speed manual; this is that same combo, but as a convertible. A very special vehicle, and very covetable. - 2 x Oldsmobile Cutlasses, one a ‘64 and one a ‘67, and the Chevy panel truck in the background is being gasser-ified with a 572ci stroked big block and the back end all cut up and tubbed for behemoth tyres
  2. Now with additional pictures in the original update posts. Bonus pic of all the shit in the boot still needing fitting: You’ll see, amongst other things: - the rust-treated bits of the rear diff - the ‘knee-cooler’ A/C unit, which’ll get mounted under the dash and will likely be one of the last pieces fitted - the original floor mats, green clear vinyl yokes, which were a boon to have saved - the turbo mufflers, of indiscriminate brand - dozens of gaskets, of all types
  3. That’s all I’ve got for now - once the oily bits are sorted, then we’ll deal with the cosmetics. The patina-lickers among you will be discouraged to hear that the plan is a full repaint, sitting on a set of gloss black steels and keeping the original cream interior colour scheme. Also, someone please remind me in the next day or two to go back and add more pictures.
  4. Engine & Drivetrain This car originally had a 289ci from the factory, so the decision was made to pop another SBF in as it would be a straight swap, instead of having to source the bits for a big block. The engine that’ll be going is as follows - the build spec is what I’ve been told is in it/going on it, as the bottom end was already built before I got it: - a 302 sourced from a Fox-body Mustang, stroked out to 347ci (which I understand is achieved by both boring the cylinders by 0.030” and also with a different crankshaft). EDIT: now in a fetching shade of Ford blue (this is not the final oil pan, there’s a fancier ribbed item going on to match the valve covers) - an Edelbrock F4B intake manifold, which was an original 60’s/70’s performance item and so should be period correct for this car. The main benefit of this intake is the higher-rising inlet and exhaust plenums, along with the actual Venturi outlets for the carburettor being 2 large open rectangles instead of 4 individual holes so the carb should flow a little easier as well. - a Brawler 650cfm double-pumper carburettor. Brawler is a budget* sub-brand of Holley and uses all the same designs, so the only difference between this and a genuine Holley is the nameplate (or so I’m told). The double pumper set-up combined with the big intake should make for decent throttle response and an eagerness to rev. - GT40 cylinder heads from a late-model fuel-injected car. These came on a fair few 5.0s over the course of the 90’s, and originally it was thought that the ones for the Galaxie would’ve been sourced from an Explorer. However, in a keen twist of fate, it appears the heads actually come from a ‘93 Mustang Cobra, as they were equipped with Crane Cams rocker arms from the factory. So that’s nice. EDIT: these are now back from the machine shop with humongous valves. I also sourced a period set of valve covers, repainted them and polished the ribs: - a Trick Flow TFS1 camshaft, which to be honest I know very little about but based on reading some forum posts and watching some YouTube comparison videos I’ve concluded it should give it not only a nice lumpy idle but should also encourage it to rev as well. - Keith Black pistons; same as the camshaft, I don’t know a massive pile about these but online research suggests that these are the go-to for a 347 build. All the gaskets have been ordered and are mostly delivered (still waiting on exhaust gaskets I think), so we should be able to complete the engine assembly and drop it into the car this week hopefully. I’ve no idea what a final power figure will be, but my dad and his machinist have built and dyno’d hundreds of engines over the decades and tell me that this combination would be estimated to have c. 400hp at the crank, which would be swell. Also sitting awaiting installation is the transmission, an AOD sourced from a (different) Fox-body. We’ve dropped the rear differential, cracked it open, cleaned it out and have these sitting ready to be popped in: It’s a 4.11 final drive, which should give it some oomph off the line (not that it’ll get put to the test…much). A new driveshaft will also be needed, as the one that’s in there is rusted to buggery and is also fairly weedy looking, surprising given the size of the car and the powertrain that was in it before.
  5. Front-end clean up: Before the new engine gets dropped in, the front chassis rails and all the steering/suspension bits were absolutely caked in rust and decades-old mud and crud. Exhibit A: So, I set about it with a wire wheel (ended up tanning 4 of them through the process) to get all this shit ground down to a point where it can be treated with OSPHO to flash off the excess and then it’ll get resealed and repainted with truck bed liner for a bit of weather proofing. First pass with the wire wheels ended up as below: EDIT: and then a second go, once the wire wheel stock had been replenished: A bit more Protestant-looking than before. The car has drums all round, and the plan is to recondition the rears while binning the fronts for discs. They’re some of the biggest drums I’ve ever seen, and also some of the worst: 2nd pic shows all the caked-up shit I couldn’t get at before, which got cleaned off when the drums were removed. The front discs are off of a ‘73 Torino, because the spindles to hold them are a bolt-on item for these full-size body-on-frame Fords across a 15ish year span, so it’s a very easy swap. They got cleaned off with the wire wheel and sprayed black, so are now very shiny and ill-fitting with the condition of the rest of the front end. In the process of removing the old spindles and refitting the new ones, one of the holding bolts on the lower ball joint on the passenger side cross-threaded itself, and also they’re not in the best of shape being nearly 60 years old, so we’ve popped on a new set of of these as well. EDIT: with the new ball joints ready to go on with the spindles, today we gave it a blast with the OSPHO and then sprayed the whole thing black: And finally, a close-up of the new ball-joints and spindles (the spindle bolts are only hand-tightened for now, that’s a Tuesday job along with getting the calipers on):
  6. (Part 2 of close-up pics) Rear bumper is completely shat:
  7. Update time, finally. I saw the car in person for the first time on Monday. I was momentarily given a lump in my throat by the fact that the thing I’ve been obsessing over these last couple of months, receiving pictures and spending modest* sums of money on parts and bits was now sitting in front of me, very tangible and very real. Pics of the car as I first saw it: New floors all sealed up and looking sharp: To say it’s “shagged oot” is probably the understatement of the century: this is a project and a half. However, the potential to be something magnificent(ly shit) is great, so with that in mind there’s been some solid graft done this week. I’ll have to split it across a couple of posts, as I’ve hit the upload limit fairly easily.
  8. In the meantime, there has been some progress Galaxie-wise: - the bonnet has had some of its rust holes treated. The worst areas were ground down and then filled with body lead. Don’t have a picture of the finished article, but here’s some in-progress pics: I knew the bonnet was fairly scabby, so I wasn’t surprised to see just how bad it was. New stock-looking bonnets are like hen’s teeth, so I was keen to get this one saved; the main alternative seems to be the ‘Thunderbolt’-style teardrop-scooped hood, which I’m not that keen on in this instance (plus the Thunderbolt was based on the Fairlane, so the teardrop scoop would be an anachronism to have on this car). - the floors have been cut out and new floorpans have gone in. Galaxie-specific floorpans are a king’s ransom, so I’ve taken a more cost-effective option and have chosen to slot in a floorpan set from a same-year Mustang - the floorpan style is effectively* the same between the two cars, but the Galaxie’s are extended due to the wheelbase. Again, I’ve no pictures of the finished article, but here’s another in-progress shot: That’s all I have to date on the Galaxie - there should be a great deal more progress within the next 2 weeks, so keep your peepers peeled.
  9. Update time, of sorts: I have arrived state-side and will be getting stuck into the car from next weekend - I’m currently in Florida and working remotely, so won’t get up to North Carolina until the weekend. As I’m staying with my grandparents in Florida, I’ve been given the use of their vehicles to get around whilst I’m here - originally, I was going to be let use their ‘good’ car, a very typical Floridian pensioner cliche: A 2016 Cadillac CT6, the last full-size Caddy saloon* you could buy - this one’s a 2L turbo-4 with 260hp, which has adequate performance but a most inadequate noise under load, which the engine most often is and detracts from the overall Cadillac experience I find. It must be relatively base-spec, as I was surprised to find no adaptive cruise or other trickery, and it has heated seats (which I assume are standard, as who in their right mind would spec them in Florida?) but not cooled. Very 1st world problems, I know. However, I remembered they had a different car, which I was surprised they still had, and so binned off the Caddy in favour of… This. It’s a ‘93 Eddie Bauer with the 351W/5.8L, sadly not white-on-white, it’s peppered in rust blisters, it has 3 different colours of leaks, a recently replaced tailgate that hasn’t been painted yet and it gets 10mpg while offering absolutely nothing to justify its fuel consumption. So, naturally, I was like a moth to a flame. It’s got a hole in the exhaust so it has an absolutely biblical cold start, and the driving position is second to none in terms of that high-up ‘king of the road’ feel. If I knew my grandfather still had it, and I hadn’t just plowed a pile of money into the Galaxie, I’d’ve bought it off him and shipped this instead.
  10. Dat’s real purdy Funny you mention the wheels, these 8-hole ‘phone dial’ wheels are some of my favourite Mercedes alloy designs; they’d be my ideal wheel for a R129, if ever one manages to grace my garage.
  11. Blimey, that’s bananas - I knew the body panels on these 90s/early 00s Fowds have a habit of disintegrating, but nowt like compared to that underside. Is it just crap steel, poor design allowing mud/moisture to get trapped or a combination of both?
  12. Just after going through this one from start to finish, what a rollercoaster and what a transformation for the old girl! Such a shame that the latest developments involve having to hide it in a safehouse due to attempted scrote-baggery.
  13. Forgot to stick this in the last comment: stumbled upon this when I was researching the colour and got very wistful over the thought that this is probably very close to what the car looked like both inside and out when new, save for the white roof.
  14. Evening all, I’m blown away by the positive reception this has gotten, and don’t know whether to be grateful for the support or curse you all for acting as enablers… Nothing has changed physically since the original post, only that my credit card is wheezing from all the purchases I’ve made of parts and go-faster bits - these include, but are not limited to: - the 428 and C6 auto the car was delivered with being swapped for a 347 stoker short block, which I believe started out life as a 5.0 from a Fox-body of some description. Also procured for this are an Edelbrock F4B inlet manifold, some NOS ‘Powered By Ford’ valve covers, a fancy new sump pan and oil pump, and a Brawler 650cfm carb, replete with electric choke. Turns out that Holleys are a king’s ransom, and that Brawler is Holley’s ‘economy’ sub-brand, so it’s basically a Holley…right? All that’s left are GT40 cylinder heads, which I’m told can be got fairly easily, some short-tube headers and a slightly lift-y camshaft, as I want that nice lumpy idle. - an AOD transmission, out of a different Fox-body car - all new weatherstripping for the doors and windows, and a full headliner - a full set of floorpans, as the current ones are Swiss cheese Next on the shopping list, requiring immediate attention: - a front disc conversion kit, given that reports of the standard brakes are less than glowing and that there’ll be 150+ hp more to contend with than it originally came with. There’s a Wilwood conversion kit that looks mighty tempting, however lll have to write Ms. Truss a letter asking her to pull the pound up by a few points in order for the man-maths to work on that one… - a shorter final drive, probably 3.73; I’ve spent quite a few work hours this week dicking around with the Tremec ratio calculator and have determined that this appears to be the sweet spot between a moderate level of motorway RPM (2500rpm = 75mph, based on current tyre sizes) and also not turning the transmission into muesli, as AODs have quite a low pain threshold it seems and the 347 would be right at that limit of ~350hp/350lb/ft. If I can get a limited slip as well that’d be a bonus - for the paint, I’ve taken on board the collective’s opinion of Dinnae Paint It™️ and have elected that I’ll only re-do the front clip while leaving the rest as is; I’m told the wings are save-able, save for a light patch-n-fill, but that I’ll definitely require a new bonnet. I haven’t seen the car’s vehicle ID plate - only it’s VIN; it was born in Dearborn, MI, it started out life as a 289 2bbl car and was #59,356 off the line in 1964, for those who care - to determine the car’s paint code, however extensive Googling during an office comfort break* leads me to believe that this car was originally Holly Green, which is a handsome bastard colour if I do say so myself, and so I reckon I’ll re-do the front end and then clearcoat the whole thing, hopefully to the delight of all you patina-lickers. I’ll be seeing the car in person for the first time on the 12th November, hence I’m working quickly to get as much sorted as possible so I can get stuck straight in as soon as I’m there. I figure that if I can get the oily bits and the bodywork in good order while I’m there (and have access to suitable facilities, equipment and professional help/expertise) that anything cosmetic/non-essential can come later, such as sorting the interior… …which, as you can see, is a touch fucked. The headlining I’ve bought is black, as originally I’d planned that the car be black body/black interior/black steels, although now I’m moving a different direction with the exterior colour I’m wondering if this creamy-beige scheme inside is worth sticking with. Again, all suggestions on this welcome. As a final side note, by pure chance I stumbled upon the thread for @sdkrc’s ‘67 4-door, and have poured myself a generous* Rusty Nail to settle in for a night’s reading…figured that was an appropriate beverage, given the community I’ve found myself in and the automotive choices I’ve made!
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