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Project Capri. Dashboard back in, pg.36.

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They later introduced a darker green on mk2's, possibly Brooklands green, v nice shade, but metallic blue is a v good choice, and keep the vinyl interior if it's tidy enough.

They did a great colour called Apollo Green but don't think that came out until the Mk3

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Update time.


Nothing much really but the guys contacted me again yesterday, the Capri is now completely stripped bare. It's now a shell with wheels and that's it.

This has revealed a couple more grotty areas, which was expected given the age of the car. However, the suggestion was made wether or not I want to get the shell media blasted.

The cons to this are obviously the additional cost and a bit more time.

Pro's are that it will completely remove any rust, paint, filler etc etc. this means much less labour later by stripping and cleaning localised areas, all the rust and damage will get found and fixed as without the blasting there's always a danger something might get missed. It also means the end finish will be better since the new paint will be applied to good metalwork and not over the old paint or filler.


So, I've told them to continue with the media blasting and it's also going to be given a rust resistant epoxy primer coat afterwards. I think this will give a better result at the end and be worth the extra expense.


In other news, a box full of new parts arrived the other day. All mechanical parts, so that will all be dropped off with them as/when. There's another box to come from Germany in next few days, that's also mechanical parts and also some chrome and badges that I was missing.

Once it's all arrived I'll try to get a pic of the spare parts pile.


I think it's safe to say that this is now definitely beyond the point of no return now.

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In terms of labour costs saved and providing the best surface on which to paint, the cost of the media blasting is worth it.

I agree. It makes sense if I'm spending good money to get the bodywork and paint up to a good standard, why then leave old filler and paint behind and just put new over the old. It just wouldn't be the right thing to do.


I'm getting quite excited about this! I really can't wait to see it finished.

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Just had another bill and a chat with the guys about project Capri.

The car is now down to absolutely nothing. It's fully stripped down and the shell is literally just that! A bare basic shell and pile of panels. It's now gone to the blasters to be cleaned back to bare metal.

I'm quietly shitting myself about this! On one hand it's going to be good to get it done and get rid of every trace of rust and filler but on the other hand I'm wondering what is actually going to come back. It's a 42 year old Ford and I'm sure there's going to be more rot uncovered.

They also said the rot in the lower corner of the windscreen surround is worse than first thought, once the glass came out most of the rusty metal in that small area fell out with it. Upon cutting into it to open the damaged area up there is rot starting to spread down the A post and scuttle panel. I'm not bothered though, I knew it was there and it always looks worse when you start poking at it.


I've been digging out all my parts ready for this too, it'll be nice to have them finally put to use and out of the house. The front wings have been up in the loft for years and were a right twat to get out.

Here's some pics of a small selection of the parts haul.


35459424082_4d75caa5f6_o.jpgIMG_0180 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


34786211324_a587022cdb_o.jpgIMG_0178 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35459434242_40d3d7c126_o.jpgIMG_0177 by Dan Clark, on Flickr

New genuine Ford wings. One still has it Ford part number stickers and was supplied new to Currie Motors London, in Stamford Hill way back whenever.


35459426862_0c3980e430_o.jpgIMG_0179 by Dan Clark, on Flickr

Used bumpers with GT/Ghia over riders. These are straighter than the originals and will be re chromed before use.


34786198194_ffc1f3e787_o.jpgIMG_0181 by Dan Clark, on Flickr

Shiny badges, some are new unused Ford parts.


There's loads more stuff other than this lot, full set of new rubbers for the whole car, new carpets and headlining, etc etc.

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Capri wings in the loft... AS gold.

Best place for them, they are rocketing in value, a good mate of mine has a mk3 valance, genuine wings and a full genuine rear panel in his loft he mentioned selling them but doesn't really need the money so I told him to leave them up there for a few years,


Have you got a parts room in the house Dan? my mrs gets the idea of needed parts, this is my box room I use the loft as well lol




Parts and my overall are stored neater than this i was taking a picture of a few engine parts, yes there are mk3 capri wings in there lol

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I don't have a designated store room, my parts go wherever I can get them, shoved under beds, on top of wardrobes, in the shed, the loft... Everywhere.

My Mercury still has loads of bits and bobs in the boot, I mean trunk!

Trouble is, I don't keep them separate! I've got Capri bits mixed in with Ford big block V8 bits, with Granada mk2 bits. It's everywhere!


I have heard rumours that new press tools are being made by a German firm for both wings and front panels. If they do it will bring prices down to sensible range, last nos front panel I saw went for £700 of fleabay!

The two nos front wings cost me about £600 for the pair when I got them years ago. I expect that's not a bad price now for rare mk2 unused panels. It's about time someone started making them again, as long as they are good quality.

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Alright, she's now back from media blasting! No more Roman bronze.


I popped in this afternoon to see what came back from the blasters, and it's looking good!

Yes, there's more rot in places but overall I'm very pleased with how it looks now all the old paint and filler are gone.

Overall it's a very straight car, most of the bodyshell is in excellent condition, the chassis is like new, most of the floor is good, the engine bay/inner wings/original strut tops are excellent. The roof is perfect inspite of a small blister appearing but that hasn't left any marks or traces behind. Bonnet again is perfect.


But, the doors need their bottom corners replacing, the drivers side is worse than the other. Front wings are scrap (I knew that though), front valance needs some help! There's various small blebs of rust in various places that will get done, the lower screen surround/scuttle panel in both bottom corners had rusted through and so has the inner panel beneath it which explains why the floors were getting wet! The A post and inner sill area in both footwells is terrible! It's been plated repeatedly to varying standards and is unfortunately going to need a lot of work to put right. This is by far the worst place on the whole car. Probably needing the entire panel here to be replaced.

Both headlight bowls are pretty frilly on their outer edges too.

The rear end of the car is pretty good. Very little rot at all. Even the spring hangers are perfect. The only holed place is a couple of bits in the spare wheel well.

Both rear arches are solid, but whichever bell end changed them years ago has cut away the original, cut out the inner wheel well/outer arch joint and spot welded new arches (lap jointed!) in place then filled the joint. Really poor job sadly but this will get sorted properly this time.


35588019066_1b0cdee67b_o.jpgIMG_0194 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35497011291_10b87c89d7_o.jpgIMG_0193 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35240623950_549c3a4259_o.jpgIMG_0191 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35240628190_b986f4f60c_o.jpgIMG_0192 by Dan Clark, on Flickr

This, and the same on the other side are by far the worst part of the car.

These bits are supposed to be a strong place on the car. As they are, full of rot, it would have just folded up in an accident!

Makes you wonder. Almost all of this was hidden beneath filler, seam sealer and underseal/paint. I knew it was rusty but had no idea how bad things actually were.


Overall I'm pleased with it still. The guys doing the work did say it is about at the point where patching up and making do wasn't going to work much longer and it is the right time to sort it properly, which I agree with totally.


Believe it or not someone at work said I was mad spending this money on a 1.6L and making it back into a factory spec 1.6L! But fuck it! Why not. Now I've seen it in bare metal I'm intent on having it become the best 1.6L left!

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Good on ya! So many are restored into V6s, Ghia or 'S' that the very few original more basic models will be few and far between, and far more interesting for it. Personally, I think it needs a BIG V8, Wolfrace slot mags, Richard Grant accessory catalogue throwing at it and a lurid paint scheme.... preferably with flames!





Not really :)

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Looking back at the pic on the first page, you wouldn't believe it's the same car.


35240800490_a06b55928b_o.jpgIMG_0024 by Dan Clark, on Flickr



35240623950_549c3a4259_o.jpgIMG_0191 by Dan Clark, on Flickr



"Lesser" models need saving and kept original because most people only think the big engined capri's or S clones are the way forward. Lesser models of any car always get my attention at shows

100% agree with this. Everyone remembers the biggest highest spec cars but the lesser models just disappear. I really can't wait to see this one painted and ready to go.


We were even discussing what to do with the axles and front beam. Under sealed? Matt black? Body colour? Nope, factory original satin black. We're all in agreement that the basic plan is to go back to as close as reasonably possible to how it was when new.

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Pics of the arches please.

I didn't take any of the arches.

It's not clever though. It's a new arch spot welded in a lap joint over where the old ones used to be, with the inner arch bowl cut away and not replaced. So there's nothing holding the inner bowl to the outer wing 1/4 panel.

It's literally been shoved over the hole, and held on with one tiny blob of mig weld every inch or so along it's length. Piss poor job.


It's good to strip cars down like this though, as the arches looked ok, it's only when you strip the old paint/filler away you realise what's actually under it all.

If I didn't get this blasting done, I could of had what I could see fixed, then the respray and all the hidden grot would still be underneath festering away.

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Are you tempted at this stage to paint it the original colour?

No not really. The original Stardust Silver is an ok colour but 'ok' isn't going to cut it here. I still think it would be a shame to do this extent of work and then paint it that colour.

For me, this is all about making this car exactly how I want it but keeping reasonably close to what it could have been from new.

It's always going to be a 1.6L (at least as long as I own it) and I'll be sticking closely to that spec, but I'm picking the colour (on the 1974 Capri 2 options list) that best suits me and how I think the car will look best. Hence the choice of Miami blue with black interior.


Not that it's their call, but the guys doing the work actually said, after I'd changed my mind to go blue, they thought it was a bit of a shame to do all this and then paint it a greyish silver colour. I strongly agree with them here tbh. I really think the blue will look gorgeous on this car, with no side trims or vinyl roof. It will look like a seventies Capri but not be over the top like if I painted it Daytona yellow for example.


As far as originality is concerned, how far do you go?

It's had lots of panel swaps over the years, the current interior while is the exact correct type isn't the cars original, it's had an aftermarket but period correct Radiomobile radio installed, I'll be installing electronic ignition etc etc.

What I'm getting at, is that the cars far from original anyway so nothing really is being lost by changing the colour. In fact if anything it's going to go back to being a lot closer to looking original than it has done since it was new.

If however it was a genuine original never messed with car some old dear had stored away for years then I could see the attraction to sticking rigidly to perfect originality. But this cars not that, it's been used and repaired (not always very well!) and it'll never be a concours car.

For me it's all about making it look good, be solid and safe, and being that little bit different and unusual these days by starting with a very low spec car and keeping it like that instead of making it into a high spec replica with a bigger engine and go faster bits. Of course there's nothing at all wrong with doing any of that but it's not what I want out of this car. Besides, when was the last time you saw an original looking Capri 1.6L? Especially such an early car as this one.



Edited to add, another bill just came through the letterbox. This one is expensive being for the blasting and etch priming afterwards.

I don't think the car will be worth what I'm paying for this afterwards but who cares!

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Nobody makes money restoring cars (apart from Mike Brewer) and unless you count "oldin aht yer 'and" as a hobby, then I don't think that's you.


Delighted to see the progress on this. Remember you are building this for you, not for the classic car market classifieds. Like when we buy new cars and pick sellable colours we might not even want - sod the next owner, it's your car!

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A bit more to report with this.


I got hold of a good replacement dashboard.


35240612540_fca774c1c4_o.jpgIMG_0212 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35240608630_b305cc2eef_o.jpgIMG_0213 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


This was off ebay. It's from a Ghia spec car, which unfortunately means it has the extra grab handle on the dash front passenger side. I'd have preferred a standard one but this was in really good nik and ive struggled to find a good one at all so it's a compromise I'll happily live with. The important thing is that it's not cracked or split and the speaker holes on the top are all perfect still.

The original dash is terrible, there's loads of splits on the top, one comes all the way down the front too and the speaker holes are completely broken off leaving a big hole instead, so that's fit for the bin only now.


Also might of scored a set of correct style steel wheels. The ones with the little black painted bits around the holes all Fords of the time seemed to have.

Originally this car had this type in 5x13 size. They were bent and rusty as hell so got binned years ago in favour of the laser 4 spoke alloys it's got now.

However, the new steels are the sports style ones, they look the same but are 5.5x13 instead so are a tad wider which I think will both look better and feel a bit better to drive too without making the steering too heavy feeling.

They'll be fully reconditioned before use and I've got the chrome centre caps already from the original wheels, which should polish up ok.


This means I might have a set of 5 laser 4 spokes with decent tyres if anyone's interested. I'll have to see once the new steels arrive first though, just incase!


I've had another bill recently too. Lots of welding! Not much to say about that really but it's all been on the inner sills and A post areas.

I've spoken to the guys too, apparently there will be a delay on the project as some of the new panels they're getting for this project have a lead time of a few months. Not much anyone can do about that sadly, but I don't care. If it takes extra time to get a really good result I'm fine with it.

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Glad to have caught up with the updates on this!  Last time I looked I think you were still pondering colours.  It's going to look fantastic in Miami Blue.


Hmm, wonder if I should get the Rancho media blasted?  (Not the GRP bits, obviously.)  There's a thought.

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