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Valeting / Detailing / two bucket wronguns

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22 hours ago, Andyrew said:

Any one want to give ceramic coating a go?

Out of curiosty I bought 5 of these as a lot on eBay ages ago for about £15. I tried it on the disco bonnet 50/50 as a test against wax and it lasted very well a year maybe (think I put a post up about it earlier in this thread)

I found it good on sealing headlights after polishing aswell. 

Strangely there is counterfeit versions of this stuff but this seems to be genuine (doesn't ignite)  plenty of videos about this stuff on youtube.

I've got one open and two spares and this should last me ages, I Really don't need 5 bottles. So i have two kits up for grabs for the cost of postage if any other shitters are curious.

Does one little bottle do a whole car or is this more of a sample size?

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34 minutes ago, Matt said:

Does one little bottle do a whole car or is this more of a sample size?

A 30ml bottle would do an average sized car. It's basically like a clear resin that is wiped onto the car and buffed away after it has semi cured. Very Hydrophobic and handy for protecting headlights after they have been machine polished to prevent them going yellow again. 

I used it on my discos rather bollocksed bonnet and it did a great job of hiding some of the worse laquer damage. 

I'll probably do the Astra at some point when the weather turns warm again. 

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On 8/29/2018 at 7:10 PM, Andyrew said:

Had some Mr fix 9h ceramic coating arrive today so decided to give it a tester on the rather shagged bonnet of my disco.


It's a clear resin that you smear on, leave to go tacky a buff away.


Worked well on my microscopically thin lacquer. Ive ordered some 99% isoprop alcohol for pre coating degreasing. But I may have improvised and used brake cleaner today!


Some pictures to show some 50/50.




A previous post when I tried it on the disco

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 Out of curiosity i Decided to do a bit of a product test.  We Have this in stock at work so I get it cheap and having seen a review that said it was good on YouTube I decided to give it a go. 

So I needed a grubby test mule. So I nabbed mother-rews Felicia which is covered in sap, grime, bird poo and rust also has some bad scratches all over so the paint is far from well kept. 


Handily the drizzling rain highlights the lack of protection on the paintwork.


So a good scrub, then a quick whip over with the clay mit to get some of the contaminates off but not going to crazy. Then rinsed off, which is then when the product should be applied, left for a moment and the rinsed off. And the results looked very promising




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Unfortunately after drying the car off, whilst it was looking very shiney from a distance, up close it had some large areas of staining/ kind of water marks. I went at them with a bit of quick detailer  and it softened them up and go rid of some,  but it was hard going. So I busted out the trusted g3 wax, whipped over the whole car and this helped remove them and when buffed off the marks had gone. 

 Whilst I think the product was good at achieving a quick shine I think it may have performed better on a car that has some form of protection on the paint or paint that's not quite as oxidized/damaged as the Felicia. 



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16 hours ago, Aston Martin said:

I bought two of these. I read somewhere, that if you jam the nozzle open and lob into a sealed car it cleans it out.

The Alessi has always smelt musty from lack of use. So I may give it a go tomorrow.



I tried it last night, the issue is it doesn't spray as a gas, but as a liquid.

So, I just sprayed the seats and the roof. I inhaled several gallons of the stuff. But the car smells OK this morning. I'm hoping when the Dettol smell has vanished the must has gone.

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1 minute ago, xtriple said:

Clay bars, any good? Never used one, no idea what they do or how easy/hard to use they are.

Speak to me...

Very good but use a clay mitt instead - as good a result but so much less effort. Clean soapy water can be used instead of a proprietary lubricant 


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3 hours ago, Jazoli said:

Yeah what he said above, I used clay bars for years until I found a clay mitt, just don't drop it on the floor.

I've only used clay bars rather than a mit and had very good results. My tip is to put an old bath towel on the ground where you're working so if you drop the clay, it won't pick up any grit etc and you can still use it.

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23 hours ago, purplebargeken said:

Debating the ceramic route. Am torn between the Turtle Wax product and the Meguiars one. Any one used these? 

Watching some of the forensic detailing videos suggest that the blue bottle hybrid one is the same if not better at a 3rd of the price.  His video also highlighted the white marking problem I had with it and it appears I was a bit to liberal with the application. So when I used it again on the Astra this time with only a very fine dusting spray. I had no issues,Will probably buy again as a little goes along way. 



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Clay bars are ace, I use the Meguiars and also the Bilt Hamber bars. I use a lubricant for both, although you can just use water for the BH stuff.

Good idea re: old bath towel :)

A good polish is needed afterwards.

I bought the Meguiars ceramic stuff as there was no Turtle Wax one. Initial results look great.

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9 minutes ago, Out Run said:

You been watching Autoshine?

The Tornador does look good.

Yeah :D - he’s really good at cleaning proper mingers. 

The carpets in my Fox are a lot cleaner then they were but definitely not as clean as they could be - I think I need one of those drill scrubbing brush attachments and would be quite keen to try a Tornador too. 

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