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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.


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9 hours ago, quicksilver said:

We all know the Morris Marina pickup exists...

HPV 862N - 1975 Austin 10cwt Deluxe pickup

...but this isn't one of them. It's an Austin 10cwt Deluxe.

I knew about the Austin/Morris Minors and A60s but was under the impression their Marina-based replacements were only Morrises from the start. Turns out that prior to the Ryder Report the Austin dealers had their own versions of the Marina commercials before common sense prevailed and the two franchises were combined.

@Mat.T of this parish wrote an extensive thread on the restoration of his Austin 7cwt van. -


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Because of being pointed at this article: https://www.thedrive.com/news/warehouse-full-of-classic-cars-boats-and-even-a-train-headed-to-auction

I now know of the Glenn Pray Kershaw Cruise-Aire.  A one-off fibreglass bodied thing built on a '66 Oldsmobile Toranado.


As much as I really like the Cruise-Aire, I'm not really sure what to make of this 1941 Lincoln Town Car, some very odd styling decisions being made here.


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46 minutes ago, lesapandre said:

Earliest Mercedes Unimog.


This was number 1. Also they were not a Mercedes at that time. Originally built by Boehringer until 1951, when Daimler Benz took over production.


1946–1955 | The Unimog – the initial years and the first successful models. (mercedes-benz-trucks.com)

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Spotted this H-prefix Jensen Interceptor in the latest Pete and his Bus video.


Jensen went of business in 1976 so it appeared to be some crazy mega late registration madness. Turns out Jensen Parts & Service built 14 more Interceptors as the S4 between 1983 and 1990 and this is the penultimate one. Its story reminds me of the Middlebridge Scimitar.

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