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I'll show you mine...

Albert Ross

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My Daily Merc on the day of it's arrival. It looking a bit more soiled now.

c220 by cort16, on Flickr


I've only had this for a few weeks and already disamantled it into about 400 bits. I'm hoping I'm going to have finished nobbing around with fixing stuff on it next week so I can drive it in the rain.

saab by cort16, on Flickr


The SD1, which is being a right mardy sod after a 3 month layup after Christmas. A bad earth then replacement HT leads have got it running sweet and welding the big hole in the floor has it mot ready then the gearbox chucked it. Awaiting parts from US of A to fix it.

arches by cort16, on Flickr

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Normally, since march this year I use this as my everyday car:




1999 Volvo S80 2,4 Automatic with a cinema-like stereo, great comfort and not so great reliability. Left me stranded a week agon on the side of the road, still not sorted yet. Don´t know if I will ever take it back. Two breakdowns in four month (5000km) is not that great! I have to admit I expected it to be more reliable.


So I am using this now:




1987 Mitsubishi Pajero 2,5 TD Wagon DL. Slow, noisy, bumpy, great fun! Wonderful original condition, one owner before me, never driven during winter, almost rustfree and completely original except the alloys. Always loved Pajeros, will always have at least one.



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I've been using my 155 since November last year and so far so good, proving quite practical and a real change from my usual run of economical, reliable J-tin!





I do use the Sunny quite a bit in good weather though:



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Daily (imagine it is 20 years time, because I'll still have it then)



I don´t think you will have it in 20 years time. The hightech-CDI-engine and a huge amount of processors and ECUs will make it very hard to keep for as long as an old W124 250D.


Beautiful colour!

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This is my daily at the minute, it's just had a service and a front brake overhaul.


Still wants a set of plugs and leads, a dizzy cap and rotor arm, and some rear shoes, and probably drums if I don't hurry up and do it.




And this is also on the road, during the brief moments between it being broken:




It really wants scrapping but I don't have the heart. It wants:


  • New roof
  • Steering rack and or steering bushes or greasing or something
  • new carburettor
  • choke reconecting
  • tappets resetting
  • exhaust mending again
  • and engine mount (currently the engine is mostly held in by gravity, most apparent when setting off in a hurry/ flying)
  • tracking
  • cv gaitors x2
  • bottom arms
  • track rod ends
  • 2 tyres
  • 2 new wings
  • a huge amount of cosmetic rust repairing
  • 1 new rear end cutting off a breaker and welding on
  • another respray
  • the other side of the floor welding underneath
  • A million tiny little bloody trim things, including whatever stops the rear windows falling off the runners when the roof is down
  • both rear window winder handles
  • new door cards
  • a roof holdy on handle
  • a new interior

And that's just to make it okay-ish

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I don´t think you will have it in 20 years time. The hightech-CDI-engine and a huge amount of processors and ECUs will make it very hard to keep for as long as an old W124 250D.


Beautiful colour!


Recognize the street Lukas? I hope you're wrong about the longevity of this car. Would an E63 be any more reliable do you think? If so, let me know as I am looking for excuses...

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The clutch went, was quoted a minimum of £750 for a fix - I paid less than that for it in the first place. Nice greek chap took it away for a bit less than I paid for it six months previously so not to o bad. What happened with your s80?

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At the moment I'm mainly using the Escort because our Civic is on SORN for June then the Escort will have a month off........I couldn't afford to tax both her Jago Samuri  and Civic in May, the Escort will be retaxed in August to spread the pain though TBH I am seriously thinking of selling the Escort to finance some progress on my Gen1 Civic and make space as I am soon to lose storage for my Jago as the Mother in Law's house is up for sale.  




If my wife needs the car she's using this while she's  waiting for her Civic to come back into circulation 



but starting next week I will be sharing this with her



It's all a bit of a mess with the fleet at the minute, my Jago is fine and gets used odd days for work, her's is half prep'd for painting but still in regular use.


The Civic desperately needs the new arches welding in cos she says it's embarrasing but the Escort (if I don't part with it) would benefit from a quick tidy up while it's off the road for a month but I promised to paint her Samuri before Donington show in August and it currently looks like this





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I hope this is a good thread to add my first post to and say hi, I discovered this forum a few months ago and have been an avid reader since!

This is my current steed, it's a 1999 (I know, a bit too new for this site!) Toyota Avensis 1.8, currently on 34000 miles. It was given to me by my late grandfather and has never missed a beat so far.



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Never fails to put grin on my face even when I've had a arsey-wankstain of a day like today!  It's so short geared I can never resist hooning away from the lights on the way home from work.  I think I've successfully got pigeon-holed as 'eccentric' by most of my colleagues now they've figured out it's mine...

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