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  1. Herman ❤️ Lovely old bus to drive, that.
  2. Mk2 Golf - utter shitbag of a car. I ended up nicknaming it Thrush. Allegric to starting if it was wet. Or cold. Or wet and cold. Or dry. Or warm. Or on a day ending in Y. Did everything to try and get the bastard thing to start in the morning. Swapped the Pierburg carb for the usual modification, it started perfectly but ran like shit. Swapped back so it ran ok l, just took an age to start. Things fell off, things broke. I was absolutely delighted* when the headgasket went. Not all that to drive, either. Ford Ka - it was a cheap runaround, but was crap. Starting issues, body panels falling off (bonnet hinge snapped), nasty Ford controls, not very nice to drive and my Seicento did everything much better.
  3. It didn't come with one of those. It still has this:
  4. A plethora of Fiats. The Bravo, Brava and Mk2 Punto are owned by the guy I bought the Fabia from
  5. Maestro van M535i Mk1 Fester Regie 16 Tidy Phase 1 205
  6. Some recent spots Volvo 440 Tidy Polo Tidy derv 106 just moved in opposite Onion Carina II VW LT HPE
  7. Skodas aren't necessarily my first choice, but I do like Favorits, Felicia and the miserably specced Fabias. I do miss the old Flintstones 156.
  8. Zenith Blue 1. 4 SX. Exactly the spec and colour that my Dad had back in 1998. That looks fabulous ❤️
  9. Absolutely. He's an absolute legend and, in the words of Tim Nice But Dim, a thoroughly bloody nice bloke.
  10. I meant to post this before Christmas but totally forgot. My 216 decided to take a sabbatical from working at the end of November, so a mate of mine said "I've got just the car for you". Only problem was, he was in Chatteris, I'm in Cornwall. At that point, you were allowed to travel, and he lived in a Tier 2 area which meant green light go. So, me, the wife and the 9 year old phone screen goblin piled into herself's Rover 75 diseasel and headed for Chatteris. Arrived at the destination after an uneventful drive in the Rover. Remained socially distanced, had a chat and drove off, wife and son in the Rover, me in the Skoda. Now, before we go any further, let's talk a bit about the car. It's a bottom of the range, mingebag basic Fabia Classic. It's an estate, fitted with the old Skoda OHV engine that was around when God was a slip of a lad. What's amazing is someone walked into a Skoda dealership, specified this trim level, ticked Fantasy Green on the order form but obviously thought "Classic" trim level may have been a bit mean. True, it still has exercise windows and independent locking but the original owner must have said "Oooh we're a bit flush this week Gladys, let's live a little" and selected a CD player and air conditioning from the options list. A pretty uneventful drive home, except the temperature gauge didn't work properly which, like my old Felicia, turned out to be the sensor in the thermostat housing. So a new thermostat and temperature sensor fitted and all is well. The only other issue is some vibration from the front end. Otherwise drives fine. Rover also made it home with no issues. Some git had nicked the F from the badge, so I fixed* it accordingly. Look at that powerhouse The day after we got back, everywhere got moved up a tier so wouldn't have been able to get it any other time. Then of course, ERMAHGERD LERKDERN happened. I've named the car Listerine.
  11. And have some more. @Dick Longbridge, thank you. Sadly not and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for that Montrose. I've even stalke... I mean driven up and down roads that I saw it on regular occasions quite often.
  12. Datsun 120Y in Redruth. This has been sat in this state for years and is getting more Superlegerra by the day.
  13. Had a Felicia LXi a few years back, Absolutely loved it. That is a nice colour!
  14. My wife works in a four star hotel resort money magnet that charges eleventy billion pounds per night per person and is full of superficial, shallow empty airheads that spend eleventy hundred pounds per month on a car, usually with a German PRESSED EEEEEEGE badge on the back. And that's just the staff. Except, of course, the wife who drives to work in a 17 year old Rover 75 presently. Last year, though, she had a CVT Rover 25 - a car so shoddy looking we took pity on it and bought it. The drive plate made more noise than skeletons having an orgy in a tin bath and the previous owner had done some seamless* touching up on the bodywork. It drove well, though. She got mocked for having such a shonky old car and that she "deserved better" - though I think that may have been aimed at me as well as the car. She'd find herself defending her car choice every day, until one fateful day where two of the Plastic Bints that worked* in her office had to have repairs to their cars. One was in for a service, one was in for run flat tyres. My wife found it amusing that Bint no. 1 had an Elevnty Twelve Million Pound Bill (she couldn't afford it and had to tap up Daddy) from the garage for the service and told the one with the tyre problem "I spent slightly more than that on tyres once. But I got a whole car free with them". She shares my liking for shite stuff and constantly defends buying shite. She also pointed out that her car only cost 50 quid more that one monthly payment for the PRESSED EEEEEGE* (entry level, obvs) German vehicle. We've done new cars before and got into a little bit of trouble because of it. Can't be arsed with it now, which is why both the 216 and 75 I have collectively cost less than a grand to buy.
  15. What a cracking thread. I do love a Land Prawn
  16. I'm not* suggesting we bombard this e-mail address Phil.weeden@kelsey.co.uk (CEO of Kelsey) with what a stupid bloody idea getting rid of Retro Cars is... Actually, I am. Please bombard the above e-mail with what a stupid idea getting rid of Retro Cars is...
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