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  1. Spotted on Tuesday in Lidl car park. Still wearing original dealer plate at the rear.
  2. The road signed were indeed printed on the mat. I cut them out and mounted them on match sticks for signs. I never did get the garage set. The box with the pumps also served as a storage box. Again not something I had.
  3. May have been a Husky roadmat. That was definitely made from thick poly with a foam backing IIRC.
  4. @bunglebus the super racer - I had one of those in a box as well. Didn’t know where it came from and was sold it on a few years ago. Looking at your pics, it seems I’ve a few more versions to find for my collection 👍
  5. I have had to clear out my display cabinet as it has to move for some work in the house. In doing so I took the time to photgrph the majority of them. As you can see there is a clear theme going on here in all scales. The first E30 I bought was the Japenese interpretation of the 323i. It is set up with steering and soft tyres and is powered by two AA batteries, if required. It looks more like an M3 body than a standard 323i but hey ho. Then came the Corgi E30. Not too bad, just wish the sunroof had matched the car. The silver one is of an actual car and it's a 325 sport. Several Minichamps then came along. Then another large one, this time from OTTO of a 325i. The image is reversed to make it RHD. Then came another large one in the shape of a 323i from Minichamp again but in 1/18. Again image reversed to get it to RHD. A BMW dealer special of a Touring and another Corgi. The Corgi is yet again of an actual car and the box gives its history. In the smaller sclae I have a little collection of the Matchbox Bauer, plus a copy from unknown in silver; a Corgi give away (came as a promo with petrol in the day) and a blue one in playworn condition. The silver car was found for a couple of Euros at a car boot in Portugal a few years ago. Finally here, something a little more French. An R18 bought in Model Motoring in Leith for an amazing sum of £1.50 back in 1985. Then an R12 that came on a French magazine I just happened to spot onone of my trips over.
  6. I had several E21s all of the 316 variety. Roundabouts in the wet were no problem. I then traded in my X plate 316 for the 323i E30. On the first roundabout at the Seafield road junction in Inverness I approached as I would have done in the 316, only this time the back end of the E30 jumped out and I was only saved by the LSD straightening me up. I’ve always been careful of the E30 in the wet since then.
  7. The 323i came with twin pipes and both angled and straight pipes were available. The angled pipes were more prevalent in Europe. Mine is a genuine BMW system and I have had the car since it was 4 years old. It has always straight pipes.
  8. Talking about Bedford, I saw this in Cape Verde in February. Apparently it’s gen - a marketing exercise.
  9. I used to go to it pre chinky nonsense. It was always a good place for hunting. Didn’t know it had finished though.
  10. The number plate on the Jensen was used many times. I bought the Ford Transit kit back in the day and it came with the same number. A mate had the same number on the single decker bus with the bell function.
  11. HS25 is on a veteran car in Carry on screaming, driven by Harry H Corbet. Today it is on a 2020 Jaguar.
  12. Cadbury crème eggs already in our local shop. The owner says it’s the earliest they have been available that she knows of.
  13. I had my 4th one and felt shit afterwards for a couple of days. It was the Moderna. Having had Covid in August it wasn’t far off being the same all over again.
  14. I remember the Vauxhall dealer in Edinburgh trying to sell Cadillacs in the late 90s/early 2000s. I don’t think many were sold. I seem to recall 100,000 miles servicing as a selling point but maybe wrong.
  15. That one could easily have been one of mine. I did buy one new, deliberately remove the engine and make a cardboard bonnet for it and paint the rear plate and lights! I sold off all my matchbox and corgi rockets in 2000 to a dealer at an Ingliston model fair.
  16. My old 320 was the same. I could start the engine, take out the key and lock it, to allow it to defrost on a winters day.
  17. ^ Similarly in the fact of having only one rear fog lamp on the OS. No good for Euro land travelling.
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