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  1. Personally, I think someone has put the twisty connector the wrong way round on the connection between lever and box. As Richard says, the box is in the same place. The only time I've experienced difference is when I put a Dyane lever on a 2cv. That felt *very* weird. I think the bend is slightly different accounting for the different bulkhead shapes.
  2. This is a lhd acadiane. Edit : that's got one of ash carters fancy connectors betwixt box and lever
  3. I was going to ask - was it running off that petrol can on the dashboard? Was the rattling from the tractor in front or the Sherpa?
  4. Speaking of spog, I ordered a set of window rubbers that they had remade on Tuesday, hopefully be with me next week. Why am I telling you this? They have an open day this Sunday if you're anywhere near Lincolnshire it might be worth popping along for parts.
  5. I love that colour too - my first v70 (the miserable 2.0 10v spec) was the same colour. It's pretty rare I think? Anyway, enjoying the progress and updates
  6. Yes, but have you seen the contents of the bookshelf that he gave his 7 minute speech in front of?
  7. Holy moly, it's an update. Where were we? Ah yes, fitting the nearside rear wing: Found some more time today: Ta da! Hopefully the etch primer I've ordered will arrive this week so I can paint it over the BH weekend. I think that is hopefully welding complete.
  8. Seems to take a while to load. But they do load eventually. Love the 9000, when I passed my test my stepdad had a flat front 9000 turbo. Was such fun to switch from 2cv to one when I could justify it. Well bought, looks great
  9. I did buy a 2cv as my first car. 1983 yellow and black Charleston. Ran it for two years then sold it to get a VW polo breadvan. Stupid.
  10. 874? That's lands end to John o'groats. What is it that makes it easier in the US? Less traffic, more cruise control usage? I've done what I consider crazy mileage in the US, it is so much easier than the UK.
  11. Top fettling! I love it when small (ish) jobs like gasket replacement improve the feel of a car. Getting it closer to how it drove out of the factory.
  12. Ford turbo diesel from MK3 escort van into a Tesla model 3. Not sure I've got the hang of this ...
  13. It's nothing exciting. Probably the rear shoes are out of adjustment and the first push moves them out. There was an issue with the wheel cylinders iirc that either didn't return or returned too aggressively. I would try adjusting the rear shoes first, or just live with it - that's what I do ?
  14. Congratulations! I have a suspicion on your brake problems, but you're going to have your hands full for a while yet... ?
  15. Popped down to Hampshire today to pick up a replacement door for the van. The man selling it was clearly a serial 2cv botherer, and had many many 2cvs. He was also about to start making kits for a pony replica, this is one he had brought over from Greece Looks fun!
  16. Acadiane in leaving the garage shocker ( just to turn it around to work on the otherside, but ...) Wifey seems a little too excited tbh.
  17. Friday night I decided that rather than sit and fall asleep in front of the TV (up at 4am does that to me) I would go and sort the front wings. Bit of bashing and fillering first (channeling my inner gas monkey / Boyd Coddington with filler levels) got me here: Then here: Saturday morning started with an attempt: But the paint gun clogged with a massive paint lump because (a) I couldn't find the filters and (b) I'm not very good at this. Tried again and got here Needed to get the space cleared for my Lotus to return from its holiday
  18. Snuck in some time on the van this weekend. Decided it was about time to start painting and accepting that it's never going to be show quality. First up, sort the bonnet. The final prime the van side: Now get the rustoleum out and paint! fairly happy. It was a new gun and I don't think I thinned the paint sufficiently. Hopefully it'll buff up nicely. On Saturday I also got fed up with the dirty seats. I had pulled these out of the van when I replaced the floor and left them in my dumping ground (or conservatory as it is known elsewhere). This meant that m
  19. Excellent purchase! I probably have a few repair panels kicking about here for the seat box / seat belt mounts if it's any use? Take stock and let me know what you need.
  20. My finger injury has recovered enough now to wear gloves. Earlier I had cut a plate to fit Got busy with the welder this morning: It'll do. Also bought some vactan alternative and went to work on the goal posts: Time will tell how good it is I suppose
  21. Yep - single skin - so just weakened and rotted through. Shouldn't be too bad a job, just need to let my finger recover for a few days and then I'll dive back in.
  22. It's not too bad, hopefully be able to let in a small repair panel. The rust is isolated to that area.
  23. Having recovered, slightly, from my finger injury I took another look at the bulkhead. I had noticed this plate before, doesn't look particularly factory: So I unclipped the accelerator cable to find the tension of the cable was holding in two pieces of steel either side of a rusty hole Not too keen on rusty holes, and definitely not keen on just painting over it. Look alike the welder is coming out again tomorrow....
  24. Where did I get to? Oh yes. I ran out of abrasives, so ebayer "Dr Abrasives" to the rescue. I thought I would firstly get some better tunes into my garage, bit fed up listening to tinny music through my phone. Rotel amp, Jongo bluetooth and B&W speakers will do the job! Finishing off cleaning the panel between screen and bonnet and cleaned up the bulkhead enough for a simple coating. One thing I hate about cars that have had paint is when people only paint the outside. So I've painted the insides and will be painting the underside of the bonnet as well the outside ( which is cur
  25. That's just awesome. I take my hat off to you, excellent.
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