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Shite in Miniature II

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IIRC Sava were a company that licence-built BMC commercials in Spain. I remember loads of Sava-badged J4s chugging around Benidorm in the 80s. The old J4 lived on even longer, being Pegaso-badged by the end of production.

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Yeah, I think I sold Mercrocker a few Eko's last year too. Such a shame he doesn't post here any more - lots of knowledge of older stuff.

I'd have the Lincoln Continental if another box gets started for me please. But really, if someone else jumps in or you want to keep, just go with it!

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Got one of those BMC vans from about 25 years ago when I was into model railways, I think it's dark green but you're right, what a nicely detailed and proportional little thing it is. Damned if I can find my gold Superkings XJ but I did come across an almost - replacement sadly lacking a bootlid. 


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The Volks Dragon was my favourite toy as a child. Got a couple of really nice ones in my collection.

I never had the Cortina as a kid but as my dad had a MKIV 2.0S, I think it's great.


35784611835_3b12682957_b.jpgDSC_0151_zpstee1va68 by RS, on Flickr

34974391593_9273af4110_b.jpgDSC_0070_zpspxmv50ae by RS, on Flickr


Brighter red than I remembered

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4 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

… I also picked this up.




I really like this model of the Leyland Roadrunner; launched not long after the real thing in 1984, the lines of the K120 toy are pretty good - even if it was highly unlikely this 7.5 tonner could be found pulling a car transporter trailer...


In fact, I think I prefer this as just the tractor unit, as the trailer always looked wrong to me.

It had already appeared along with the K-10 Bedford TM transporter (which annoyed me with its bizarrely knobbly tyres and out-of-proportion air hoses)



But then, the TM was an adaption of this fantasy Superking, the K-10...



Anyway, I like the wee Leyland, which enjoyed as long and varied a life in the Matchbox lineup as its real-life counterpart.

Nice! Gives me a excuse to dust off my Matchbox Leyland Roadrunner Recovery Truck that I brought as a kid in the 90's. It's got some light play wear and the rear body starring to yellow, but all the features still works including the moveable rear body. Which is operated by repeatedly pressing the battary carrier on the righhand side of the body.




Was from the CITY Life series according to the box. 1993. 



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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

Zee Toys/Zylmex Rolls cost me 99p delivered. I was after a silver one with fake Matchbox wheels that I spotted in a job lot but got too expensive 









Nice,I've got one & also.the Playart version.Not sure which which one copied which?

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Right, scanning these catalogues is going to be a long process. Here's the 1978 Dinky Catalogue;


48329514706_de00e8aa68_k.jpgDinky 1978-1 by RS, on Flickr

48329512856_e8b2dd1097_k.jpgDinky 1978-2 by RS, on Flickr

48329509371_8c7ea71ec7_k.jpgDinky 1978-3 by RS, on Flickr

48329505411_5e39df4983_k.jpgDinky 1978-4 by RS, on Flickr

48329501166_b66db0fce3_k.jpgDinky 1978-5 by RS, on Flickr

48329629837_281fadfc3d_k.jpgDinky 1978-6 by RS, on Flickr

48329488776_90966bdcde_k.jpgDinky 1978-7 by RS, on Flickr

48329483576_ede53a1ace_k.jpgDinky 1978-8 by RS, on Flickr

48329611727_eaf6798c64_k.jpgDinky 1978-9 by RS, on Flickr

48329471601_9c0afea7dc_k.jpgDinky 1978-10 by RS, on Flickr

48329601687_8084c25731_k.jpgDinky 1978-11 by RS, on Flickr

48329596027_ef887a9aa9_k.jpgDinky 1978-12 by RS, on Flickr

48329589027_ffa8f87828_k.jpgDinky 1978-13 by RS, on Flickr

48329583887_27e9e851c5_k.jpgDinky 1978-14 by RS, on Flickr

48329444406_ab8d5fe4aa_k.jpgDinky 1978-15 by RS, on Flickr

48329572272_d2a0671260_k.jpgDinky 1978-16 by RS, on Flickr

48329569647_ccb7981f96_k.jpgDinky 1978-17 by RS, on Flickr

48329557637_9f8e08bf87_k.jpgDinky 1978-18 by RS, on Flickr

48329401576_3cf441c9aa_k.jpgDinky 1978-19 by RS, on Flickr

48329514562_21dafc9873_k.jpgDinky 1978-20 by RS, on Flickr

48329505852_305db5be7d_k.jpgDinky 1978-21 by RS, on Flickr

48329369626_bd72fa70e5_k.jpgDinky 1978-22 by RS, on Flickr

48329366396_b7eb109cd9_k.jpgDinky 1978-23 by RS, on Flickr

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That Dinky catalogue is cool.

Steeds Jag was a very cool car, pity Dinky were on their arse & it never went into proper production.  I think the real Jag was found a few years back ready for restoration (it being totally shagged).

Good to see the Space 1999 Eagles, I had one of those as a kid !

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6 hours ago, C1am said:

Last two are DeAgostini Russian series.

And both Ladas.  The yellow one is a 2101 police car (known to us as the 1200) and the green one is a 1500 saloon; aka 2103.  Estates were offered with the 1500 engine but the single-headlight front, identical to the 1200 and known as 21026.  BA3, as seen on the packaging, is the Cyrillic spelling of Vaz, manufacturer of the Ladas.

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6 hours ago, auld_ALS said:

Anyone spot the never-released Granada in the Dinky catalogue?

Yes. I was reading the other night about a chap that had gone into the Dinky Factory after the bankruptcy and rescued all the old prototypes. Presumably that’s how any surviving mock ups have seen light of day. I do remember a flood of NOS Dinky Rover SD1 being flogged off in the 90’s presumably that we’re mothballed in storage for years after the financial mess was sorted out.

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Here's the earliest Matchbox catalogue I have, '85 arrived today so I have 81-86 covered.


48366380142_85fe139149_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 1 by RS, on Flickr

48366377712_3909c9110e_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 2 by RS, on Flickr

48366372742_e4e766a704_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 3 by RS, on Flickr

48366234481_aaefdee026_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 4 by RS, on Flickr

48366231261_12b4e7e8f8_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 5 by RS, on Flickr

48366225201_fe6312e3fc_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 6 by RS, on Flickr

48366351957_1c621da4bb_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 7 by RS, on Flickr

48366346657_cb14dcaa14_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 8 by RS, on Flickr

48366207786_abff77ffc9_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 9 by RS, on Flickr

48366200501_1b2419af23_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 10 by RS, on Flickr

48366193966_000ea89797_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 11 by RS, on Flickr

48366320262_02f1f0df07_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 12 by RS, on Flickr

48366314137_e134f2c358_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 13 by RS, on Flickr

48366173291_4775726e82_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 14 by RS, on Flickr

48366301387_7a61cb423f_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 15 by RS, on Flickr

48366162481_19d07e6195_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 16 by RS, on Flickr

48366156721_660456e666_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 17 by RS, on Flickr

48366149131_3baf4fa995_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 18 by RS, on Flickr

48366142751_d7e7e3e677_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 19 by RS, on Flickr

48366135796_90b629a109_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 20 by RS, on Flickr

48366129241_e21bfd760e_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 21 by RS, on Flickr

48366253937_f808b9b409_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 22 by RS, on Flickr

48366246552_6f6b9c9131_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 23 by RS, on Flickr

48366105061_17a0188515_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 24 by RS, on Flickr

48366231412_7f2da6e499_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 25 by RS, on Flickr

48366223212_889b0813ea_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 26 by RS, on Flickr

48366215677_3487daec54_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 27 by RS, on Flickr

48366207577_d2190136fa_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 28 by RS, on Flickr

48366067951_17baaf181a_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 29 by RS, on Flickr

48366193682_241d5dd76a_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 30 by RS, on Flickr

48366053561_5cd7e0943c_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 31 by RS, on Flickr

48366178052_1852c831a2_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 32 by RS, on Flickr

48366171362_ba95bf04d3_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 33 by RS, on Flickr

48366163772_b6bf38207c_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 34 by RS, on Flickr

48366015991_2b1c136084_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 35 by RS, on Flickr

48366008936_9b6185ef8b_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 36 by RS, on Flickr

48366002226_6302d1b273_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 37 by RS, on Flickr

48365995676_c77476d761_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 38 by RS, on Flickr

48366123167_e3d37394f8_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 39 by RS, on Flickr

48365985236_2be42db8bd_k.jpgMatchbox 79-80 40 by RS, on Flickr


Think I need to put some foam or something on top of the catalogue when it's scanned to prevent fuzziness on some of the pages. It takes about 1.5 hours to scan each one, and nearly as long to upload them on my connection.

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19 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

Yep they're 1968 Original 16 cars - actually trying to find a decent Custom Eldorado as mine has a bent bonnet.

What make is the red Corvette?

It's a Minic Motorways car.

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