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Shite in Miniature II


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I have the yellow one, I remember taking it to school (always fatal…) as we had a sort of concrete car track built into the bank between the two playgrounds. According to my nephew it’s no longer there but it had tunnels, bridges etc. Some absolute dick had broken one of the wooden bridges though. My mate Steve I suspect pinched my Jaguar police car, it’s all XJ6’s under the bridge as we are still friends 30 odd years later. 

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17 hours ago, flat4alfa said:

Yes.  1:36, really looks smart on the shelf


The livery is as reproduction of the 1980 Hans-Georg Bürger (RIP) ProCar BASF-sponsored car, driven through 1981 by Hans-Joachim Stuck (#80) after Bürger's death in F2


Here's the Minichamps version of H-J Stuck in Pro-Car





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Found one of the Tesco that has an Entertainer toy department. 

To get around the different prices (Entertainer are £2.40 but buy one get one half price), they've had to put a new barcode over the old


Found a few cards stuck together thanks to this...

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48 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

Found one of the Tesco that has an Entertainer toy department.....

Does it mean their stock is any more interesting than the dross that seems to be available in most/all other supermarkets at present?

A local Tesco that I sometimes visit had it's shelves emptied of toys and big boards saying that Entertainer will be coming soon, but I haven't had the opportunity to go back and take a look. Maybe next week....

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2 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

Does it mean their stock is any more interesting than the dross that seems to be available in most/all other supermarkets at present?

Seemed to be a bit better yes, went in another Tesco earlier that had nothing but MB 5 packs and empty "reduced to clear" shelves. This one had quite new cars such as the yellow Fiat 500 and Pontiac Aztek.

I've been talking to the manager of my local Entertainer and each store will be responsible for stocking Tesco's store with toys - so hopefully we'll see an improvement 

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Was out and about over lunchtime, and happened to be passing the Holywood branch of Stewart Miller. So I ambled in.

Hang on...


Another early '90s Tyco-era Matchbox Super Kings fire ladder, just like the one I picked up in the Ards branch all the way back in February?

Blimey. Maybe they found a whole box of them in a forgotten corner of a stock room.



Crumbs, even more NOS toys - this time the even earlier K-39 ERF Snorkel fire engine, first seen for the 1980 catalogue year. With figures.

£12.99 price stickers on these 'uns.

Packaging says they date from 1993. That's 31 years they've been waiting for someone to unbox them and scoot them round the carpet. 

Well well well.

Also called into the Bangor branch of Smyths, who had the Fiat 131 Abarth team transport I've been trying to find for a while now.


It's amusing to learn that these are considered peg-warmers by US collectors, as neither the car nor the generic-but-Fiat-ish truck means very much to anyone over the pond.

HW Audi E-Tron has a certain presence, even if it's not terribly Autoshite. Indicative of the moderns seen on the road these days, anyway.

Tesla Roadster is one I had before as the 'Starman' release, before selling it on unopened.

While I'm no fanboi of Musk and his general approach to life or business, the cars produced by Tesla are certainly distinctive and noteworthy for a variety of reasons - and it's occurred to me it might be interesting to get a small collection going of their products as modelled by Mattel.

Kinda wish I'd picked up a Cybertruck when they were current in the Hot Wheels lineup a year or two ago; as it stands I've a Model Y by Hot Wheels  and a Model X by Matchbox. So now I've got the Roadster too.

Ah well - not many of these things are ever truly rare. I'll find 'em, in time...

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I haven't got time to look at all those cars individually at the moment, will have to wait until the weekend now. Here's an odd tale in the meantime though, I've mentioned some of it before but it gets weirder.

A little while ago I was bidding on a Tonka Beetle with an exposed oversized plastic engine sticking out the back, I hadn't seen one for sale before and I got outbid at £30+ in the end. That set  me off looking at Tonka Beetles in general, and I found another seller with several. Watch listed them all and bid on one as no-one else had. Seller then cancelled my bid, and when asked why, said there was an error in the listing and he'd relisted it - only difference seemed to be the addition of a buy it now price. Having lost out on the exposed engine one, I hit the BIN button even though it was a bit overpriced. That (repainted) one turned up last week, the others sold for way less than I'd paid even though they were all original. 

However those original paint cars got re-listed immediately, so either the buyers backed out or he decided to cancel the sales. I bid on them but got outbid, but I also noticed he'd listed one with a BIN of £3.00, which I think was meant to be £30.00. I bought it and waited to see what would happen!

Seller messaged me a few days later to say he'd posted it but had made an error with the house number, as it happens he'd put my opposite neighbour's address on it. Replied that it's not a problem as we know them well and postie is well used to seeing stuff for me. Next thing I know, the £3.00 is refunded! So does that mean he's cancelled the sale?

Obviously not


All I've paid for is the postage, so that offsets overpaying for the first one somewhat!

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26 minutes ago, flat4alfa said:

Gozan, made in Spain isn't it?  I think it's about 1:32 scale but possibly smaller?

Yes, I had a red 205 just like that - bought in Mallorca in 1988.

Gozan sounds familiar. They were sold loose from a vac-formed tray; white and blue versions were also available alongside red and yellow.

Even as an eight-year-old, I thought it was odd that the five-door 205 was modelled as a rally car rather than the ubiquitous 3-door. One of the headlights fell out not long after I got it, to my irritation.

Mine was lost a long time ago, annoyingly. Roughly big-Corgi scale but maybe a little on the larger side, so 1/32 is probably correct.

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16 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Just back from picking up my sub-£5 job lot. I'm a bit lost for words to be honest


So many questions.. I was in shock when I saw that lot.  It must be worth a good twenty times what you paid? The seller must be feeling rotten

The LION bus is probably quite valuable?  The Batmobile +BatCopter +Batboat set certainly is, despite being later issue. I bet you have spare trailer somewhere....  it's the standard boat Corgi 1/36 but painted gold IIRC.  I had the lot as a child but vanished, I think Mum gave them away when I wasn't looking

On the far left I could see a crude but interesting Jaguar D-Type in green, perhaps only because didn't recognise it.  Then I looked across and spotted - no - it can't be - a MEGO SPEEDBURNER from 1977


'Wind Whistler', apparently


My word.  Is it real or a later copy or somesuch?  Does it still work?

This means of course (if you still have it) you now have two and can HAVE A RACE

On 16/05/2021 at 13:00, bunglebus said:

ever heard of Speed Burners?


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5 minutes ago, flat4alfa said:

So many questions..

Yes, me too. I still have the other Speed Burner in a large box of weird and wonderful off brand stuff.

As you can see, there are quite a few in there worth well over the price as individual cars, the Spot-On Beetle is a fine example. The bus I'm not sure, most on eBay are £30+ but seem to allow be in nice condition. Would make a lovely resto or custom though - but not for me.

Think the D Type is a Tootsitoys.

And yes I have at least one gold Bat Trailer. I glued the broken blade back on the Bat Copter last night but the Bat Boat's fin is AWOL

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