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  1. UK postage £3. Tonka American Ford Escort £1.50 + postage. X-Raycer Scion xB £1.50 + postage.
  2. Matchbox Kenworth truck & no name (Chevy?) 4x4. 90p each + £3 UK postage.
  3. nothing wrong apart from a few scratches as shown on photo https://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/ford-fiesta-hatchback-2007-manual-1242-cc-3-doors/1384724182
  4. Matchbox Lotus Europa Special - 1972. £1 + £1.50 UK postage. Hot Wheels Vintage Red Baron reissue, front axle slightly bent. £1.50 + £3 postage.
  5. Spares cars - Matchbox Superfast No. 64 Slingshot Dragster, missing engine and with bent axles, , Hotwheels Dragtor and Matchbox Superfast No. 43 Dragon Wheels with missing bodies. 50p + £3 UK postage for the lot.
  6. That's it, thanks! The one I have is slightly shorter at just under 4 inches long.
  7. I bought this a while back, and my car runs better on this than anything else I've used, and I always previously bought "premium" brands. Excellent stuff!
  8. Can anyone identify this? It will originally have been part of a set. Marked "Hong Kong" on the exhaust.
  9. Hot Wheels Morris Mini X-Raycer in excellent condition. £12.50 + £3.10 posted. SOLD
  10. Evo magazine, March 2008 issue, small tear in top cover, £3.80 posted.
  11. UK postage for one/some/all £3. Hot Wheels Hummers. The gold one has bent axles - 50p. The others 80p each. Matchbox Porsche 935, £1 each. Corgi Juniors Mercedes-Benz 240D. 60p for the (named) purple one, 50p for the white one, 40p for the red one (cracked screens). Corgi Ford Capri 3.0 S. £1 each. Hot Wheels Olds 442, '64 Continental, £1 each. Majorette, Welly, Corgi, Matchbox Jeeps, 80p for the Matchbox Concept, 60p each for the others. Matchbox '98 Jeep Wrangler, 90p. Bad Mudder 2, £1.50 Hot Wheels
  12. Sony 6 CD changer, untested. £15 posted. SOLD Philips tape hi-fi stereo amplifier, untested. £15 posted.
  13. Interesting, thanks. Definitely the same casting, but the front undercarriage is screwed not rivetted.
  14. Brilliant, thanks! Surprised there are no markings.
  15. I'm selling this on my sale thread but don't know who made it. Any ideas?
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