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  1. You may have seen over on the miniature thread that I asked about an auction lot, and appreciated the advice so it's only fair that having won the lot I offer it up here first. All below + postage cost. UK postage for each will be £3 for upto 1kg, or £4.30 thereafter. Matchbox Superkings K-12 "Hercules" mobile crane. £2.60 Dinky Supertoys Foden tanker, rear pressing missing. £6 Dinky Supertoys 20 tonne lorry mounted crane. Crane snapped at base. £2.50 SOLD Majorette Ford Transit, cracked windscreen, £1 Matchbox Dodge Charger Mk III with cracked windscreen. 90p Matchbox Rolamatics no. 57 Wildlife Truck. Rolamatics works perfectly but cab dented, glass smashed and wildlife missing. 50p. Majorette Peugeot 205 GTI, Screen rail bent and windscreen cracked. 50p Matchbox Superfast Forklift Truck no.15, £1.50 Lesney 8 wheeled crane no. 30, £2.90 Matchbox Superfast Sambron Jacklift no. 48, £3.90 Corgi Juniors Cement Mixer, 90p Jimmy Toys '57 Corvette, 7" long x 3" wide. £1.50 Majorette Ford Hot Rod £1.50 SOLD Matchbox Fire Station, roof damaged and 1 door missing. £12
  2. Jewelled headlight replacements? Measure approximately 4mm in diameter. £1 posted. SOLD
  3. Yes, thanks for the info, I thought there must be something of interest in there!
  4. Is there anything worth having in this lot? I'm intrigued to know what the green car is at bottom right? Only photo unfortunately.
  5. Corgi & Husky DB6 & Husky Befdord. Passengers long since departed, suspension tabs missing on the Husky. £4 posted for the lot.
  6. Zyll Transit Mk 1. £1 + £3 UK postage.
  7. Ten Subaru sump plug crush washers, 16mm internal diameter. £5 posted.
  8. Rolson dent puller, in excellent condition, £5.20 posted. SOLD
  9. Two Autocar issues, 25th November 1960 & 20th January 1961, £4.20 posted.
  10. That was quick! Thanks.
  11. Which Kit Car? 2006 guide & 3 magazines from 2006, 13 Total Kit Car magazines from 2007 to 2009. All in excellent condition. £9.50 posted or free collection from Crewe. TAKEN
  12. Hot Wheels Pontiac GTO '65 & '67 models. 80p each + £3 UK postage. SOLD
  13. Two Autocar issues from 9th & 23rd September 1960. In excellent condition, £4.20 posted. SOLD
  14. Has anyone else been "encouraged" to leave a positive review on Trustpilot in exchange for free gifts? I've had this recently from ECP (although they sent the gift to the wrong address) and CarParts4Less; they haven't even sent the stuff out (I have complained). Demonstrates that Trustpilot may not be so trustworthy.
  15. You need another (almost) matching model on the dashboard. Oh look, I happen to have one!
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