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  1. Properly interesting video that. I'd have one myself and I've no idea why they didn't sell better? Maybe a bit of brand skepticism and the Mondeo would have stolen a lot of its thunder?
  2. I'm glad that's cleared up. There's loads of others asking the same question about parking on FB&Twitter, it's not the clearest. Not hugly bothered about the concours but I'm awfully glad the Main Parking seems to be where the majority of interesting cars will be to see 🙂
  3. DW10 is the modern day XUD. They're mighty engines and far more drivable everyday than an XUD. Bulletproof.
  4. Bargain at that price. Lovely
  5. I drove a Renault Clio without an engine fan for about 6 months. It was fine as long as you kept moving. Living in the country helped as no traffic jams. I'd chance it!
  6. Nice one, I'll keep an eye out for some retro Toyotas. Whats the story with parking. I've got a spectator ticket? Do we get to park with other suitably shite motors.
  7. Every fortnight or so a fella comes round to our block of apartments. He does the lawns and such and uses a highly irritating leaf blower when a yard brush would do the same job to clean the footpaths. The leaf blower blows crap over all the cars also. Which is mildly irritating. Anyway, I'm up getting ready for work and his leaf blower isn't happy. Keeps stalling when any throttle is applied. And it's annoying this fella greatly. Spying him from the upstairs window after about the 14th time it stalled he fucks it across the patio with lumps of plastic flying. I may have laughed. He may have heard me. He's returned with a yard brush to finish the job 🤣
  8. A&Es are miserable right now. Our main A&E had 150 people in the department last night. Ambulances queueing outside for hours. No space to unload, people queuing outside the main public entrance. Utterly mad figures. We may have seen this the odd day during a bad winter but this is consistent. Every day it's the same now for about a month. Our trust is operating one step below a major incident (like a major incident is a train crash or something like that) for about two months now, usually we're at the current level for a couple of days during the winter but not months. It's absolutely crazy. 111 are partly to blame, the OOH GP providers they're linked with won't see many face to face patients so they just send patients to A&E either under their own steam or worse still, send an ambulance out to see them.
  9. This Renault @theorganist ? https://autoshite.com/topic/33448-renault-11-automatique/
  10. I'd had the same engine (I think) in the phase one Clio. Always thought of it of a bit of a warm hatch. Quick enough for what it was. 86hp from the single point injection so it was poky and fun to drive.
  11. My local factor had flexis on the shelf but they were a right sod to get off my 100. Lots of soaking in plusgas and the right spanner got the trick. Mine had a similar history and a rebuild of the sliders prevented them from binding again. Also the spec thing is a bit of a quirk. They didn't have trim level as such, you picked the individual extras when ordering it from the dealer. Mine has 14 steelies, Electric windows and a manual sunroof 😁
  12. Ein richtiger Audi. Well bought, they're properly built those 80s. When it was the engineers building them not the accountants. Bonus of no VW scene tax. The Classic Audi group on Facebook is a mine of information for them. And spare parts if you need them.
  13. I've been binning those threatening letters for about 4 years now. Never bothered with a TV licence. I watch YouTube through the Xbox mostly. Or Netflix. The other half was slightly panicked when I got a red one and then I was like "oh I've not seen a red one since last year"
  14. I think I was on one of those recently, one of the new Nova jobs for Transpennine. It felt rapid. And the Aircon was nice and cool.
  15. The MOT history is interesting. Has it had a mileage haircut? Not a massive one mind you. Maybe a replacement set of clocks. Also beware the tin worm. I've always wanted one but I've never had a garage to keep it in. Suspect it wouldn't be very fun in the wet.
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