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  1. Had an inspection of the brakes today and a pad change. Strangely the front offside brakes were getting thin. Probably down to the wear markers. Not really sure why, as they nearside ones were fine to be honest. The offside caliper wasn't sticking, it's new and the sliders weren't binding. So I'm unsure how one side had bad pads and the other side were fine as it didn't look like it was sticky. New pads in and the squeal is gone. The discs are both fine. Something to keep an eye on.
  2. Didn't the pumps only have a life of about 30-50k miles?
  3. Balls. This weather is crap. Had planned on doing the brakes on the Nissan as they're squealing badly now. I'm also starting to think it's needing an outer CV joint. Click click click when making sharp turns. Might be easier to replace the entire driveshaft tbh, given they're a weakpoint.
  4. I put a new washer pump on it 3 years ago, genuine one as well. It's be very surprised if it's broken. To get rear wash it's just the polarity of the motor changes, so if the fronts working, the rear should be working too, I suspect the problems elsewhere. The one motor does both front and back and the one tank feeds both screens.
  5. What, worse than this? What were Toyota thinking
  6. I think a HPi is peak AS. Needlessly complex Parts in short supply Not actually any better than a 16v 2.0 it ran beside. What could possibly go wrong. I'm not going to say the X7 is totally flawed. They're a mid/late 2000s car with all the complexities that brings. Nevertheless they did about a combined 450k miles in the Aul lads ownership and never catastrophically broke other than the steering rack.
  7. My dad has a lovely black exclusive. It's effing quick with the 170bhp diesel. The wine red colour is nice as well. It's comfy too and handles well. Looks sharp too. Do budget £300 for a new steering rack. They're a weak point and reconditioned ones tend to be better.
  8. You're 100% right about the V70s. Especially the D5s. Most of them for sale have the chocolate box automatic. I couldn't find a good one when looking and didn't want to play gearbox roulette with the auto. Those RAV4s are certainly looking to be good value these days and the D4D is a good unit. Maybe a bit of remapping action for a few horsies? Nice work with the Bluetooth. Can't manage without it in cars nowdays. Would a little green Laning be of interest? perhaps we could have the AS green lane botherers when lockdown is lifted. Pottering about "off road" (yes I know they
  9. Don't those seats look mighty comfortable.
  10. The weather's been foul this afternoon right? Currently 3°c and sleeting. It's May. Got caught out by a bad shower. Don't tell herself, she's out for the evening
  11. A Toyota Will in the wild. I've only seen it in @dollywobbler NZ video. What an odd car. (I wasn't getting a front shot it was pissing down and the owner was in it)
  12. Pretty accurate to be honest. Primera is the fun car. 406 is the better and prettier package. Always thought the 406 was the best looker of the 90s/00s in a family wagon. In other news, I'm getting a nasty brake squeal. The fronts seemed to have plenty of pad on them when I gave them a quick spot check so I'm not quite sure what's going on. I'll have a peek tomorrow as the weather was awful
  13. The auto wipers were shite on both my Mk1 C5s. My facelift was better. My dads x7 Exlusive was the best of the bunch. The Mk1s would get horribly confused by mist and either go full bore or not enough.
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