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  1. Why does it rain on me. My Noco Genius charger is fubar. It's got another 6 months warranty so we'll see what they're like for warranty support. Wonder if they've a local Warranty place or do I've to post the effing thing to the US of A.
  2. I should mention that the Jimny is unwell. It sounds like it's choked up and I was getting multiple fault codes for emissions and exhaust recirculation system too. It wasn't running at all well and would stall itself. It's been unwell for a few months but it's only now I've managed to get a start on things. I pulled out the O2 sensor on the combined manifold/cat, this is prior to the first cat. The second is in the exhaust system and that's what I suspect is choked up and collapsed. The first stage has collapsed before with others, then it goes downstream into the second stage, but this looks okay to me being honest. Can't get a better view with my borescope but it seems fine, Which is a good thing as they're £400 pounds new. The second stage cat is cheaper with a knock off part being £100ish. Next step is to split the system and see what's going on with the second stage cat.
  3. I spotted them as the larvae tend to climb onto ceilings and spin their cacoon. So far after the "great mass extinction pantry moth event" there's been none spotted for 2 hours. Utterly hateful job throwing away food. Cockroach spray was super effective however and I'm crossing my fingers that there's none exploring the ceiling tomorrow morning. Root cause was herself's aunt brought over a batch of walnuts and they must have come in with them...
  4. Just binned about £150 worth of dry stores, condiments, herbs etc from the cupboard as we got bloody pantry moths in it. Utter basterdz. I was on a mission to eradicate them by the end armed with two cans of cockroach spray from the corner shop. 0/10, would not recommend.
  5. Blingos are amazing. Should have bought another one. Second getting the HDi, usefully powerful and torquey. The NA ones need a bit of winding up to get going but the HDi is good to go.
  6. The approach into Kai Tek. Hairy stuff, non standard approach, fantastic to see 747s etc flying into them.
  7. Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated.
  8. God I'm an idiot. User error. Thank you, that's fixed it 😄
  9. Has the mobile web interface changed? I used to have all the forums and subforums, now they all seem to be lumped into one page?
  10. Seen one of these today, couldn't remember ever seeing one before. Mustn't be a massive seller. Looked like a Golf/Focus sized crossover. A Bayon. Whatever that means.
  11. Daft to think it took Renault 3 generations of Meagane to make an accessible cabin filter. It's a ten minute job on the Megane 4. Headlights are a two minute job, unlike the Megane 2, where you needed the hands of a double jointed three year old.
  12. RAC are going to get their membership cancelled. The Megane had a bit of a moment tonight. Turned it on, drove away probably a bit quick and half stalled it and got a emissions fault as a result. It went out. Popped 1/2 mile from train station and got into tescos. Turned it on and it’s done the classic ad blue FTP complaining that it’s got no ad blue and I can’t drive the car. Funny stuff as there’s usually a 700 mile warning for the adblue and it gets particularly irritating the further you drive it. No warning here. RAC are fucking about with their arrival times, keeps getting pushed back. I got half way to Oldham to get my own adblue to see if that fixes it and they said they’d be there in 15 minutes, catch a bus back to where said car is now stranded and they keep pushing the time out when it’s meant to arrive. I’ll be cancelling the membership when the time comes. Saving a 8 quid a month over the AA isn’t worth this kinda hassle. Even at the height of Covid I got the AA out on a manky December evening in 50 minutes. I’m here since 7 😔
  13. Any opinions on the Halfords 4 year calcium batteries? The Audis Yasua has finally bitten the dust, losing a volt per hour when at 12v. It's got a date stamp of 2015 on it, so it's done okay to get this far. Looking at the Safety Sheet, it seems Halfords ones are made by Yasua. Which aren't brilliant but don't seem crap. Or is it all a crapshoot and I just buy whatevers the cheapest? ie this one which is about £70 after discount. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/batteries/car-batteries/halfords-hcb075-calcium-12v-car-battery-4-year-guarantee-950600.html
  14. T'was there alright. My dad spotted it "it's the holy hand grenade!!"
  15. Yes, that's the other one, even further away than the other two put together!
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