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  1. It's the trouble of a small chassis on body design. All down to unsprung weight which makes them very jitterish. Defenders/Discos are better in this department as they're simply heavier which irons out a lot of the bouncy ride. You've got to think you've the front and rear live axle, brakes and wheels aren't sprung, only the body, chassis and engine is. The Jimny suffers from the same issue as live axles aren't light in the slightest..
  2. Yeah my vote goes for Beige or White. It suits the SJ well I think.
  3. Having never drove a P38, it does look like a Disco 2 too...
  4. I'm pretty sure that's one of the finest* roadsters to grace the roads evar. Well bought. *Beside the tin rust fairies
  5. Yes, stick your PayPal email on here and I'll send a few quid over.
  6. This is very much like the Ruinous camper thread. The other half has gotten very into these chic and cool campers, spotting things on Instagram. I mean, I think half the country is doing the very same looking at prices. I've been linked several of these for sale. And I'm usually very dubious of cheap campers as they normally hold their value and they're usually cheap for a very good reason. I've been asked twice today to go look at this. She's so far resisted my idea of a Citroen Dispatch and just DIY it with a mattress and a camp stove. But this link is interesting and I kno
  7. Oh yes. Not another Cooper lookalike please.
  8. I know little about Minis. But they seem to have massive support for parts and will always be worth something. Is it a 1275? Look forward to moar photos. That's a nice looking one.
  9. You need your own thread on this, 10/10 would subscribe.
  10. Hope your Gran gets better. Stroke care has come on leaps in the last 15 years, much more positive outcomes. Fingers crossed.
  11. Royal mail are dicks. Well my local sorting office is. They closed 2 hours earlier than the website said "cos covid" despite the missed delivery docket saying that revised hours are on the website. Which I checked.
  12. Do ya reckon someone's wife has said "you need to get rid of that thing, you said you would sell it" and it's his half arsed attempt of putting it up for sale with a bit of card in the window...
  13. Should hear the clutch click when you engage the AC. It's so the compressor isn't always engaged and the compressor pulley can effectively freewheel when you're not using it. If you hear it clicking when you push the A/C straight away chances are the Fuse/Relay and the compressor clutch are probably okay and then you're looking at leaks in the system if it's not cold. Or it just needs a gas cos of it's age. If it's not clicking, out with the multimeter and see if your fuses and relays are providing power to the compressor. Or it's the AC compressor that's broke then anyway EDIT:
  14. Check your relay to engage the clutch of the Aircon compressor and the fuse before you go down the "it just needs a quick regass m8" route.
  15. We'd a decent dose of rain and thunder last night. Woke up at 7, went down to the kitchen for a drink to spot the gobshite of a neighbor had left the roof down on his Megane cabrio. Whooops. I admire his confidence in early 2000s French electrics.
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