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  1. It's been a very long time since I've updated this. Life had invariably got in the way. I'd take the Audi out for a spin every once in a while just to keep it ticking over. I also got covid in November which had me floored for a couple of weeks and then Christmas and paramedic-ing has been increasingly busy in the past weeks. But time goes on right? So what have I done? Not a lot really. Washer fluid? Not much more besides that. The weather is rubbish and I can't be arsed sitting under a car in the snow. Had an "oh bollocks" moment today. Took it out for a good spin, w
  2. I'm feel bad now that I didn't push beyond that, even my packaging was el cheapo. 😔
  3. Mines been sent and I've received a rather big and heavy parcel. I'm intrigued to see what's in it. It rattles a bit. Hopefully it's delightfully shite.
  4. Sent mine the other day. I'm sorry I didn't have time to find/take something useless & car related out of the bin but something else nice instead. And the packaging was very blue peter. But however it's something useful I hope
  5. KE-Jetronic probably, so the later K-Jetronic with a billy basic fuel mixture feedback so to not pump loads of rich fuel into the cat. There's still lots of mechanical components so it's not as reliable as the K-Jet or an early EFI car, but they're usually fairly solid.
  6. Please tell me you're still the highest bidder, it's only like 103 quid now.. Lovely cars!
  7. I used to dabble a lot in photography with amateur DSLRs. Top looks like a standard 28mm (35mm equiv) view, bottom looks like a wider angle, perhaps an 18mm. I'm guessing the bottom is the phone. You're probably bang on, it's a lot warmer. And I'm a sucker for a warm shot. Quite like winter colours and a bit of warm sunlight.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Haynes-Manual-Fiat-Tipo-1988-to-1991/383547890198?hash=item594d3c5a16:g:Y4kAAOSwfjtdxxae Delivered for 6 quid, maybe worth a look see. I can see you having fun with the continuity function on a multimeter, figuring out old wiring is no fun.
  9. Having just watched the Yugo video, would it be worth looking at a wiring diagram for a Tipo? Surely the ignition system carried over, seems the coils were the same.
  10. I've noticed that. I would wonder if it's an economy of scale. If you've the need of a proper 7.5t truck would you not just be better off with a small ridgid giving you more capacity and flexibility without going over the Gross Weight.
  11. Yea the eventually work, and will stop you. It's just that there's loads of pedal travel before anything approaching a quick stop happens. Doesn't help that the Mercs we run are about 5 ton unladen with all the gubbins and that's before a crew and sometimes hefty patients and or relatives.
  12. Used to drive an 18 ton Renault and it was a dreadful bag of bolts. Only ever had my C and not the C+E. The brakes were shite, they would eventually work and work well but they had horrible modulation. I used to prefer the little DAFs which were much nicer to drive. Doesn't really matter now as I only need a C1 for the ambulance. Speaking of which we've Merc Sprinters in work and Fiat Ducatos. The Mercs have horrible brakes, they're really rubbish, push gently and nothing happens, push a bit more and nothing happens and you almost have to stand on the pedal for anything to happen. You ge
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