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  1. Ahh the Carina E. The Irish farmers favourite with the Liam Byrne 1600cc and steel wheels. Usually with a square bale hanging out the back...
  2. So after a trip to Screwfix for some big hacksaw blades I managed to "persuade" the C5 to release it's ARB droplink. It's properly banjoed. New one in and the waft resumes without noise.
  3. Are junior hacksaw blades all shite? Just tried to get one there on a drop link bolt and the balde may have been made out of cheese. Should I get a proper hacksaw?
  4. AA member? Got a free carwash voucher, check your email. I like free stuff.
  5. I drove my sisters for about a month; quite a late one, a 2003 or 2004. Not a bad little car but I always thought it could have had another 10-15bhp to make it usable on the main roads. They should have put the little 1.25l Sigma Ford/Yamaha engine in it.
  6. It's just taken me 15 minutes to get a wheel off. When I got tyres fitted and rotated at the Halfrauds Autocentre (they'd actually a good deal at the time) I asked "do you torque the wheels by hand". "Of course we do" was the answer. Grand or so I thought. Just been bouncing on a breaker bar only to get the nasty crack of an overtightened stud. Some lazy fucker used an impact wrench to tighten them I bet. I'd love to wrap the breaker bar round their neck.
  7. I know it's not as legendary as the XUD 7/9 but the DW10 is a reliable lump with a proper spread of torque. It's a lot more linear than an XUD and mine pulls strong from 1500rpms. Would recommend the Xantia/C5 or 406 with the 110bhp DW10ATED 5th gear is as tall as my dad's later 6sp 140 & 180bhp DW10 (that thing is quick for a 2L diesel tho) Mk2 late C5s so it's only bimbling along at 70 Came in lots of motor cars but for the waft get a MK1 C5. They can be had for peanuts. Lazy boy driving which is what a diesel is all about.
  8. Getting out of the Jimny and straight into a Hydropneumatic Citroen after a long drive is something else. The level of waaaaaft and velour is just right
  9. They were a worthy successor to the XUD. Tough as nails and a wonderful spread of torque. Frugal too, used to average 48mpg in my C5 and I didn't hang around.
  10. I'll give you 50 quid and my old Xbox360. Collect tonight.
  11. Sciroccos are a rare sight nowadays, glad it's staying on the road... (I'm a Scirocco friendly home btw, just in case it's ever for sale [emoji846])
  12. I think so. I'm going all going to plan [emoji846]
  13. Shockingly there's only surface rust underneath. Hurrah
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