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  1. Yes, it was the last of the Matra badged Renaults as far as I know.
  2. Absolutely agree. If it'd had been a jobsworth on the roads policing it might have been different. I've a lot of interactions with GMP with my job and they're always a pleasure to work with. Majority are tolerant and patient people who we get along just fine with. Maybe it's the mutual disdain of the water fairies (Fire) who've a nice warm station to sleep in and cook fry ups on a Sunday morning.
  3. So I got stopped by the plod on the way home tonight. Having finished 5*12hr nights, I'm a bit shattered and very tired. Went to the little Tesco tonight up a mile up the road. Picked up milk and bits. Ran out of Tesco in the hail and pissings of rain straight into the car. What did I forget to do? Put the headlights on. GMP in a van pulled out behind me. I realise my fuck up and flick the headlights on. I get pulled anyway. Copper was lovely. I wonder if he spotted my paramedic jacket thrown on the passenger floor and asked was I coming home. Just mentioned that I'd finished nights and got a smile, "ah we're just starting our run of nights" was the reply. Checked licence and insurance and had a quick chat about work and away I went. I was shitting myself as I can't have many points on my license as the job will get fussy. Is there even a lighting up offence? Could have been worse. 🙂
  4. VW Vento when I was a kid. An idiot turned right down a junction in front of us and my aul lad ditched it, avoiding a head on collision. I don't remember it being wrote off, they were solidly built cars. We all walked away.
  5. Jesus your woman has some neck there. He was just plodding along, nothing wrong at all.
  6. Seen that whilst at work the other day, it's up about Rochdale. It looks as dirty as it's in the photos. Wouldn't be sure it's been anyway looked after but hey ho, may be worth a closer look, I only drove past it. Seller looks a bit of amateur salesman, couple of cars on his profile.
  7. So the NCT has a couple of oddities First, about 8 years ago, people who knew dodgy testers were leaving €100 in the glove box and the vehicle was passed. Prime Time (equiv of panorama on BBC) exposed this. Bit of a joke at the time but we all knew it could be happening. (https://www.thejournal.ie/varadkar-eight-nct-staff-sacked-since-prime-time-expose-359532-Feb2012/) Secondly, they test for shock absorber imbalance using some sort of shaking machine. However if all the shocks are equally shagged you'll get a pass. Unlike the UK where unless they're leaking out fluid it's usually a pass but don't test for imbalance. Lastly, they're pretty anal sometimes. Have failed for indicators not being sufficiently orange which is just pathetic. Not convinced either way on the independent test stations argument, they'll usually get the €28 euro retest fee if it goes on a ramp/equipment so a lot of time I think they fail for the sakes of it. Still making easy money. No NCT on Motorcycles in the republic of Ireland and to be fair, there wasn't an NCT on anything until about 2001 or 2002 I think. I remember some right rotboxes going around.
  8. So on the to-do list Wheels and tyres have been sorted. Kumho all seasons were dirt cheap on Blackcircles. Ignition is running well, 0.60% co is good enough on the emissions (0.5-4% is the limit), so my tweakery on the warm up regulator must have been okay.. Has had general service. Driving quite well and got treated to a bath today List Rust treatment of the beam axle and sills welding when the weather is better Preventative work on the other brake calipers Perhaps new rear springs/shocks to cover the advisory on the MOT. Have a look at the speedo and see if any of the traces need resoldering to fix the wobbly speedo. Realistically the welding is a garage job. And so is the springs/shocks. I don't have the kit (I've seen springs launch themselves out of a compressor) and I'm not arsed doing it myself. The dash and calipers are home jobs.
  9. Ah the Ford Dave. It fits well tbh. Could have been the Ford Gary to be fair. We'll still know what a shite car it is then.
  10. If it's severe and you're struggling to manage, ask for some help. I certainly don't mind coming out to people who've run out of options. Always have empathy for those with painful conditions. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. Stay strong 🙂
  11. Don''t take more than 1000mg/4hrs. You don't get more pain relief from more paracetamol, it's nothing like Morphine. Paracetamol is very harmful in quantities more than's stated on the back of the packet. Can cause serious, irreparable harm to your kidneys and liver. Proper paracetamol overdosesare a nasty nasty way to die, I've seen them as a Paramedic.
  12. Oh yes, I remember now seeing that about a week ago. He should stick to selling wardrobes.
  13. Figured the ad was by someone who didn't know cars.
  14. I knew I'd seen it. Absolute chancers. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1189608 Also the advert seems to be wrote by someone who sells furniture rather than cars... "An exterior aerial in chrome is centrally positioned above the windscreen"
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