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  1. Rotten as a pear more like
  2. Maybe, we could see when these restrictions are going to be relaxed? Perhaps make a decision then, I dunno if it's a bit gloomy but it all seems very far away now
  3. Shame, but it was going to happen considering how people were acting during the weekend. Oh well, another time perhaps. I was seriously looking forward to going on a drive for a day, even to get out of the house other than work
  4. I'd actually had a good day today. Braved the bedlam of Sainsbury's at 7.40 this morning. Plenty of choice just not a lot on the shelves, still got a week's shop out of it. By 8am the pensioners were let in and I soon spotted a granny with 4 packs of toilet paper despite all the announcements to only take 2 max. I hope they stopped her at the tills. The idea of segregated entry is to ensure a little bit for everyone. Had a nap and then decided to clean the car in the afternoon. Good wash down with a microfiber sponge and then wiped down with a towel. Some cheapo turtle wax and it doesn't look half bad. The inside got a wipe down and a hoover out. The method probably horrified the detailers out there but hey this is Autoshite and good enough is good enough for me Genuinely pleased with this car. It's comfortable and since the injectors were mended it's shown dmirable service. Always happy to go. Nearly have it 6 months now, how time flies. I think the C5 is on fleet duty this week. There's a few jobs lined up for it but nowt show stopping. Busy week in work lined up so the diesel economy will do well.
  5. A nice 240 for someone. Not a bad price either. https://m.facebook.com/groups/390896610925969?view=permalink&id=3408238285858438
  6. Yea, not saying anyone on here was saying that. I was looking at a local FB group populated by the usual neighborhood do-gooders and they were all having a go at yoga group in the local park who were clearly miles away from the next person. Like people need to get outside and have some headspace and normality sometimes.... I mean you could still come for the drive, better than stuck in the house?
  7. Just my opinion. Need to be sensible here and I'm sure most people will be. This isn't going to be a massive gathering which would be frowned upon, being sensible (ie those high risk people staying at home) and not going if we're unwell or isolating. Just driving about the place and a bit of a chat outside. All pretty low risk stuff if we're sensible.
  8. Weather permitting I'm happy with that. Can bring a stove and water for tea/coffee, you can bring your own mug for virus sensibilities maybe? I'm sure someone knows a sheltered scenic spot.
  9. I've got annual leave. Looking forward to it now. Just waiting for the Ambulance service to declare major incident so they can cancel all leave.
  10. Maybe a slight suggestion for those using the otherwise impressive mobile site, can we move the sign out button to somewhere else. I can never remember my password when I've accidentally signed out when checking the notifications by mistapping the button. Or even a "are you sure you want to sign out" pop up to confirm.
  11. The Audi 100. Pleasing red dashboard that's very 80s/90s VAG. The phase 1 C3 had these very Bauhaus clocks with thick indicators which didn't end in a point, these are the more normal VAG ones Has a brake/headlight tester when you switch the ignition on. Gives a reassuring OK when it's cycled through its (probably very very basic) self checks with an application of the foot brake.
  12. @dollywobbler you need a photo of this in the night dashboard thread.
  13. Just seen the new video there. TWC does sound well!
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