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  1. Fucking mint colour. Would.
  2. That's typical VW, Billy basic one's are really povvo spec. It felt like you're being punished for purchasing a cheap VW. Want the badge? Prepare for the misery.
  3. My 2020 Mégane is the exact same, but it means the cupholders is closer to me which is a bonus
  4. Probably not, don't think I'd be travelling that far in a series.
  5. I swear that lives somewhere near me, anywhere near Huddersfield?
  6. Quite true. I could make about 5-8k pa more. However, you're back on statutory sick leave, less holidays and far less Unionised workplace where employers take a lot of liberties. Takes your money, makes your choices. Most I know stick with the NHS and either moonlight with privates or just pick up an OT shift.
  7. Don't the Aussies have something they put on the dash for this? Like a carpet? Remember seeing something like that in @dollywobbler's antipodean videos...
  8. I’m showing my inexperience here, most of my tapping is from working on semiconductor equipment in Intel 6 years back not automotive bits which is a different ball game… But I’ve had good luck with Presto taps on eBay (you’ll need the thread and pitch for what your tapping) you’re better off buying decent individual taps rather than a set of cheap Chineseium ones @St.Jude
  9. Worth getting some plug and bottoming taps for cleaning out blind holes, often a taper tap (the type in most sets) will leave lots of shite down the bottom of the thread.
  10. If it's that much, not worth weighing that engine in and just purchasing a good one? One that isn't sludged up and would need stripping regardless..
  11. You have no luck with Toyota 4wds. Oh god. I really feel for you but I've no idea how you've just thrown a load of matches and a petrol soaked rag at it yet.
  12. Fucking windows. I've been using a powerline Ethernet adaptor for about 2 years and about 6 months in the current house. Moved the desktop into another room, plugged the powerline in and nada. No connection. So there I am fannying around thinking it's a poor connection or a broken ethernet cable and stuff like that. Get a new one off amazon. Still nothing. Plug in the Rasberry Pi. And it works, probably working all along. Windows still not playing ball. Re-install drivers. Nada. Nothing. Disabling adaptors. Nothing. Boot up a usb linux distro, and it works out of the box. Hmm. So not hardware. Reboot into Windows? And it's working. Fucking windows. (and before anyone asks, Win 10 was only re-installed only 6 months ago...)
  13. This looks great, liddle Fiesta Van with a probable Veg friendly Diesel. £1295 notes with an MOT, seems an actual fair price sans Ford Tax. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2506840689545455/permalink/3220099784886205/
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