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  1. Bloody eck. Which one is painted wrong? I used to recommend View Ranger as a GPS App as a decent backup but that app is shite now and I don't know what's decent to replace it?
  2. What's the story with the Roffle Ignis? Was it just too crispy to be saved?
  3. Maybe a loose/cracked vacuum hose that's not right? Time to get the silver tape out.
  4. Traaaaaansit Spowrt laaaaad. C. Definitely C.
  5. Before I went on holidays, I had a brainwave to secure the Audi. Locked it up on the driveway, stoplock on and I removed the distributor rotor arm. Except when I went to start it today, I've completely forgotten where I've put the rotor arm. I swear I must be near getting Alzheimer's. Bollocks.
  6. Near 20 grand for a ten year old Transit that's presumably had some MOT standard "welding". The sooner these #vanlyfe wankers fuck off the better.
  7. I had thought of that, we've a spare ambulance car at our station that's never used...
  8. Took me a week the last time to be picked for a total of 14 days from order to delivery
  9. It's up and over Standedge, lots of hills, 28 miles each way, Google maps trys to bring you over Marsden Moor which isn't going to be quick.
  10. £280/pm. Half an hour on the train. Car it is then. Park in a local station and a walk. How the fuck do the government want to encourage people off the road.
  11. I've been seconded from my current trust to assist teaching in university, teaching new Paramedics. Wonderful. Looking forward to it. Was a bit down and out thinking I was getting slightly pigeonholed in my role but this a good chance to build up a route of of here. Sad thing is that I've to commute to city centre Manchester which I've not planned on the right way to do it. Still a few beers are in store for the weekend. 🥳
  12. Run away. It's probably rotten as fuck. Jimnys do like to rust and I've been bitten by them before.
  13. Bingo. I was certain it was eastren bloc but I couldn't find a Lada that looks like it. Thanks.
  14. Identification needed. Spotted on the streets of Prague. No idea what it is. Badge missing, beige paint obviously brushed on in multiple spots. Should have snapped the front but it drove off...
  15. Irish people get everywhere. Even in unlikely places you'll find us, we're a nation where so much of our story is emigration, me included. Strolling round Helsinki, Ice Hockey central, we find a GAA Club. Brilliant. Though I think a lot of Irish bars aren't really Irish, chancing their arm a little bit.
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