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  1. I sent my dad the Renault 4 Video. He had a couple back in the day, one Irish one built in Wexford and a French one. He didn't speak about anything else for about a half hour afterwards. Cheers @dollywobbler 😅 What a lovely example of a R4 that was too.
  2. 1. They can choose not to recognise a union for collective bargaining purposes. However theres legal means for forcing an employer to refuse recognition of a Trade Union through the Central Arbitration Committee. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1999/26/schedule/1 2. You can still join a union. That's right with some heavy case law behind it. Lots of employment law is full of what's 'reasonable' which is why lots end up in before Labour relations tribunals etc. to interpret what's 'reasonable'
  3. And this is why I don't trust the whole "one lady owner" on adverts. Christ, "my car has never failed an MOT", the entitlement of some people, it's as if you snuck round to her house the night before and ripped the CV boots
  4. Fuse, relay, mice chewing wiring etc. Best get a multimeter out or even easier a test lamp and see where the 12 volts get to. I'd suspect it's a bad earth. If it was working before it's parked up then there's not been a surge current to blow a fuse but corrosion can mess with your connections.
  5. Best engine for a standard Fiesta that little Yamaha motor. So much better than the 1.3 Endura-E
  6. Sometimes I think a £99 per month Dacia would be far more easy than working a shonky 40 year old daily. If you've only got space for one and one only, the last think you want is your Lada not starting Monday morning when you need to be in work. If you had a spare Lada, maybe that could work then?
  7. As basic as it gets perhaps? A 2CV/Dyane? Renner 4? Some other good suggestions above too.
  8. It's fixed. It must have been going for a while that gearbox and I just got acclimatised to the noise. It's almost silent to drive if a Jimny could be such a thing. New sealed bearings all round. Jobs a good'un. Also good tip with the cable @goosey, it's now an easy shift with the new Exedy clutch. Pricy, but worth getting fixed. With the way the used car market is now, it's worth more than I paid for it 3 years ago. It's definitely refreshed my interest in it. A to do list for the Jimny to prepare it for the winter coming. Clean the underside. I've a powerhose available but it needs a hose. Wax the underside with Lanogaurd. Service it (manly mannol 5w30 is in the post). Perhaps extend the seat runners for tall people.
  9. Put a tub of redex through it and give it some welly on the motorway? My old C5 would do that if laid up for a long time. The Aul fellas Defender would do it but that's because we tweaked the fuel pump for more powah. It didn't do much other than allow you to "crop dust" anyone who tailgated you. They'd soon get the message 😂
  10. Huddersfield train station. Not too bad. And an actual locomotive pulling a passenger train. Not a measly DMU. Nice
  11. 24hrs to fix a Jimny gearbox. I'm on my way to collect it now didn't expect it back so soon really. A1 Transmissions in Bolton if anyone's wondering, one man show place seemed like alladins cave
  12. Lancs is a big area to be fair, anywhere in Particular.
  13. Oh that's a good idea actually. Mines squeaky. Must see if ECP has them.
  14. Smol Suzuki update. I've it booked in to get the transmission fixed and a clutch change in Bolton on Monday next. Decided to bite the bullet as I missed not being able to drive the cheeky thing. Looking at about £490 for the transmission work and about £200 labour for putting in and out the box plus fitting a clutch I supplied. As much as I would like to do it myself, it's too much hassle at the moment. Had a look at doing it, and it didn't look an easy job on the driveway so this has got farmed out. Theres an awkward cross member in the way and some of the bolts seem a bit difficult where the body meets the chassis. Hopefully just in time for some OMG SNOW CHAOS again
  15. I was driving my dad's old 1.3 Corolla across a field at 13. Best thing ever and really fostered the hobby today.
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