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SVM Industries Latest KLECKSHUN Thread


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2 hours ago, PicantoJon said:

I've stayed in that holiday inn! Interesting area with the planes dive bombing overhead into London City Airport and Canning Tahhhn Underground just up the road, that place is a fucking maze... 

Still no idea what is going on! 😂

I've been staying at that Holiday Inn since July 😂

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No 20 miles from my house! 

Dunno where you are now though, having fun? 


It is a good train route though, done Marlow to Peterborough many times before I passed my driving test! Takes as long to get from Marlow to Maidenhead as it then does to get into Paddington if you get the fast train. Not done it since the Elizabeth line now goes there though, hopefully the nice handy pick up spot on Shoppenhangers road is still there

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Ah your in a field now/recently, picnic? 


I see your gearing your phone up to be a sat nav for the way home having been charging it all morning? So something pre built in sat nav or so old it's built in sat nav will be useless? 🤔

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Also the tracker only updates when someone is viewing the link so if it's been a while you need to give it time for google to contact my phone, then for it to get a location, then for it to report back. Once that happens it's like a one second update interval.

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1 hour ago, wuvvum said:

Possibly a daft question, but what's so special about it that it was worth going nearly to France for?  I could understand coming to the arse end of Norfolk for the V70 'cos they're a bit rare, but surely there are modern diesel Golfs in Scotland?

GT spec. Fair enough there are plenty.

Diesel GT. Now you're getting more specific. Diesel TORK for towing (I'll be putting a tow bar on in due course).

2.0 Diesel GT. Even more specific. I've even viewed three 1.6TDI GTs all the same colour but all Motorpoint. Shower of wankers.

2.0 Diesel GT with auto climate. Now we're beginning to hunt unicorns. SE, Match and GT trim levels on the Mk7/7.5 come as standard with full manual HVAC controls. At this price point? Fuck right off.

Also it's genuine VW Approved Used so - 2 years VW warranty, 2 years breakdown assist, 5 days complimentary drive away insurance and £750 worth of repairs to anything that causes an MOT failure in the first two years.

Also being main dealer the guy went out his way to get stuff done. It's had a full major service before pick up (£450 worth inc two new tyres and some new wipers), new parcel shelf because the old one was a bit chewed (suspect dog) and the plates for the private reg were free. Brand new SD card for the nav too. He also said that it was a bit hard starting so if I have any bother with it in the first while then to email him and he'll arrange a new AGM battery.

41 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

I'm going to take a punt the fact it's a modern VW in a colour is a contributing factor?

Very very very much this. It's a special order colour, Tornado Red 

Also, Teletubbytebay


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