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Carlection Fred Double Header is go


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So to summarise carlection one of two, very light traffic on the way with persistent rain. The guys selling it were genuine enough as was the bloke who I picked some spares up from. Used a quarter of a tank getting back so I’m happy with that. Mechanically sound as a pound and has got the beans when a fucknut in a shitbox wants the smoke. Incredibly happy with this purchase, would recommend, but by the looks of it I’m too late. 

Stop count of 3, PC still stands at one. On to tomorrow. 

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27 minutes ago, grogee said:



He's a nipper, he'll come round.


28 minutes ago, GeordieInExile said:

These are on offer in my local corner shop at 75p at the moment!

Hmm, outrageous mark up!




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22 hours ago, nev_jr said:

Yes I’m in shorts. We’re entering the time of year that separates men from boys. 

I haven't worn shorts except on holiday since I left primary school, where we had to wear them even if it was minus 10 outside. Nothing to do with being a man or a boy, more to do with some psychological disturbance in my soul.  


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11 minutes ago, brownnova said:

Escort waaaagon? 

Looks about the right colour for the last gen ones. 



6 minutes ago, AnnoyingPentium said:

Maybe I'm just blind, or it's a Mk2 Clio, judging by the shape for the rear window.

Again, nope.

Matey just turned up, stand by.

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