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Carlection Fred Double Header is go


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As mentioned by @nev_jr in the Grin thread, I've got some driving to do.

It's 6.40am, 1st today is southbound. It's 23 years old and has an unnecessary* amount of cylinders. Guess away.

PC 0 so far for me, I'm sure he'll update.




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Fuck me, that's 7 of your 5 a day.  


Processed red meat  

Sugar (wait. It's zero sugar, so only 6 things bad for you) 





Chod speed.  May the gods of chod travel with you and you see your enemies defeated in your mirrors on the return leg. 


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17 minutes ago, Dave_Q said:

I think we can upgrade the risk of stroke to at least triple, maybe quadruple if each tab is washed down with a can o' spam.


Ah, see I thought it was corned dog and couldn't fathom why anybody would do that. Now I know it's spam it all makes sense!

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1 hour ago, nev_jr said:

Yes I’m in shorts. We’re entering the time of year that separates men from boys. 


44 minutes ago, Matty said:

I went back in long pants a month ago. I now feel deep shame 😔

My rule is the trousers go on when the clocks go back. Clearly I'm in the Boys category 

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51 minutes ago, Schaefft said:

Wow, almost the same mileage as mine and same year. Even came with the same wheels from factory. We can take beds on who's exceeding the "I paid more in repairs than the car cost" benchmark first!

Previous owner paid 5k for a wank paint job, and I just paid 2 and a half for it. Does that count?

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